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    Up to 80% Off Kickboxing Classes
    Greg Tearney's All American Martial Arts
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    63% Off CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Core Fitness
    Western Lights
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    Up to 52% Off Standup Comedy
    Wise Guys Comedy Club
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    54% Off Martial Arts
    $100 $46 3.5 miles
222 Chapel Dr Syracuse, NY 13219


Concealed by glowing dividers, combatants creep along the AstroTurf, hunting for a clear shot at an opponent's battle suit. The 6,900-square-foot arena's lasers, black lights, and shadowy corners call to mind a real-life video game or a haunted discotheque. Skirmishes typically run for 15 minutes, pitting the red team and the green team against each other in a tactical contest. During cease-fires, laser combatants can fire quarters into an assortment of arcade games.

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