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2130 North Oracle Road Tucson, AZ 85705


Arizona Pest Control Company's insured and certified technicians have been marching into battle against multilegged opponents since 1947. In their 60 years of service, they have evolved the knowledge and weaponry necessary for evicting bugs, birds, and rodents from both residential and commercial abodes. As they scour homes for signs of unwanted guests, they implement up-to-date technology to both banish and bar pests from the premises.

With eco-friendly bee traps, which lack the pesticides that affect other native animals, the staff can settle long-standing debates over whether that buzzing noise was in your mind all along. Antitermite warranties and treatments keep wooden foundations standing firm, and highly educated bird-control personnel clear out feathery nuisances. Technicians can schedule recurring appointments as well as report for emergency services 24 hours a day.