Denny Alberts Golf School

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    Up to 62% Off Golf Instruction
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    50% off 3 Golf Lessons
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    Up to 54% Off Music and Dance Lessons
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4050 West Costco Drive Tucson, AZ 85741


A former junior college all-American and U.S. Amateur qualifier, PGA-certified professional Denny Alberts draws from 20 years' experience of teaching and playing to foster dependable swings and lower scores. During lessons, Denny videotapes his pupils' swings, using a camera capable of capturing 1,200 frames per second and suspected of stealing the souls of gullible nine irons. With the help of slow-motion review, Denny pinpoints any swing deficiencies, and begins the arduous process of correcting bad habits and retraining muscles through swing drills, teaching aids, and his own internal encyclopedia of hard-won swing wisdom.

Adhering to the notion that an effective golf swing takes thousands of forms, Denny seldom attempts to reconstruct swings completely, but rather focuses on correcting swing mechanics that matter, such as ball contact, stance, and crowd-pleasing putt and struts.

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