Thirst Wine Bar and Bistro

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0315 SW Montgomery St Portland, OR 97201


Our world has given rise to countless pairings, both inspired (buttered peanuts and jam) and unfortunate (construction sites and Optional Helmet Day). Today’s Groupon offers one of the better ones: $35 worth of local, organic bistro fare and beverages at Thirst Wine Bar and Bistro for $15. Thirst was Citysearch's Best of 2009 pick for wine bars.But it turns out there is actually a science to smelling wine, and a corresponding aroma wheel with a full spectrum of scents in categories both familiar (fruity, floral, spicy) and odd (microbiological, oxidized, pungent). A few smart people actually aren’t making it up when they talk smart about wine. They understand the aroma wheel. They’re tasting those amazing things they’re talking about. And that’s because a few smarter chefs know how to pair wines perfectly with food to make you taste undertones you’re embarrassed to admit vocally. Those mahogany cinnamon hues are real my friend. They taste exactly like the time you put cinnamon on your mahogany bannister and went to town. That great moment can be relived, and even topped, by the food and wine available at Thirst. Thirst understands the Aroma Wheel, Occam’s Razor, and the Pythagorean Theorem. That background has enabled it to create a simple, isosceles triangle of wine, food, and thirst-reduction.