klissia l.

Can I buy this groupon and use in the Boston location on NEWBURY ST ? I missed the one to boston yersterday

David C.

Hello, I have a question and I couldn’t seem to find the answer. Since it says it is good up to $1,197 value. Would I be able to mix treatments that will result in that value (or less)? For example get 1 groupon and with it get the 60-minute teeth whitening ($600 value) + Three microdermabrasion treatments [hands, neck or face] ($450 value) for a total of $1050? Thanks!

Will K.

There is a line that says “Valid at all Brite Smile locations” with a link to the corporate web site that lists the Newbury St location.

ray d.

is there a limit to how many coupons u can buy and use? For example, could I buy 6 groupons and use them for 6 IPL treatments over the next year?

ray d.

also, a bit weird that some of teh treatments are only worth 450 – 600 dollars or less than half of the “perceived” value????

Amy P.

I also would like to ask what Ray D. asked. Can I buy more than one and use it for the same treatment?

Ellen V.

when do you decide how you want to use the coupon?
Does anyone in-the-know(official) answer these questions?

ray d.

yes someone will come in shortly im sure and answer the questions. I am guessing around 10am when work starts for them

Erika J.

Has anyone actually read the reviews or done any research on this company? Well there are actually no Yelp reviews and two of the Citysearch claim this business to have changed its name from Pure Med Spa to Brite Smile, which strangely is true. Yes it’s an amazing deal and I have been looking for laser for a while but not this time again. Just google Pure Med Spa and Brite Smile and you’ll see.


Carrie T.

I bought a package for Teeth Whitening with BriteSmile about 3 years ago and loooooved it. I’ve never tried any of their other services, but the Teeth Whitening alone is worth it in my opinion.

Erika J.



on June 25, 2009 at 7:51 pm | Reply Marissa

Hello all,
I am an ex-employee of Pure Med Spa. I have been a licensed Esthetician since 2006. I wanted to work at Pure Med to get Medical Spa experience. I can say my experience there as an employee is right up there with the customers. It’s usually not the Estheticians that are the problem, though there are some that should not being doing what they are doing and are rude. Its the money hungry, no conscience managers and sales people that all seem to be in on some sort of ’scheme”. We would constantly be threatened about our sales goals, I would always have clients complain how horrible my boss was to them. And the machines were always breaking!! After the first time I quit, they asked me why I did and I explained. They told me thiings were going to start changing, since they had fired alot of the management. So I go back, and sure enough after trying to stick it out for as long as I could, it was still the same!

They have changed their name so many times, but there as still some of the same people. It was Nuvo, then Lumity, then Pure Med, no Brite Skin Brite smile.

ray d.

I just want to add another side to that negative review(s) i bought the whitening the last time and it was awesome. My teeth were white as can be (5 shades) and the staff was perfect and the facility was clean and comfortable.

Any one who brings up the whole “pure Med” thing, has not read the entire story. Pure Med Spa’s went bankrupt and they were bought by BriteSmile. No one is changing their names and all that. Read the real deal:


If u google u will see many ex employees (like the above rant) of that old company complaining and saying not to go to Britesmile. Britesmile is a different company, and although I cannot say I have had a med spa treatment from them, my whitening was awesome.

Oh, I am NOT in any way associated with these companies…

Shelley P.

I went for a consultation at the midtown location last time this deal was offered. The Esthetician seemed friendly and knowledgable. I would have felt comfortable going to her for the laser service. She was honest and told me that their machines tend to sting more than others, and recommended a numbing cream to buy beforehand.

However I am not impressed with the company overall, like Erika mentioned above. I made the mistake of trying to schedule the consultation on the website and entering my phone number. They called me daily for MONTHS. Each time I asked them to take me out of their database, and yet I still kept getting calls daily. Very obnoxious, horribly salesy. But the local office seemed so different from the corporate one that kept calling, hardly even seemed like the same company.

Erika J.

Ray- That’s great that you had a good experience with their teeth whitening. I was actually debating on that service from them but in all it seems really fishy. Not saying they are a horrible company but these huge chains seem to be “salesy”, like Shelley stated and when something goes wrong it always gets put off to someone else and never gets resolved. Personally I would rather seek out a smaller establishment that would have someone on board that could take care of any issues right away.

