89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

Holly and Hugo

Course teaches pet owners and people who work with animals how to relate, reduce undesirable behaviors, and improve environments

C$175 C$19

Go Pet Club Memory-Foam Beds

Memory-foam beds provide extra cushioning and comfort for animals with arthritis and joint problems, and the beds won’t go flat over time

C$78 C$44.99

Indoor/Outdoor 8-Panel Pet Playpen

Multi-panel playpens made from sturdy molded plastic, with enough space for training, exercising, and playing with pets indoors or outside

C$139.99 C$89.99

Extra Large Wire Dog Play Pen with Removable Roof

Play pen with removable mesh roof and a large sliding access door gives dogs enough room to lounge on their beds or drink from water trays

C$201.59 C$149.99

Translucent Rubber Pet Grooming Glove

Pliable rubber glove’s gentle grooming teeth slide easily through dog and cat fur to brush out tangles and get rid of excess animal fur

C$21.95 C$17.99

Pet Exercise Playpens

Exercise playpens in sizes ranging from 24” to 48” house rambunctious pets; a space-saving design allows for easy storage

C$69.99 C$49.99

Animal Heaven Plush Pet Sleeper

Comfortable plush bed with a roll-out mat gives pets a cozy spot to relax and sleep and protects your furniture from mud, dirt, and hair

C$67.20 C$39.99

Large 36-Inch Portable Playpen

Portable playpen sets up quickly and has a zippered mesh top and door for easy access to pets; waterproof base is ideal for outdoor use

C$105.27 C$49.99

Animal Heaven Waterproof Luxury Pet Seat Protector

Durable, waterproof seat cover lets you tote your pup along in the car without worrying about stains or fur marring the upholstery

C$72.79 C$29.99

Squirrel Be Gone Bird Feeder

Handsome bird bistro keeps furry interlopers away with a feed bar that’s weight sensitive, sending squirrels on a one-way trip to the ground

C$95.90 C$59.99

Indoor/Outdoor 4-Panel Pet Playpen

Four-panel playpens made from sturdy molded plastic, with enough space for training, exercising, and playing with pets indoors or outside

C$69.99 C$59.99

Pour-Protection Umbrella with Leash Holder for Dogs

Umbrella designed to keep dogs dry during walks attaches easily to leashes and features reflective lining for safety

C$54.26 C$23.99

Pet Life Digital Desktop Aquarium

Desktop aquariums house live freshwater or saltwater fish and feature built-in digital alarm clocks and calendars

C$96.49 C$43.99

Pet Steps with Fleece Cover

Three padded wood steps covered in fleece helps small pets clamber up to couches and chairs

C$92.40 C$24.99

American Kennel Club Winter Dog Sweaters

Make sure your four-legged friend looks and feels snug and cozy in winter weather with these adorable themed knit sweaters

C$22.34 C$17.99

Pet Life Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Rubberized Soles

Dog socks with rubberized soles protect paws and prevent slipping and sliding

C$25.06 C$14.99

Ethical Products Seek-A-Treat Dog Puzzles

Flip ‘N’ Slide and Slide ‘N’ Swivel puzzles challenge dogs to seek out treats in a playful environment that rewards their ingenuity

C$37.47 C$16.99

Pet Smart Cart

Detachable carrier and cart, which meets airline size requirements, features a handle and comfy bedding to make traveling with a pet a cinch

C$89.99 C$69.99

Polymer Pawprint Frame Kit

Pawprint frame kit helps you take an impression of a beloved pet and frame it alongside a photo

C$40.27 C$29.99

Grey Chevron Orthopedic Memory Foam Crate Mat for Pets

Orthopedic pet crate mat is made out of comfy memory foam material that takes pressure off of aching joints; modern chevron exterior

C$93.97 C$26.99

Silver Tails Infrared Pet Massager

With a combination of massage and therapeutic heat, this device helps soothe sore muscles and joints in elderly dogs or cats

C$39.99 C$29.99

Dual-Purpose Backseat Cover

Protect car backseats from messes, rips, and tears with these microfiber covers, which still allow access to seatbelts

C$79.99 C$29.99

Adjustable Butterfly Design Pet Gate

Prevent pets from running wild through the house with this expanding gate, which blocks off doors and hallways up to 47” wide

C$310 C$39.99

100-Pack of American Kennel Club Puppy-Training Pads

Highly absorbent pads with built-in attractants help housetrain young pups while protecting against leaks, tracking, and odors

