Bushi Tei Restaurant

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1638 Post St San Francisco, CA 94115


If two heads are better than one, then two cuisine-noggins fused into one restaurant-body are better than one. Support admixed eateries and your local thesaurus with today’s Groupon: for $20, you’ll get $40 worth of delicious French-Japanese fusion fare for lunch or dinner at Bushi-Tei, an epicurean hybrid that helps you to expand your cultural palate. 1905: Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, hypothesizes a fusion-style reaction, while Einstein himself hypothesizes a romance between Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins. 1946: Designer bombs tested at Bikini Atoll create a variety of decorative cloud shapes, including beach ball, dolphin, and silhouette of the United States. 1978: Attempts to use nuclear fusion to prevent magician David Copperfield from appearing on TV are largely successful. 2010: Simultaneous, worldwide experiments with nuclear fusion result in the renewed popularity of player pianos and the transformation of friendly cats into gigantic-instrument-of-mayhem cats.

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