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    50% Off Clothing at Salvation Army Family Store
    $20 $10 1.6 miles
  2. 2
    Up to 53% Off a Wine Tasting at Stomani Cellars
    South Lake Union/Queen Anne District
    $91 $43 1.8 miles
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    Up to 58% Off Fragrances
    Multiple Locations
    $95 $40 1.9 miles
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    Half Off Women's Clothing at Peridot Boutique
    Lower Queen Anne
    $30 $15 2.1 miles
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    Up to 67% Off Boudoir Photo Shoot 
    Lower Queen Anne
    $300 $99.99 2.2 miles
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    Up to 52% Off Comics and Collectibles at Comics Dungeon
    $25 $12 3.2 miles
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    Half Off Art Supplies at Daniel Smith Artist Materials
    Multiple Locations
    $30 $15 3.6 miles
1546 15th Ave Seattle, WA 98122


Doctor your dwelling with gorgeous greenery with today’s well-potted Groupon. For $15, you’ll get $30 worth of pretty plants and pots at Envy Grows, a botanical boutique in the heart of the city that allows urbanites to turn over a new leaf. Though a flytrap-dominated Earth may seem far-fetched, the United Nation's Council on Apocalyptic Likelihood rates the scenario "very likely," the same ranking given to possible world destructions caused by time-traveling dinosaurs and the Transformers. For the time being, you can help postpone the upcoming flytrapocalypse by not bringing any Venus flytraps into your home. That only allows the deceitful plant to learn your habits for later exploitation.

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