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126 South Highland Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206


AVA is an upscale lounge that dishes out nutritious, Mexican-inspired meals in a softly lit atmosphere. To start, dig into a tortilla chips basket, furnished with cups of green salsa and fried beans ($4, $5 with guacamole). Beer-thirst can be slaked with one of five brews on tap, such as the Franziskaner weissbier ($5.75) and Woodchuck amber cider ($4.50), while myriad bottles, specialty drinks, and wine round out the portal to potable potations. For a main course, fill up on health-conscious eats such as the veggie burrito, a mixture of tofu, rice, spinach, and mozzarella encased in a multigrain tortilla ($7). Satisfy a jones for poultry with a nontraditional torta, which piles breaded chicken, mozzarella, a bean spread, avocados, and chipotle sauce on top of toasted bread or a multigrain wrap ($7). To correct the false belief that avocados are vegetables, order a side of guacamole ($3), proving once and for all that they're actually concentrated happiness.

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