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7240 E Main St Scottsdale, AZ 85251


The decision between eating out and purchasing culinary goods for home cooking may waver in the face of available time and piercing hunger. Shopping for culinary products at The Cider Mill is like a get-out-of-cooking-free card, offering fast and affordable delicacies that trump quick-fix burgers and fries. The quaint dining area is nestled among the shop's gourmet fare, and features a menu highlighted by the fresh herbs and tomatoes grown on site. House-made sandwich selections include the warm Cider Mill dip (roast beef, melted provolone, and horseradish served with dipping jus, Brit's brie, and a dill pickle, $5.95), as well as a build-your-own option ($5.95) to tempt control freaks with their own choice of meat, cheese, bread, and toppings. Popeye aspirants will savor the spinach salad with grilled prosciutto, walnuts, dried cherries, hardboiled egg, and balsamic ($5.95), and fickle foodies will delight in a classic caprese with fresh mozzarella and house-grown tomato and basil ($6.95). A customizable chili menu ($4.95), allows you to order the meaty classic with any combination of noodles, cheese, onions, and beans; and seasonal, homemade soups ($3.95) rotated daily. A homemade brownie ($3.95), cookie ($3.95), or slice of the pie du jour ($3.95) is an ideal way to finish a meal or punctuate a day of reading The Autobiography of Alice B. Tolkas.

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