New Ganges Restaurant

775 Frederick St San Francisco, CA 94117


Taking its name from the majestic river that snakes across the plains of northern India, New Ganges Restaurant escorts diners on a culinary tour of the subcontinent with a diverse, all-vegetarian menu. The elegant dishes of cheesy paneer, rice-based biryani, and crispy pakora combine powerful flavors and vibrant color, exciting eyes and taste buds with an aromatic tapestry of yellows, greens, and reds akin to Candyland's decadent stoplights. Chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, and greens punctuate the menu's simmering stews and dals, and fluffy loaves of chapatti and fragrant basmati rice sop up each spice-laden sauce. Chefs cap off sumptuous feastings with spoonfuls of rich pudding or sips of sweet, creamy lassi.

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