C$67.99 C$28.99

3-Piece Pet-Food Storage-Container Set

Stackable containers with an airtight seal maintain pet food’s freshness, keep pests at bay, and are fitted with rollers for added mobility

C$49.99 C$39.99

AKC Front Seat Car Seat Cover for Pets

Water-resistant cover protects upholestry from mud, dander, and accidents; easy-to-install design fits most standard front seats

C$46.28 C$23.99

Pet Zoom Nail Groomer

Pet nail groomer gently files away layers of cat or dog nails without causing damage or breakage; safe for small and large breeds

C$42.04 C$19.99

Duggz Shearling Dog Boots

Cozy sherpa and suede boots feature a Thinsulate lining to keep paws warm through snow and rain

C$33.59 C$24.99

Set of 4 Pet Life Dog Boots

These boots protect paws from cold, wet weather so dogs can go on walks, play in the park, or be let out without tracking mud inside

C$33.59 C$24.99

Pet Car Seat Covers by SPAW

Durable patterned covers sit over car seats to protect interiors from pet-related dirt, hair, dander, and accidents

C$64.99 C$18.99

35" x 22" Grey Memory Foam Pet Crate Mat

Super comfortable crate mats, with an attractive octagonal pattern, is made out of orthopedic memory foam that’s easy on a pet’s joints

C$89.59 C$29.99

Expandable Portable Pet Crate

Keep pets comfortable during long trips in the car or while you’re away from the house with this expandable crate, which includes two mats

C$99.99 C$39.99

Luxury Cat Therapy Arch

Durable bristles on this arch scratch hard-to-reach spots on cats’ backs while helping them shed, and a mouse toy keeps them entertained

C$33.02 C$24.99

Non-Shock Anti-Bark Collar

Collar uses ultrasonic frequency vibration to help discourage disruptive barking

C$27.99 C$19.99

Round Fur Lined Pet Bed

Soft pet bed with luxurious fur lining is big enough for small and medium sized animals

C$55.99 C$29.99

28" Corduroy Cuddler for Pets

Soft and warm cuddler-style pet bed for medium-sized cats and dogs is filled with eco-friendly material made of recycled bottles

C$55.99 C$34.99

Pet Life Fashion Plush Cotton Pet Hoodie

Adorable cotton hoodie swaddles pets in plush, heavy cotton while allowing leaches access to the collar; for small, medium and larger dogs

C$29.99 C$22.99

Waterproof Indoor and Outdoor Pet Retreat

Lightweight and comfortable, this canopy bed keeps pets off the floor while resting, and waterproof material keeps them warm and dry outside

C$107.99 C$39.99

Shop Tough LED Ball Toss Toy

Launch and retrieve ball toy with colorful LED lights provides pets with hours of fun; rugged toy comes with securely hidden batteries

C$42.55 C$21.99

Hear Doggy! Ultrasonic Martian Plush Toy with Chew Guard Technology

Enjoy the sound of sweet silence as dogs chew on this durable toy, which features an ultrasonic squeaker only they can hear

C$29.46 C$19.99

Seek-A-Treat Discovery Wheel Dog Dish

Puzzle game for dogs that uses meal time as an opportunity to engage natural hunting instincts

C$47.37 C$26.99

GoPetClub Soft Dog Carrying Crates

Soft-sided pet crate features a sturdy tubular steel frame that folds down to take up 93% less space when not in use

C$89.99 C$59.99

Bac-N-Licious Dog Treats 4-Pack

Treats containing bacon for rewarding pups; ultra chewy and resembles real pieces of bacon

C$67.96 C$39.99

Interactive Roll-Up Log Pet Toy

Roll-up log toy works like a hide-and-seek puzzle for dogs to nose around in until they root out three included no-stuffing critters

C$35.91 C$23.99

goDog BedZzz with Chew Guard Technology

Soft, comfortable bed lets dogs get a sound night’s sleep and holds up to scratching, nesting, and chewing

C$100.74 C$34.99

Neat n' Dry Pet Training Pads

Training pads ideal for dogs of any age, from new puppies to aging dogs; also useful for kenneled, anxious, transitioning, or indoor pups

C$54.99 C$39.99

2-Pack of Bake-A-Bone Silicone Treat Bake Mats

Silicone baking trays for making healthy, tasty treats for small, medium or large dogs; includes recipe book

C$39.98 C$19.99

Pet Car Protectors

Protects vehicles’ interiors from dogs’ slobber, dirt, and fur with durable, easy-to-clean fabrics

C$49.70 C$19.99