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    63% Off LED Facials
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    Up to 61% Off Swedish, Deep-Tissue, or Hot-Stone Massage
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    Up to 69% Off Oil Change and Brake Service
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    Up to 63% Off Oil Change and New Brakes
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    Up to 54% Off Music and Dance Lessons
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    Up to 58% Off Aromatherapy Facials
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    Up to 67% Off at Pampered Skin Studio
    Old Fort Lowell
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5782 North Placita Deleite Tucson, AZ 85750


The certified trainers at Ventana CrossFit don't subscribe to gimmicky quick-fix weight-loss programs and fad diets. Instead, they value long-term lifestyle changes achieved through hard work and dedication, motivating their clients to change how they look at themselves and their overall wellness. In each class, they lead small groups of students through the high-intensity Workout of the Day, which challenges different muscle groups each time the sun rises to prevent fitness plateaus.

These total-body toning exercises are based on CrossFit's nine fundamental movements, including squats, shoulder presses, and dead lifts. The trainers take a custom approach to classes and can scale exercises to suit students of all ages, fitness levels, and character classes—from the feeble sorcerer to the burly barbarian. In addition to performing the foundational moves, students also swing kettlebells, heave medicine balls, and jump rope to carve a lean, toned physique.