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    65% Off Fitness Classes
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    Up to 86% Off Adult Ninjutsu Classes
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    Up to Half Off at Hiking Yoga
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    Up to 81% Off Classes at Results Driven Fitness
    Raleigh West
    $199 $39 3.7 miles
2065 NW Miller Rd Portland, OR 97229


Sneakers pound the grass during shriek-filled games of tag. But this isn’t recess, it’s Portland Fit Camp, and the jubilant players aren’t children but women sculpting muscles during the intense, outdoor adult version of the classic game. With a max of 24 campers, the sessions have an intimate feel, and their participants are fueled by their collective energy and the motivational training of a certified instructor. For five days a week for four-week sessions, the groups meet in the park for muscle-shocking routines that change daily to avoid plateaus. Core-based, functional exercises such as agility ladder drills, air squats, and hill sprints are all taught to students, who break the traditional workout routine with games of tag or games of capture the flag taped to the squirrel’s back.

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