Babaloos Cuban Cafe

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1241 E Chandler Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85048


Combining traditional Cuban fare with the tastiest morsels borne on the boards of modern Caribbean surfing chefs, Babaloo’s viands enrich members of the Homo genus with pungent nutrients and piquant nutrient sauces. The food menu furnishes delicious tapas such as corn fritters ($5), empanadas ($5), and gluten-free pineapple ceviche with shrimp and mahi ($9). Platos principales include jerk chicken ($12) with saffron- and chorizo-spiced rice, and grilled jicama a la parilla ($9) served with red beans and rice. The famous Cuban sandwich ($10) fills mouths with lechón asado, ham, swiss cheese, and pickles and minds with the knowledge of good and evil Cuban food fights. On the drink menu, Oronocco rum mixes with mint to form Babaloo’s signature mojito ($9), and beer frolics with cane sugar and lime juice to inspire a classic Babaloo Bul cooler ($4/glass, $7/pitcher). Also on the refreshment roster are wines, liqueurs, domestic and imported cervezas, and tequila-laced tears of the consistently misunderstood gusano rojo.

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