Robbie's Super-Stuff Superlicious

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1000 Ardmore Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15221


When the family behind Super-Stuff Super-Licious restaurant fired up their three sidewalk grills in 1985, they began a local BBQ legacy that was strong enough to attract people from forty miles out. Unfortunately, the booming success couldn’t stop an encroaching schism that would soon split up the relatives and choke the growing business. It took nearly 20 years of slow-cooked reconciliation and, according to the restaurant’s website, a spiritual awakening to bring the family and the business back together in 2005. Today, Robbie's Super-Stuff Super-Licious BBQ Restaurant continues the tradition they started more than 35 years ago.

The barbecue mavens stock their kitchen with fresh, local ingredients and meats. They season each of their ribs, chickens, and steaks—sousing some slabs with more than a dozen herbs and spices—before sizzling them atop an open-pit grill. They then slather these flavorful cuts in one of three sauces: hot-, mild-, or mustard-barbecue sauce. They also prepare homestyle sides, such as collard greens and signature cornbread, to accessorize meat-centric entrees or cocktail dresses.

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