Anyways, it seems like a lot of people are buying so the deal is a hit!

hi all, i too wanted to comment since i had been to the soho brite smile before. teeth whitening is amazing and will definetely work and you will be comfortable doing it. I have also had my lips done there and the girl was kind and patient. i tried the bikini laser once it was very painful but i did not have the numbing cream. the only thing is that they will try to sell you on packages with heavy discounts.

Robert V.

If you scroll down the Groupon offer, you will see you have a choice of 9 treatments. They list each one you can use. I can almost be certain that you won’t be able to get 2 lower price treatments. You choose any one listed.


Good Day! After reading the website- I have a couple of Q’s. In regard to TEETH Whitening: I’m concluding that the laser is a proprietary one. How does this compare to the Zoom 2 brand (please be specific)?? Also, the 60 minutes- Im surmising that this is 3x 20minute sessions replacing the gel each time- is this correct?

SKIN TIGHTENING: website talks about 3 sessions and I understand the other service photo process will enhance results. I do NOT have any sun damage (fair pale skin) so I want to know will I get a result from my 2 sessions?? Further info to answer my q- Im young, have very good skin tone but have just started noticing some slight non-resiliance shall we say and want to know if I will see a result & if this will “nip it in the bud”? Lol

Lastly, as a few above- can I buy more of this for different services??

Thanks SO much!

Shelley P.

Has anyone done laser removal here? If so, at which office, with what Esthetician, and how was your experience?

Michelle T.

@ David C- The groupons must be used for the treatments listed, and are not transferable to the value.

@ Ray D- there is no limit to the amount of groupons you can purchase, so Yes you are able to get multiple treatments for yourself, as well as others as gifts.

@ Celina R- The britesmile technology uses low levels of peroxide, to where as high levels of peroxide can cause damage and deeper staining with your teeth. With the 60 minute treatment, you are correct, they change the gel every 20 minutes.
In regards to the skin tightening, you will absolutely see a result with 2 treatments, but without seeing your skin first and providing a skin analysis I am unable to determine if the 2 treatments will provide the BEST results possible. With each of the treatments on this groupon you do receive a full consultation and complete skin analysis.
And yes, you are able to purchase as many as you would like!

Hope this helps!
Michelle T
Brite Smile Regional Coordinator


Thanks Michelle but that doesn’t fully answer my Q. How does it compare to Zoom2 (comparing 1 to the other)? Can you please check with someone in your clinic and give me a comparison?

Also how long do I have to wait after the skin tightening treatment before I have the 2nd one? Thanks much!

Marisa P.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to remind you all that 10% of all proceeds are going to the Dress for Success women in need foundation, so this is a wonderful cause, and a perfect way to give back for the Holidays! As mentioned, there is no limit on the number of packages purchased per area, so this makes an excellent gift to you and your loved ones!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Happy Holidays,
Marisa P.
BriteSmile Corporate Manager

Michelle T.

@ Celina R

I just spoke with our Dentist- She said the main difference by both what she has seen, and by what her clients tell her are the following:

- By far less tooth sensitivity with Brite Smile, due to the lower levels of peroxide
- The Brite Smile procedure is more effective, based on the number of shades whiter following the treatment compared to the Zoom.

Hope this helps!
Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Katie M.

Hi Michelle,
I had a question regarding the laser hair removal for either legs or bikini line – I see that the groupon will be good for 3 treatment sessions, and I know that laser hair removal requires multiple visits. Is three enough treatments for permanent results? Or would we have to purchase further treatments in order to receive permanent results?



Can I confirm that this is valid for all locations, not just New York?

(Yes, I know the Groupon does state “Valid at all BriteSmile locations” but this was posted to the New York region only, which is why I want to be 100% sure.)

This would help tremendously as friends in other cities can also join in and buy this Groupon.


Hey Everyone!

It is an amazing deal! I have gone to Brite Smile in the past for laser hair removal and teeth whitening and I must say that I absolutely LOVE my results. The staff was so friendly and professional, answered all of my questions before the treatment, and made me feel very comfortable. I started with my bikini and underarms and I loved the results so much that I decided to continue with lower legs. I fully completed all my treatments now, and I can honestly say that I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Britesmile to anyone!

