Guy M.

Wow! Over Half Off! Still way too high for Bon Jovi…..Ugh, bring on the Fat 46 yr old Mom’s from the burbs….

Hey Guy M,

You are rotton, rude, and obnoxious! I am a thin 40 yr. old mom from the burbs. I saw Bon Jovi open for the Scorps when they were a no-name and I was in 8th grade. I wasn’t planning on running over to the concert as a #1 fan or anything. I have moved on, as many other moms from the burbs. I think, however, that you are rude. Not every mom is fat. I have 4 kids, love all types of music, do not look my age, and am not fat! I’m not ashamed of it either! Bon Jovi earned their right to be on stage. You don’t have to go if you don’t like it! P.S. A young machismo like you should be out having a good time—not knocking moms from the burbs—What’s your deal???—Sounds like maybe YOU need a life!! LOL!

Colanne S.

Ticketmaster would add $15 in fees to these tickets, making this more of an $81.50 value. What a great deal!
I happen to know some beautiful women in their mid-20’s going to the concert … your loss Guy M. — not that I actually think you’re a “young machismo” like Kristine is giving you credit for. I can think of worse descriptions than rotten, rude and obnoxious, but those definitely fit too. So stay away from the concert and keep your rude comments to yourself. Definitely sounds like you don’t have a life if you’re just waiting for midnight to roll around to you can be the first to check the new Groupon deals!!

Marlene S.

Ticketmaster (Live Nation) shows 300 level seats at $36.50 (plus fees so it comes out to $51-$52 total). Still a good deal but not a $66.50 value as advertised.

The 200 Level Seats are listed at $66.50. Is this a mistake on Groupon’s part or am I wrong?

Colanne S.

I think the $36.50 300 level seats and the $66.50 200 level seats are at the far end of the stadium from the stage. I think the $66.50 300 level seats are in sections that would be closer to the stage. I’m not Groupon staff, but that’s what it looked like from the Ticketmaster site.

Marlene S.

If I am correct it is not really over half off! I just put through an order on ticketmaster for the same 300 seats and its under $52.00 including all fees not a $81.50 value.

Guy M is a troll. Pay no attention to him.

Colanne S.

How do you know they are the SAME 300 seats? What section are they in … one that is at the opposite end of the stadium as the stage? That’s all I could pull up when I searched for tickets. Sometimes seats on the same level are different prices because of how close they are to the stage, especially in a venue as big as Soldier Field. You could be right, but if I’m right it is a 62% savings! LOL!

Ratish P.

Pls advice on the following statements
‘Must exchange Groupon for actual tickets at will call. All seats will be in the 300 level.’
- I want to pick these up a few day in advance. Will the will call box allow that? If so when/where etc…

Tickets are non-transferable. No cash value.

- Once I have the hard tickets can’t i give them to friends that would arrive to the venue at different times?

can children 10 and 15 years old get in/

Brandon P.


i’d like to purchase these tickets for my mom. will i have to be present to pick the tickets up or can i give her the groupons and she can get them from will call. Please advise. Thanks

Dennis M.

GROUPON STAFF: If we buy two (or three, or four) tickets, can we assume they are next to each other (or am I going to be 10 aisles away from my wife)?

Bryan P.

I would also like a response to the question above. I would like to buy multiple tickets but I need to know that the tickets would be together. Please reply.

yes…please let me know if the tickets will be right next to eachother if purchased together

Scott A.

Yes – please comment on grouping of seats. If they aren’t together my girlfriend will kill me. I already purchased actually thinking any tickets brought in multiples would be next to each other. If that’s not the case, then I want to cancel my order. Either way, you should that to the sale description.

Yep, I too want to know about seat placement if you purchase more than 1 ticket.

Penelope P.

How long will this deal last, i want to get tix but waiting to hear back from friends, and also want to know if these seats will be together or not. I dont want to miss out!

Camilla I.

