Cafe Salsita

555 E Basse Rd, Ste 113 San Antonio, TX 78209


Those who delight in criticizing the social hegemony can enjoy upsetting expectations with Café Salsita's famous chile de arbol salsa, made from the spicy peppers that are oft dried and placed in holiday wreaths, denying them a culinary existence. In addition to liberating the fiery peppers, Café Salsita serves up a selection of freshly made Mexican comfort food that includes gluten-free menu items on request. Coupled with fresh, homemade corn or flour tortillas, breakfast tacos include the familiar potato and egg ($1.50), the decadent bacon and bacon ($2.50), or traditional Mexican classics such as the carne guisada ($2.15), featuring savory stewed meat and gravy. Put an end to your quixotic quest to find tamale nirvana with tamales made on-site. Those looking for a more substantive selection can enjoy a broiled fillet of tilapia bound in melted Monterrey jack cheese and served with rice, charro beans, guacamole, a small salad, and corn or flour tortillas ($11.75),

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