Shelley P.

Ignore Oxana’s posting!! If you look up Britesmile on Yelp you will see that she posted the same exact review in 9 cities- http://www.yelp.ca/user_details?userid=qx8c7wH6U_-qRd-fwempWg. It’s obviously an employee. Makes me wonder about this company if they are trying so hard to post fake reviews and trick their customers…

Michelle T.

@ Katie M- Although you will see a vast improvement with the initial 3 treatments we do suggest 6-9 treatments per areas FOR BEST RESULTS! However, the good news is, you can purchase as many groupons as you would like to use towards one area- therefore you can purchase 2 to receive 6 treatments or 3 to receive 9 treatments.

@ Mike Choi- it is valid for all locations listed on our website. Is there a specific location you were inquiring about? I would be more than happy to assist.

Happy Holidays,

Michelle T
Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

robert w.

Regarding the men’s hair removal, how much time doe the package give you? Is it three different sessions x __ minutes each time or somehting else. Thanks

Lynn A.

Wondered if this groupon is good for San Francisco locations? thanks…

Katie M.

One more question, Michelle –
As another person mentioned above, they said they went last year using the groupon for laser treatment on their bikini line, but that it was very painful because they were not given numbing cream, and that that was part of a higher end package. Is that the case, that these packages do not necessarily include things like numbing cream for laser hair removal?


Jessica J.

Hi Michelle,

One important question that no one has asked and I am very surprised they haven’t.

What Laser are you using, or is it not a Laser but an IPL, for hair removal?

Not sure how much people have been reading about hair removal but not all lasers are meant for all skin types. I am an African American female and I am told only on specific laser is designed for my skin type and I have been to many centers who try to tell me their “Laser” works for me when my Dermatologist tells me otherwise and obviously an IPL is not a laser and is a waste of time and money.

Not to ruin this deal but I am keeping my fingers crossed you have a real laser and its a Yag for my skin type and not an Alexandrite for just light skin ( I have done my research :)…..)

Also how are your technicians licensed? or Does a Dr. do the laser treatments?

Rebecca- They shouldn’t limited treatments for time.

Michelle T.

@ Robert & Rebecca- The treatment time varies depending on the area selected. The groupon entitles the bearer to 3 full treatments of the area they select, not dependant on time!

@ Katie- It depends on the person if they would like to use numbing cream or not. I personally have never used numbing cream and I have treated my full legs and underarms. (I have worked with the company for over 6 years) Please feel free to call the midtown location directly, Amy will be more than happy to discuss numbing options with you. Their contact number is 212-397-8786

@ Jessica J- Great Question! In the NYC region they utilize Syneron IPL equipment. IPL means intense pulsed light- so the energy pulses out rather than a direct beam. This makes it much more comfortable for the client. The machine is safe on all skin types.
Our laser treatments are performed by medical aestheticians, who have completed aesthetic school, and are licensed by both the state of New York and the manufacturer of the laser equipment.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Elana B.

If selecting the laser hair removal option what does the “face” include? Does this cover chin, eyebrows, upper lip, etc. or only certain treatments? I just want to know how much will be included once paying the $185.

Shelley P.

Katie- when I went she told me to go to Z Chemist for numbing cream- it’s right next to their location. I think it was $18 for a teeny tiny tube, hopefully it would last the six session!

Jessica J.

Michelle- This is not true about the IPL, it is not safe for darker pigmented skin types and from reading, the IPL is not a real laser but intense pulse light system that is not originally designed for laser hair removal and doesn’t give permanent results.

I hope no one with dark skin is going with this system because it is not safe.

Thank you for clearing this up, save me a lot of money and headache!

Bonnie K.

I’m in the middle of using the Crest Whitestrips teeth whitening (one day left.) What’s the recommended wait time before I would be able to use the BriteSmile session?

Also, it says there are 2 days left to buy the deal. Could this sell out before then or is it definite that I have 2 days to purchase? (I’ve not used Groupon before.) I work only a few blocks from the Soho location so I’d like to come in for a consultation before purchasing.

Thank you.

Katie M.


