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    43% Off LASIK Eye Surgery
    Multiple Locations
    $5,300 $2,999
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    81% Off Teeth Whitening from Bleach Bright USA
    Multiple Locations
    $500 $95 1.7 miles
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    Up to 58% Off Invisalign
    The Villas
    $6,000 $2,499
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    63% Off Zoom! Teeth Whitening
    San Jose
    $399 $149 1.9 miles
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    Up to 56% Off Laser Lipo Treatments
    San Jose
    $745 $329 1.9 miles
48 Race St San Jose, CA 95126


In a clean, open space, Pierce Ink offers beauteous body modifications for customers interested in embellishing muscle coats and commemorating meaningful life events. Specializing in custom tattoos, Piece Ink's talented artists will bring any design to life by creating bold and unnerving, or refined and detailed tats. Tattooing costs between $60 and $125 per hour. Pierce's fully licensed, experienced staffers are also certified in first aid, CPR, disease prevention, and bloodborne pathogens, ensuring a safe, hygienic process. On the pierced side of the coin, visitors can garnish a navel ($60), nose ($50), or tongue ($65) with basic jewelry, or gracefully bedazzle bodily surfaces with anchor piercings ($95). Pierce Ink carries high-quality titanium and surgical steel jewelry, as well as Pyrex pieces to significantly reduce the chance of your body rejecting its new trimmings like it so rudely did when it was offered a slice of rhubarb pie.

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