walter n.

Need Help
I purchased this coupon and got thank you for purchase page but have not recieved email and there is not a processing listing for it in my groupons in my account.

It doesn’t indicate a delay on groupon offer page.

walter n.

purchased second in case first order didn’t go through. I hope they can only charge one since it’s limit one.

Margaret S M.

I purchased it yesterday and still haven’t received my confirmation email even though my bank has been successfully processing the charge. I contacted the people at Groupon only to be told that they aren’t actually confirming anything for at least 48 hours so have to wait another day even though I want to use this for valentines day.
Just a heads up.

I’m not sure that after this order I will ever do business with Groupon ever again if this is the level of customer service they offer.

Debra Y.

My B&N wouldn’t honor this coupon. =( They said they knew nothing about it.

Paula H.

I finally got my coupon for B&N. But no Farmville cash. Stay away from Groupon. No one takes the responsibility for giving you the cash.

Sylvie L.

I got my coupon fine but, never did receive the 50 FC indicated in sponsored link offer (same problem with FC in another groupon offer as well, the bath and body)..

Still deal worked out pretty well.. Spend $25 at barnes and get free shipping for everything, apply your coupon and it costs you $5 after applying your groupon code…so not bad of a deal.. Personally I spent more and used following code: N7K9R7V
This is for 30% OFF, any one kids book, toy or game.. (you do not need a membership/etc. for it to work)..

There is also this code for 15% of one item in any catergory:
B7C3R9C .. can’t guarantee this one works since I didn’t use it but others say it does so doesn’t hurt to try it :)

THanks groupon for the great deals, if the FC problem ever get working right, ya’ll would be awesome!!

Sylvie L.

oops forgot to mention, the 30% code is good till march 7 or 8th..

Have tried numerous times to purchase and I get the confirmation that it went through but I never get an email and it doesn’t show up on my acct. What is the deal?

Jann H.

I wanted to buy E-books but the url they give doesn’t work. I tried to buy online but IT doesn’t work for E-books. Frustrating. I emailed Groupon about it but have heard nothing…

Eva C.

If tomorrow I still haven’t receive any email form Groupon, I will call my bank to cancel the processing.

I felt so weird that I need to wait that long to recive the email. I think I will ever do business with Groupon ever again

Roger E.

I paid my money…was charged by groupon…went to the barnes and noble site and when i apply my gift code it tells me the card has already been used and the balance is zero. so what a great coupon, it cost me ten bucks and i got nothing in return! didn’t even see anywhere to get help on this!

Sheri F.

I tried to use this code a few minutes ago at Barnes & Noble but kept receiving the “not a valid coupon/certificate number”. Anyone know how to use?

Eva C.

to Rebecca E…
I did recenlty my coupon after I email Groupon.(I haven’t use it, I hope it will working)

So you should email and ask them about the coupon. Their “contact us” is on the bottom of website page.

Ann P.

I tried to use today online, would give me the full $20 credit.

Ann P.

Sorry, wouldn’t give me full $20 credit.

Jamie M.

Where do I type in my code if I purchase online??? In the coupon code section or the gift card section? I can’t get it to work!!

Lisa M.

I printed my barnes and noble groupon and the promotion code and pin were on it. They you type those numbers in under the gift card section when you check out. I hope this helps others! Good Luck!

Brandy O.

I could not get this to work on ebooks for the Nook. It specifically said in the promo that it would work for Nook books and that is why I bought it. Nobody in my book club could get it work for Nook ebooks at B&N.

I have tried it too and the code and pin will not work either.

Okay, I checked the BN site and it says you have to save the card to your account first. I’m going to try that.

I FINALLY got the stupid code to work. But I don’t think I will shop online with a giftcard from B&N again. You have to save it to your BN account (okay seems cool). Then when you go to check out, you have to enter it all over again. What’s the point of saving it , if you’re just going to have to enter it again?? The checkout process is ridiculous!

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