After reading other people’s comments above about Pure Med Spa (which is the website we’re sent to after clicking on the britesmile link), I researched it more on the internet and have found many more complaints about their services. So is Brite Smile the same company as Pure Med Spa, or what’s the deal with that?

Samantha K.

After doing the research, I honestly have less respect for Groupon for doing business with this company.

Check the Better Business Bureau. Both BriteSmile and PureMed have ratings of F. If you click the Groupon link, you are sent to the puremed.com website. After following up on Ray’s link above (http://www.dealwatchblog.com/post/2009/02/27/BriteSmile-teeth-clinics-nabs-Pure-Med-Spa-in-bankruptcy-sale.aspx), I couldn’t find any information on BBB about any of the other parties in the deal. The operation turnover has not been well-publicized, and they held on to names that have horror stories associated with them. Given the complicated ownership structure, this is very, very fishy.

The stories about PureMed are terrifying—no refunds even after people have been seriously scarred by the treatments, or sold products they don’t need or which are inappropriate for them. It appears that consumers are organizing in a class action suit.

Not only should no one purchase this Groupon, we should look more into the business that Groupon selects to offer their deals. I was one of Groupon’s biggest fans—sharing links to deals all the time. But this is just irresponsible.

Samantha K.

Sorry, I don’t know why that posted anonymously. My name is Samantha.

Anne K.

The last time this deal was offered, I thought it was odd that Groupon didn’t post their own research and include some Yelp or Citysearch reviews the way they usually do. So I looked into BriteSmile/MedSpa and was appalled by what I found. Among other things, I found recent BriteSmile job listings looking for “Nurse Injectors” to perform patient procedures. After “R.N. experience,” the qualifications/requirements for these jobs were: “Comfortable administering cosmetic injections an asset but not required as training will be provided – Demonstrate initiative, be results orientated, and highly motivated to achieve sales – Sales experience preferred, but not required.” That was enough to put me off – I don’t want any cosmetic procedures from an RN who is highly motivated to achieve sales.

Pages and pages of bad reviews and complaints about BriteSmile/MedSpa paint a picture of a company committed to sales at any cost. I e-mailed the staff at Groupon HQ to express my disappointment that they didn’t do (or refused to make public) due diligence before offering this “deal” to Groupon subscribers. A Groupon staff member wrote me back and said that they had run the deal before and had not had any complaints, and that was enough for them to run it again.

I travel a lot and subscribe to Groupons in several different cities. When this offer reappeared as a Boston Groupon deal earlier this week, the only positive comments and reviews on the discussion board clearly had been planted, presumably by people associated with and possibly paid by BriteSmile. I posted my skepticism about these obvious plants, but fake raves continued to appear on the discussion board throughout the day. Groupon did nothing to remove them, just as they have done nothing about “Oxana,” who has posted the same fake rave on every board in every city where this deal is being offered.

Ask yourselves why this company and this deal keep reappearing on Groupon– at least 3 or 4 times this year – and why at such a deep “discount.” Something smells fishy. I love Groupon, but it only works if there is good faith between the company and the subscriber community. This deal has a whiff of bad faith about it, which is very disappointing. I suggest that Groupon subscribers always do their own due diligence, because it seems Groupon can’t be counted on to do it for you.

Michelle T.

@ Jessica- I have worked with this medspa for over 6 years and am very confident with their equipment on all skin types. We also have letters from clients with skin types V and VI praising this machine, not only on the safety, but their result. I would be more than happy to provide these for you if you would like. We really pride ourselves on having highly trained staff as well as state of the art equipment.

@ Bonnie K- Generally Crest white strips dont make too much of a difference prior to treatment. However, if you plan on stopping in the SOHO location, one of the dentists would be more than happy to take a glace at your smile to evaluate. This deal does go through Sunday.

@ Katie M- Pure Med Spa was the previous company who went through a bankruptcy in December 2008. We were purchased by Brite Smile in April 2009.

Samantha K.

By virtue of the fact that we are loyal to Groupon, we are savvy consumers. In this spirit and to build on my comment from earlier, I want to provide some information.

