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130 Racco Parkway Vaughan, ON L4J 8X9


At Pure Image, you won’t find any stations manned by manicurists, makeup artists, or dental hygienists. Neither a spa nor a dentist's office, this friendly facility is dedicated entirely to teeth-whitening procedures. Here, experienced technicians pair a potent peroxide gel with cool blue LED lights to whiten teeth up to eight shades. To aid in client comfort, they prop smiles with cheek refactors and apply the gel directly to the teeth without dental trays, which minimizes mouth sensitivity and the odds of walking out of the office while still wearing a dental tray. They also use Power Swabs loaded with a foam-based gel that lifts stains dwelling deep in the enamel.

In addition to brightening teeth in the Pure Image office, technicians help clients maintain alabaster enamel at home with cosmetic products such as touch-up pens, peroxide-free whitening foams, and shine-enhancing tooth gloss.