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    71% Off a Dental Exam and Cleaning
    $359 $105 2.1 miles
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    Up to 63% Off Dental Exam or Teeth Whitening
    $335 $149 4.4 miles
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    85% Off Dental Checkup at DK Dental Group
    $255 $39 4.7 miles
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    80% Off Dental Checkup and Whitening
    $295 $59 4.9 miles
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    77% Off Dental Checkup at Apprehensive Patient of Union
    $215 $49 5.3 miles
28 Beechwood Rd Summit, NJ 07901


At Summit Smiles, Doctors Gaurav Agarwal and Rajni Singh employ years of experience and sophisticated dental technology to fortify the long-term health of their patients’ precious chompers. A detailed exam screens mouths for signs of oral cancer and tooth decay, and a gentle cleaning treatment whittles away at tartar and challenges plaque to fisticuffs in molar back-alleys. This prophylaxis clears the way for a cleansing polish, floss, and topical fluoride application, keeping pearly-whites free from harmful bacteria. A digital bitewing x-ray exposes patients to minimal radiation as it captures a series of high-quality images to determine internal tooth health and expose clandestine cavities. In addition to fastidious dental care, Summit Smiles tends to stresses and frayed nerves with an efficient, paper-free, and technologically advanced office.