These links are posts to Medical Spa, MD, a community forum for those that operate Medical Spas, and they raise some issues to bear in mind when considering a MedSpa. They highlight practices and raise questions—such as:

What happens to the remaining sessions of your package should the company go out of business? As is evidenced by the fact that Brite Smile only recently was acquired, alongside many other medical spa franchises in the past several years, this industry struggles to make money, and many sell packages only to go out of business weeks or months later.

Will the procedure be administrated by someone who will be able to tell me, because of good ethics and sound knowledge, whether or not I should be undergoing a procedure because of my tan, my skin type, etc.?

Sona MedSpas: An unhappy franchise owner
Laser hair removal business down?
percentage of medspas having physician on-site


Samantha K.

Also, if Brite Smile is genuinely an independent, unrelated entity from PureMed, I’d love to be able to have some evidence of that. In fact, in the photograph on the top of the screen on the deal page, the name of the company is clearly Brite Smile Brite Skin MedSpas. When you look up that business at the BBB website, that will forward you either to Brite Smile Brite Skin (based out of the same WA city as PureMed) or even to the PureMed review page. The ratings are F.

Granted, the city locations are now all listed separately as independent businesses on BBB—the NYC and Boston sites of “Brite Smile” are all separate—but then why is the Groupon valid at all of them if there is no link between these branches?

Sorry for my zealousness today, but I (obviously) find this really upsetting.

Michelle T.

@ Samantha- the confusion may be that Pure Med Spa was purchased by Brite Smile in April 2009- I could see how this could be confusing on the web.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Priyanka K.

I want to use the Groupon for the 3 Laser Hair Removal treatments but I will be going back and forth between New York & Chicago. Can I initiate the treatment in a NY location and then schedule the follow up sessions at the Chicago Woodfield Mall locations?

Jillian G.

I just wanted to take a second to comment my my experience with brite smile. I have been a client of brite smile at the West 57th location for over 2 years now and trust me, I’ve seen the bad reviews as much as any of you. However, I honestly can’t understand what people are talking about!! The only thing I’ve ever received from there is wonderful service, and a sense that they really do care about me and the goals I’m trying to achieve. It’s like we’ve all become a little family. I absolutely LOVE the manager that works there, Amy. She is such a doll and everyone goes out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

More importantly, I began as a teeth whitening client and now I’ve began the skin laser treatments and I feel the best I have in years! I honestly feel I look better now than I did 10 years ago, believe it or not! So regardless of what people have said, I personally feel completely safe and I’ve NEVER been burned.

SO for what it’s worth…I’m hear just to share the flipside from someone who actually knows and cares about the people who work there, and respect the wonderful job they do each and every day.

Michelle T.

@Priyanka- you sure can! They can electronically transfer your file to the location of your choice.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Adriana C.

I already bought 3 groupons, I’m thinking of fractional treatment to get rid of wrinkles.
Should I do photofacial before ? I was considering either that or skin-tightening, and I read photofacial is recommended before skin tightening.
Also, which of the two treatments is better to get rid of crows feet and wrinkles around eyes?

PS. I’ve been whitening my teeth at brite smile for years and I absolutelly love it.

Michelle T.

@ Adriana- it depends on the client. The best part about these groupons is you can come in for a free consultation and full skin analysis before deciding which procedure to use them on!! Photofacials, Skin Tightening, and Fractionals work well together, or individually.

So glad to hear about your wonderful whitening experience- THANKS FOR SHARING!

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Laura J.


What does “face” mean for laser hair removal? Would the lip and chin be two separate areas?

Michelle T.

@ Laura J- “face” is full face.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

reading all these pro and cons is really making me think twice about this deal. what a bummer too because i was really excited when i saw this deal on groupon again !!

  • so Michelle, what is the procedure for teeth whitening for someone that has intrinsic stained teeth due to ingesting excessive floride as a child ? can it be done? and if so, will the teeths be one color? or 2 different shades of white
Shelley P.

Michelle- seems like a lot of people have raised the question as to what would happen if BriteSmile was bought out again before the year was up and treatments could be finished. Would refunds be issued or what would happen in that case? Thanks!

C L.

I would like to say thanks to Jessica J. that alerted me about the effects of IPL on darker complexions, never knew about that—opened my eyes to all the details of laser hair removal.

