Urban Farm Store

2100 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214


Urban Farm Store's storied urban farmer Robert Litt quit his job as a landscape architect to form this beloved bucolic boutique—offering the metropolitan masses a chance at their own barnyard bliss with supplies such as organic vegetables (starting at $2.95) and organic fertilizers (bulk, priced as marked). Use your digging skills for good instead of graves when you plant a fruit tree ($12.95 to $27.95). Or nurture a bountiful garden bed using organic potting soil (two cubic feet for $12), which is better than willing plants to grow by rubbing your genie-infested wishing sweater. Urban Farm Store also offers beer-making supplies, cheese-making classes, and pasture-raised meat and eggs far superior to meat and eggs conjured from thin air by starving birthday-party magicians. For the ultimate farm feat, however, adopt and bring home a baby chick ($4.95). These infantile egg producers arrive at the store on certain dates and sell quickly. Urban Farm Store also hosts free classes on basic chicken care every other Thursday at 6:30 p.m., during which they'll explain why it's better to feed chicks with organic chicken feed ($21) than molding clay and clock parts.

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