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    Woodbridge Golf Club
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    60% Off Robotics Camp at Robots-4-U
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    Up to 52% Off Open Play or Birthday Party
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8410 Seafield Ln Rowlett, TX 75089


Kayak Instruction, Inc.'s tale begins in 2000, when Dave Holl and his friends went kayaking in the Grand Canyon. As he paddled through the crashing water and listened to the laughter of his friends, Dave came up with a plan to start his own kayaking school. He'd hire a crew of top instructors—certified teachers with a real love for the sport—and build a fleet of quality kayaks.

Today, Dave's crew of seasoned instructors boasts an abundance of kayaking certifications and awards. When the instructors aren't helping fledgling kayakers achieve mastery over their oars, they're parting Texas waters during tours of scenic landscapes populated by bald eagles, blue herons, and fluttering land sharks. The team also rents out an assortment of recreational, tandem, whitewater, and sea kayaks by the day.

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