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    Up to 54% Off Pilates or Barre Classes
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    56% Off Two-Day Ceramics Class 
    Adventures in Clay
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    Up to 76% Off Cardio-Boxing Classes
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    Up to 83% Off Bikram Yoga
    San Francisco
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    Bind Your Own Books with a Professional Bookbinder
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    64% Off Yoga Classes at AstaYoga
    Mission Dolores
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    Up to 64% Off Boot-Camp Classes at WerkOut!
    $150 $59 0.5 miles
2141 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110


Aceituno Arts, a martial arts, dance, and music collective, invites neophytes and enthusiasts of all types to practice forms rich in tradition and full of health benefits. A Capoeira class will appeal to those sick of spinning in violent circles by themselves; enthusiastic instructors introduce newcomers to the myriad joys and traditions of the sport, which blends fighting, dancing, and music into an acrobatic martial smoothie. Wing Tsun Kung Fu, a pragmatic style of self-defense that exploits opponents' position and momentum, shows students how to turn the tables on any table-wielding opponents. Kemscrima-Doh teachings fuse armed and unarmed Chinese, Filipino, and Indonesian techniques in one unending slow-motion sequence. Or cut a proverbial rug with Argentinean tango or blues dance classes. Consult Aceituno Arts' schedule for dates; class length ranges from one to two hours. Biodanza and Tony Danza classes are not included in this Groupon.

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