Doug L.

Good morning Groupon Baltimore! All of us at Challenge Nation are excited about bringing the Challenge to Baltimore at a great price for those in the know with Groupon.

Let us know if you have any more questions after reading the description. It may be helpful to read our general FAQ here:


…and we’ve put together a Groupon-specific FAQ here:


See you guys on July 3rd!

Challenge Nation;

Samantha S.

Approximately how long should the challenge take a group of fairly competant and mobile people? Just looking for a ball park — 1 hour, 4 hours??

Doug L.

Samantha S.—“fairly competent and mobile” will get ya done between 2 and 3 hours—closer to the 2 hour side, I would think. Then we hope you’ll stick around for the afterparty with music, drink specials, etc., but if you’ve got other plans to get to, you’ll definitely be done by 6 p.m. Thanks!


Just an FYI, Buyers: I participated in the DC Challenge a month or two ago and found it very unorganized. The registration fee was supposed to include a t-shirt and water, but they ran out of both with at least 50-75 paid participants left to check-in on that 90+ degree day in D.C. I can’t seem to understand how they had no problem continuing to accept registration fees from participants but couldn’t manage to purchase the appropriate number of supplies for those participants. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more prepared for the Baltimore Challenge.

Christy F.

I’d second Jessica’s comments — the DC challenge was VERY disorganized. It also was more of a race than a hunt. The clues were VERY simple, so if you are looking for an intellectual challenge, this is not it. And the afterparty was not so much a party as some beers on the lawn with some stale pizza.

That said, the Groupon part of it went smoothly and I’ve had good experiences with Groupon.

Doug L.

Jessica—Since it was an unseasonably hot day, we tripled our expected purchase of water bottles and provided more than 6,000 cold bottles for our DC Challengers. One bottle was handed out prior to the start, we had a mountain of water at one of the mid-race clue locations (with extras left over at that location that we donated to a nearby shelter), and we had over 500 extra bottles remaining at the finish line under ice that I’m still drinking (we’re DC-based) I am sorry you missed all those!

As for the tshirts, we definitely ran a little short at the end. While we compensated each of the 30-40 people that didn’t get a shirt, we’ve learned our lesson and will have plenty of extras on hand for our future races.

Christy—we do our best to balance the clues between tough and hard. We found that just as many people gave us feedback that they found the clues tough as people that said it was too easy. We’ve got dozens of pictures of Challengers in front of the wrong spots to prove that not everyone is as skilled a scavenger as you!

To both of you, thanks for the feedback, we’re always looking to improve our events.


Jennifer R.

So each individual in a team has to register and get their own Groupon?

Doug L.

Jennifer—that’s correct. One Groupon per person.

so for the after party does challenge nation provide the pizza and beer or do the people have to purchase them? and its $25 per person, not team…team of 3=$75? which is better than the ridiculous price without the groupon, $210/team of 3!!

allen r.

I had a wonderful time at the DC Challenge Scavenger Race. I found it to be fun, challenging and well organized. In fact, I had so much fun I plan to do the Baltimore Challenge. Definitely looking forward to a good time again!

Doug L.

carrie—the after party for the DC Challenge (which the above commenter is referring to) was on the National Mall in D.C., where we provided water, music, and soda to all finishers for free and the pizza and beer was available for an additional add-on fee.

We found that it was easier to streamline the whole registration/afterparty and not have the add-on fee for food/drink. So the afterparty is now at an existing establishment (in this case, for Baltimore, Luckie’s Tavern), where they’ll be running drink specials for our finishers and food will also be available for purchase.

Doug L.

jm—you can easily switch it out to someone else, even after the 6/28 deadline to register your tshirt size/team name with us.

All you’d need to do is login to our registration site and change the name over and you’d be all set.

Doug L.

Thanks all for a great day for the Baltimore Challenge, as featured on Groupon. If you weren’t one of the 200+ that grabbed the deal by midnight, please visit http://www.baltimorechallenge.org for a special “day after” discount on registration. Thanks everyone!

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