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1071 South Wolf Road Wheeling, IL 60090


With pterodactyl hang gliding starting to fade in popularity, partially due to the absence of pterodactyls for the last 65 million years, humans have had to turn to other forms of flight to satisfy aerial urges. Try one such option for the open skies with today's Groupon: you get a 30-minute aerial adventure from Gauntlet Warbirds, based out of the Aurora Airport. Choose from two adventures:

  • For $160, you get a 30-minute ride on an Extra 300 aircraft (a $275 value).
  • For $225, you get a 30-minute ride on a T-6 airplane (a $390 value).

The Extra 300, the highest-performing FAA-certified aerobatic aircraft, is built for air-show flying and offers the feel of a modern fighter plane, while the T-6 airplane was a common training aircraft during World War II and is better suited to traditional military-style maneuvers. Both 30-minute voyages into the wild blue yonder begin with one of Gauntlet Warbirds' certified instructor pilots sitting down with you to discuss and design an ideal flight, complete with however many wingovers, tailslides, 360-degree rolls, torque rolls, snap rolls, and maki rolls you prefer. After strapping on flight gear and taking to the sky, passengers can either let the instructor pilot the plane or grab the controls themselves, steering the bird under the instructor's tutelage. Once the plane has returned to terra firma, you are free to snap sweet photos with the stunning aircraft while still wearing your flight gear.

An airborne adventure with Gauntlet Warbirds makes an ideal Father's Day gift, or provides a thrilling return to the sky for that special someone in your life whose angel wings were accidentally removed during a hernia procedure. Take to the sidewalks of the stratosphere with a flight from Gauntlet Warbirds.

Riders must be at least 18 years old. To fly in the Extra 300, passengers must be less than 6'4" tall. Due to parachute weight limits, passengers must weigh less than 250 lbs.