Spiritius Yoga and Spa

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3579 University Ave Riverside, CA 92501


Challenging yet fun and accessible dance classes offer participants engaging options that nurture whole-body fitness and stress-shedding rug cutting. Classes offered are tummy-trimming belly dancing, attention-grabbing burlesque, and Latin-dance-infused Zumba. Students will toughen up their windpipes and strengthen their cores while preparing themselves for impromptu dance-offs with neighborhood gangs of ballet dancers. During the month of unlimited classes, patrons can get their groove on while shedding pounds like feuding circus strongmen in a barbell fight. Nestled in the scenic Riverside area, Spiritus provides a welcoming fitness abode that provides an excellent spot for acquiring shapely silhouettes and alluring dance moves that put the mating rituals of pink flamingos to shame.

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