I am not buying this deal (going to the Sox game that night) but in May there was a similar deal for Joffrey Ballet. You purchased the desired number of groupons and then you exchagne them in will call. I just assumed the tickets handed out will be seated together and I was correct. I’m pretty sure this will be handled the same way. Maybe someone from Groupon can confirm!

same question about seats…i just bought 4, but no idea whether we’ll be sitting together or not..

ticketmaster has a 4-pk of tickets for $6.00 each, came out to $61.21 for all 4. They are in the 400 level, but once your that high up and know you won’t have a great view…I bought TM ones. THIS would be a great deal for 200 level!!!

An answer about whether or not the seats are together, please -

Sheri O.

My guess is that the way this works is that when you go to get the tickets they will “do their best” to get you seats together but it is not guaranteed. I would think twice before purchasing these.

Jason K.

Good morning Chicago—-

If you buy tickets, whether it be 2, 3, or 4, you will be sitting together (and not 10 rows apart)

These Groupon tickets are valued $66.50 (since there are no ticketmaster fees associated with the tickets, because you are purchasing them on Groupon)

Zivile—Yes, children are allowed but they need a ticket of their own .

There are no seats located behind the stage, and these seats are non-obstructing. You will be exchanging the Groupon tickets for actual hard tickets at will call, the day of show only.


Jason from Groupon

Thanks, Jason.

Scott A.

Yes, thanks Jason!

When does will call open on Saturday?

george h.

what time will the will call open on saturday. If you turn in the groupon earlier will you get better seats?

thanks Jason! LOVE LOVE Groupon:)

Brandon P.


you didnt address my question. if i purchase these, do i have to be present at will call or can i give my groupons to someone else. Please let me know as i want to give these as a gift.

Thank you

Jason K.

George- No, you will not get better seats if you show up early vs. late.

Brandon- You can buy the Groupons and give them to someone else, as long as they redeem the Groupons before the show at will call!

Can someone tell me if there is a link or some way to post “Today’s Deals” directly to Facebook?

Luzat K.

Oh no! sold out! Let me know if anyone does not want theirs :)

Jennifer F.

Jason, do you think any more tickets will come available? I was just confirming my purchase of 4 tickets & the system booted me out (apparently because they were sold out).

Jason K.

Jen— You are more than welcome to contact our customer support to inquire — support@groupon.com

Josh at Groupon

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Forum Moderator

Josh at Groupon

Howdy, Mark

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Your posts will be deleted and your account will be removed.

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Forum Moderator

Hi Thanks for the GREAT groupon guys! Super excited to see Bon Jovi! Just a quick question though. When do we find out our actual seats? You told another Groupon user that it doesn’t matter what time you pick the tix up i.e. if you pick them up early you won’t get a better seat than someone who picks them up later….. Will you send through seat assignments before the concert?

Thanks – Sarah :)

Jason K.


The seats will be assigned seating, but you won’t know your actual seats until you redeem the Groupons at will call in exchange for hard tickets. You will not receive better seats if you arrive earlier to get your tickets.

~Jason from Groupon

elizabeth f.

Can I go now to get my tix or does it have to be on the day of the concert?

Sachin K.

Please cover your kid’s ears and eyes during the Kid Rock portion of the concert. Or better yet, don’t bring your kids.

Jason K.

Elizabeth- You must redeem your Groupon on the day of show, prior to the show.

Daniel R.

Jason, do you (or anyone else) know where in the 300-level these seats are located (i.e. opposite stage, sidelines, wherever there is a space)? I already have my tickets and I know you said unobstructed view, but I’m just interested where I might be located. Thank you.


What time does will all open up, can someone else other than the purchser redeem the vouchers at will call?

Aman G.

Due to some miscommunication, i bought a single ticket separately and 4 of my friends bought 4 tickets together. Would we all 5 be able to sit together? And what time would the will call open up?

Ann M.

There are still some good deals in the cheap seats directly through the event website; see link on the groupon page.

Will the will call window be open earlier than normal since there will be 2000 people from groupon lining up to get their tickets?

Michael E.

Nice to here there will be plenty of MILFs at the concert; see you there ladies!

I thought the moderator would have answered this. I am asking again. “Can someone tell me if there is a link or some way to post “Today’s Deals” directly to Facebook?”

Michael E.

So where and when is will call? This hasn’t been answered as of yet. What time does will call open? Where exactly is will call?

Ina R.

so where is will call? When you say redeem before show does it have to be redeemed by 7pm?

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