Blue Groundways

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    90% Off at Sacramento Car Care
    Multiple Locations
    $300.70 $29.99
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    Up to 54% Off Car Washes and Detailing
    Midtown Sacramento
    $56.97 $26 0.3 miles
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    Up to 51% Off 24/7 Tandem Parking Pass
    $200 $99 0.7 miles
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    Up to 71% Off Windshield Replacement and Repair
    South Natomas
    $100 $29 2.5 miles
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    44% Off
    On Location
    $70 $39 3.6 miles
1121 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814


While onboard, zone out to Sirius radio, treat mitts to a warm scented towel, or surf the Internet with complimentary WiFi. Blue Groundways also offers onboard bistro service (with fresh, non-frozen fare), pillows and blankets on hand, a climate-controlled cabin, and Starbucks brews. If you're of the legal age, a complimentary alcoholic beverage will find its way to your hand; if you aren't, then enjoy an equally complimentary soda. You can also lounge back in spacious seating and pass the time with Blockbuster movies.

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