Bebop Burrito

40 Market St Warren, RI 02885


Bebop Burrito's cuisine offers build-your-own meals, five varieties of salsas ranging from mild to seriously hot, and deliciously edible burrito casings. Step right up and start your order by choosing a giant flour burrito or quesadilla tortilla, three soft or crispy taco shells, or a Bebop bowl lined with Romaine or cilantro brown rice. Fill the delicious receptacle with shredded beef ($6.45), chipotle-marinated grilled chicken ($6.25), braised pork ($6.35), a fresh seasonal vegetable ($6.25), or veggie-friendly rice, beans, and cheese ($4.25). Shots of salsa, such as fresh corn or tomato, green tomatillo, and hot tomato and roasted chilies ($1 each), breathe fiery life into any creation. Add an extra garnish such as sour cream ($0.55), guacamole ($1.65), or crunchy citrus slaw ($0.75).