Active Body

10830 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85254


By offering brands like Love Tanjane, Twisted Heart, and the breathable tees of Michael Stars, Active Body aims to provide durable, movable, and comfortable apparel and accessories perfect for activities as diverse as casual dinners, informal parties, and patio-swing seed-spitting contests. Hats (average of $34), earrings ($12–$38), and hair accessories ($12–$24) give patrons something to decorate their head with while handbags ($38-$68) afford the opportunity for carrying newly-purchased head-décor . Find ample foot protection in the form of various shoes and sandals ($30-$54), or pick up a pair of flip-flops ($24-$46) for lazy summer strolls down dusty Martian beaches. From an assortment of motley-hued dresses ($58-$98) to Hanky Panky thongs ($18-$24), Active Body has everything necessary for shielding the body from dangerous lunar radiation.

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