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4513 Barkingdale Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23462


Adam and Jennifer Pismeny have always been passionate about fitness. They both became involved with sports at a young age: Jennifer enjoyed swimming, cheerleading, and dance, and Adam focused on activities including soccer and BMX racing, qualifying for state-level meets and competitions along the way. Perhaps as a facet of their team-sports experience, the duo also has a long history of helping others. Jennifer, who has struggled with weight concerns, obtained her undergraduate degree in elementary education, and both of them became certified personal trainers to guide other people toward achieving personal health goals.

Along with trainer Joe Boozer, the Pismenys share their knowledge and experience at Hampton Roads Adventure Bootcamp, which is part of one of the largest boot-camp organizations in the world. Their program was designed by fitness expert John Spencer Ellis to build strength and confidence via a combination of motivating, varied workouts and nutritional guidance. The team hosts sessions five days a week all year long, leading groups of about 30 women through exercises that can be modified for all skill levels or any number of extra biceps.

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