I’m a HUGE fan of groupon but I urge everyone considering this groupon to do research on the procedures before going for it. This isn’t just like a meal at a restaurant that you can rant about hating after, it’s a procedure that can have somewhat permanent effects.

Shelley P.

Exactly- the only thing I am worried about is having a trained, skilled technician administering the laser treatments so I know that it’s safe. But I can’t seem to find any legit reviews on it anywhere online. :|

Chela E.

so i bought the 3 treatment laser removal from bright smile last groupon, received one and and have been cancelled on twice because their machine is “in repair” really? for the last 3 months?? im calling again tomorrow because this is ridiculous that they are offering more treatments and not honoring their past commitments.

Samantha K.

@ Michelle: I feel that you’ve dismissed my question out of hand by saying that it’s just “confusing” on the web because of the buyout. I feel that the questions I’ve raised about new leadership are legitimate, and I’m not easily confused. Could you post some information from a reliable third party source about Brite Smile so that I can see that it is an independent company with completely new leadership? Because I can’t find any evidence of that—something that I’d imagine a new company buying a defunct company with such a bad rep would be eager to supply.

@ Chela: From my research today that is apparently a total common practice at PureMed/Brite Smile—machines are “in repair”, or you can’t schedule follow-ups in a timely manner, or you are notified that your sessions have been used when they haven’t been. You’re upsold on packages, given contradictory information about the time periods that you should leave between treatments depending on whether the machines are booked or “in repair” or the branch has shut down.

Really guys. Please do your research. I am all for these treatments being available at a fair price, and I’m not saying this isn’t a good buy depending on what you need. But be aware of what you’re buying into.

Here is another website you should all read before purchasing anything else from BriteSmiles


Wendy T.

Dear Groupon,

You’re a young company and I adore you. Please look into the overposting by “Oxana,” who indeed posted in every city this was deal was offered. Furthermore, if there is an outpour of negative reaction to a company/institution of questionable character, address it. Our relationship with Groupon depends on the quality of offers you pass along, not just how affordable they appear. Or at least let us know how you vet companies. Thank you.

Michelle T.

@ws- With this specific question I would suggest calling the location closest to you and speaking with the dentist directly.
Midtown- 212-397-8786
Madison Ave- 212-988-2375
Soho- 212-477-3775

@ Shelley P- Rest assured we are not going anywhere- but to ease your mind- groupon does offer a 100% refund policy.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Samantha K.

“Jeffrey Nourse is the CEO of BriteSmile.”http://www.lead411.com/company_BSMLInc_Nourse_9199.html

No change in leadership—Jeffrey Nourse was also the CEO of PureMed when it was bought out.

Erika J.

Michelle- I can’t believe you keep insisting that the IPL is a safe machine for darker skins types or any skin type at that. IPL’s is what gives laser hair removal any bad rep because it doesn’t have the technology to target hairs. My Dermatologist has an IPL he uses for skin and won’t treat my skin type with it. This is unbelievable!

Michelle T.

@ Erika J- There are many different types of IPL lasers on the market, and the one being used by your derm may be a bit older. The following is taken from the website of the manufacturer of our laser system: (www.palomarmedical.com) “Specific wavelengths of light can target both finer and coarser hair as well as lighter hair, on all skin types.”

I hope this helps.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Andrew K.

thanks for all the research, guys. LOVE the community spirit!

I decided nonetheless to get the teeth whitening treatment. Apparently it is the only service that people seem satisfied with…

Michelle T.

I wanted to remind you all that 10% of all proceeds are going to the Dress for Success women in need foundation, so this is a wonderful cause, and a perfect way to give back for the Holidays! As mentioned, there is no limit on the number of packages purchased per area, so this makes an excellent gift to you and your loved ones!

BriteSmile’s patented light technology features a specially designed lamp that shines a gentle, blue light on teeth. The lamp’s unique shape helps illuminate and whiten both the top and bottom teeth at the same time. This efficient light source allows for the use of a lower level of the active ingredient, ensuring that the BriteSmile whitening treatment is pain-free and clinically proven safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums and other soft tissues.

We are alsos the leading international provider of laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging solutions such as Dysport, and Restylane™.
With a passion for quality, service & innovation, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Our vision is to help you look and feel your best.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Jeff n.

