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5850 Sunset Road Mound, MN 55364


At Out on A Limb Massage, visitors can shed stress while smoothing out back tension with their choice of a 90-minute deep-tissue or relaxation massage or a CranioSacral Therapy session that lasts up to two hours. Performed by massage therapist Cheryl Martin, each massage modality helps melt away accumulated stress. A deep-tissue massage ($105) uses focused stimulation to treat high-stress areas and results in a balanced body, and a relaxation massage ($105) uses smooth, flowing strokes to improve circulation, range of movement, and relieve muscular tension. CranioSacral Therapy ($125) allows fully clothed participants to strengthen their natural healing mechanism with extremely light-touch stimulation during a session that lasts up to two hours. Along with healing physically, customers will be able to recharge mentally and emotionally while relaxing in Out on A Limb's serene, welcoming atmosphere. Jettison invasive stress from your soul ship with today’s side deal to Out on A Limb Massage.

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