Ghini's French Cafe

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1803 E Prince Rd Tucson, AZ 85719


Helmed by Marseilles-born chef Coralie Satta, Ghini's offers a bevy of made-to-order eats crafted from locally grown ingredients. The exhaustive menu ensures palate-pleasers for all tastes. Early-morning cereal swillers can branch out with an international breakfast, including a café au lait with croissant ($5.25), a three-egg omelette ($6.75) served with sliced hot-house tomatoes or sliced oranges and toast, or a duo of stuffed ham and Swiss crêpes ($8.25). For a more-decadent day-starter, try the hot, buttered apple rum and chocolate crêpes ($8.25). Lunch options include thick sandwiches, crisp salads, and Ghini's originals. Wrap lips around a quarter pound of oven-baked turkey breast, imported swiss, cranberries, lettuce, and mayo stacked on a French baguette ($6.55 for a half portion, $7.55 for a whole), or fork heaping bites of parmesan-sprinkled romaine, garlic croutons, and black olives ($5.95 for half portion, $7.95 for whole). On Tuesday, social eaters can take advantage of Ghini's tapas menu by passing small plates of freshly baked ciabatta bread ($6), French melted double-cream brie and grapes ($6), and house-made pâté with cornichons and hot-house tomatoes ($8) in between devising plots to wipe out the Superfriends.

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