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8728 SE 17th Ave Portland, OR 97202


Hash is named for its signature side of potato hash, which serves as the pedestal for several of its breakfast dishes, tucked away in their own corner of the menu. Once past the Hash nameplate, which dangles from a wrought-iron post over the doorway, hungry diners may seek out a waitress and beg to taste the pork cheek ($10), braised for five hours and served over an egg (any style) and potato hash. Fellow breakfasters can settle down to a sun-dappled table and thematically link their meals and hearts with an equally hash-and-egg-based dish topped with lemon and rosemary-roasted sunchokes ($9.50). Hash uses fresh and sustainable ingredients, including locally grown vegetables, and meat and dairy from non-hormone treated, non-Hulkified animals. Sate nagging sweet teeth with the house specialty aebleskiver ($8.50), Danish pancakes full of seasonal fruit filling and vanilla sabayon.

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