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    Half Off Fencing Classes at Academy of Fencing Masters
    $60 $30 1.6 miles
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    Up to 50% Off Regular and Child Classes at PRO Martial Arts
    $159 $79 1.7 miles
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    55% Off at Chuck Jefferson's Judo
    West Valley
    $120 $54 2.3 miles
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    Half Off Kids' Gymnastics Open Gym
    San Jose
    $20 $10 2.3 miles
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    Up to 79% Off Kung Fu Classes at Silicon Valley Kung Fu Academy
    Willow Glen
    $220 $49 2.5 miles
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    Up to 88% Off Fitness Classes at Dark Horse Gym
    Downtown San Jose
    $200 $29 2.7 miles
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    Up to 67% Off Martial-Arts Classes
    Multiple Locations
    $139 $49 2.8 miles
970 South Bascom Avenue San Jose, CA 95128


Cal Sports Club initiates students in the ways of Olympic sports rarely practiced in standard gyms, such as fencing and archery. Novice fencers of all ages pick up academy-supplied foils and gear for introductory coursework on the behaviors, terminology, and strategies of swordplay. Through paired drills and actual duels, participants hone their footwork to effectively parry classmates’ ripostes with encouragement from instructors and vague proverbs from Yoda. Feathered projectiles fly toward targets during archery lessons as students clench bows in an attempt to grasp the art of long-distance marksmanship.

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