Domku Bar and Cafe

1 821 Upshur St NW Washington, DC 20011


Inside each and every one of us there is light. When magnified, this light reveals itself to be a grizzled Norse fisherman searching in the dark for a bit of a salted fish or vegetarian caviar. Today's Groupon feeds that hungry Norseman, conveniently snuffing that pesky inner light, which was keeping you up nights. Indulge in Scandinavian soul-fed harmony with today's deal: $10 gets you $25 worth of salty, potatoey, fishy, and vegetarian goodness at Domku. Located in the Petworth area, Domku is the perfect spot for warming up this winter and letting your inner Viking lay rough hands on an open farmer's cheese sandwich with chives and cucumber on Swedish rye ($6.50).

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