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    59% Off Four-Wheel Alignment at Mac Churchill
    Fort Worth
    $109 $45 3.1 miles
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    Up to 71% Off Windshield Repair or Replacement
    Fort Worth
    $100 $39 4.1 miles
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    49% Off Engine Diagnostic Test
    Beach Street Commercial Park
    $75 $38 4.1 miles
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    52% Off Oil Change and Inspection
    $39.99 $19 4.5 miles
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    Up to 57% Off Interior Detailing at Car Toys
    Multiple Locations
    $179.98 $79 4.5 miles
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    Jiffy Lube – 50% Oil Change
    Multiple Locations
    $39.99 $20 4.6 miles
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    87% Off Comprehensive Auto-Care Packages
    Multiple Locations
    $224.55 $29.99
6600 Denton Hwy Watauga, TX 76148


All Signs and Tint shrouds cars and houses in blankets of secrecy with their wide range of automotive, residential, and commercial window-tinting services. By applying a thin, gray translucent film to windows, the tinting technicians at All Signs and Tint are able to fine-tune the amount of visible light and UV radiation that enters and escapes any glass-enclosed space, keeping their interiors cool under the harsh gaze of the sun. While automotive tinting prices vary depending on the size and shape of the vehicle windows, today's Groupon will cover the tinting of an average car's side and rear windows with a 30% transparent film. Residential and commercial window tints are also available in several different levels of transparency and reflectivity, a strong combination of which can help reduce energy bills by up to 30% ($3–$7/sq. ft.). All of the window tinters at All Signs and Tint's two locations are certified installers, and can apply tint to cars, houses, boats, and glaring gold mine tunnels.

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