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    Up to 53% Off Lamp Rewiring at Carlson Galleries
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    Half Off Antiques at Little Shop Around the Corner
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    50% Off
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    Half Off Gently Worn Women's Apparel
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Paste offers a bevy of art-honing classes at its crafty abode that add variety and a noticeable glimmer to hustling-and-bustling schedules. Classes, ranging from $25 to $30, are short workshops offered during convenient evening and weekend hours, leaving students plenty of free time for Googling eBay on Craigslist. Paste learning sessions feature a small and intimate setting with usually no more than 15 attendees, providing plenty of room to get your Jackson Pollock on. Jazz up any wardrobe by taking a jewelry-making class, which produces a necklace and two pairs of earrings, or opt for a beginning knitting class that gets the yarn ball rolling on a snowman-appreciated scarf. Or organize a group night out to a wine-glass-painting class, where cheese, crackers, and drinks fuel tipsy craftiness.

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