Playtime for Kids

9595 Six Pines Drive Spring, TX 77380


Ease a brain fraught with parental worry by leaving youngsters under PlayTime for Kids' caring eyes. Attentive, licensed supervisors encourage tykes to socialize, exercise across a variety of play equipment, and philosophize with leading postmodern theorists. The fully enclosed play center features a secured front door and stringent identification policies, keeping kids completely safe from candy salesmonsters as they frolic through multiple play areas and surpass their elders' tech literacy in a developmentally appropriate computer center. Today's Groupon nets a waived membership fee ($65 value) and a suite of options for busy parents, whether the goal is achieving a childfree shopping trip, a worry-free movie date, or a more regular place to keep kids stowed during busy months at the bumblebee factory. Once allotted childcare hours have been used, Groupon buyers may use Playtime for Kids' drop-off services for $3.50–$8 an hour.

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