Hey there groupies.A few things here need to be cleared up. First 10% of all proceeds here go to needy women at dress for success. A very important charity I endorse. Second . Britesmile and pure med spa are the top provider in north America for teeth whitening, laser hair removal, dysport/Botox, fillers( we have done more wimens lips than anyone in north America if not the world), our customer satifaction is over 99% in 2009. While we did not own pure in 2008( an investment bank did) we took care of all clients who were mistreated in 08 by them. These stores have the best locations, best equipment, best staff in the industry! I can assure you our service will be wonderful .

Stephanie M.

I would have made an immediate purchase of this, but because of the amount of feedback, which I think is wonderful that there is a community out there that is willing to take the time to write what they think and info that they have found themselves :) but I have been wanting to get my hands done (I would never let anyone work on my face, unless it is a doctor) so that is why I am considering this.

Here are my questions:

Because it appears that it is estheticians that will be performing the work, do they usually receive gratuities? If yes, I would assume it is based on the retail price of the service?

And if I purchase a couple of packages, but after the first package I am unhappy with the service, then what will happen with the other package?

Is it possible to receive a refund? And if so, by whom—Britesmile or Groupon?

Also, my main concern is that in the Groupon site it states that “unless there is something wrong with the purchase, we are generally unable to offer refunds after one week from the purchase date.” So if I am simply unhappy from the first package does that mean that I would not be able to get the refund for the second package many months later?

Thanks and enjoy the snow!!!

Michelle T.

@ Stephanie M- Gratuities are based on clients descretion. By no means is it based on the treatment price.
If you are unhappy with the service you are more than welcome to transfer it to one of the other 9 available- I am confident you will be please. Was there a specific service you were leaning towards? Maybe I can answer additional questions for you to help you decide.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Brooke E.

My sister gets her teeth whitened at the brite smile in Chicago and “she swears by it”, and has nothing but good things to say about it. After seeing some of the reviews I wasn’t sure what to do, but I did look into their charitable donations to include the most recent, Dress for Success in which this promotion is geared toward helping. I am a huge supporter of non-profit organizations and this one in particular is amazing, http://dressforsuccess.org/whatwedo.aspx

My thought…there are two sides to every story and if a company like brite smile supports organizations such as this, I think that is something to truly respect.

So, I think I’m going to take my sister’s word for it and try the teeth whitening. At this price, I think its too good to not at least give it a try.

Amanda B.

The package for VelaShape is only for 2 treatments correct? But it takes 6-8 treatments to see results… There is a special offer online of $149 for a trial treatment, is that for only 1 treatment? And can I use the Groupon for treatments after the “trial”? Also, what does BriteSmile do if there are no visible results? Can I use the Groupon for a different treatment all together?

sorry for all the questions!

Michelle T.

@ Amanda B- The best option for you would be to purchase multiple groupons. Purchase 3-4 to cover the full package of treatments.

Brite Smile Regional Coordinator

Katie M.


I think a lot of us are waiting for you to address many of the comments made above, particularly the lengthy ones by Samantha, before feeling comfortable purchasing this. You seem to be avoiding responding to her claims, and I know I speak for many potential customers when I ask that you please address them.
Thank you.

megan r.

i live in philadelphia…if i purchase this can i use it at philly locations?

Samantha K.

@ Jeff N. Are you Jeff Nourse, the CEO of Brite Smile? Also, could you please share how exactly your company measures customer satisfaction, when you’re talking about the 99% customer satisfaction rate?

I have been working for non-profits for years and I, too, think that Dress for Success is a wonderful organization. But any of us could volunteer or make a direct donation if it’s the cause we’re concerned about. Don’t use charitable giving to obscure business practices.

Hello Everyone,

I purchased two of the “nine treatments” on Friday. One for my daughter and one for me. When I went to print out my coupons I noticed one if for the “one-in-nine” treatment and one is for teeth whitening which I did not order! They have two different expiration dates, the one-in-nine- expires in Dec. 2010 and the teeth whitening which I did not order expires June of 2010!!!!!! I have tried twice with groupons on-line support to get this rectified but “Simon” my on-line support groupon person has still not taken care of it! I have not printed out my coupons as they are incorrect. This is only my second purchase with groupon.I purchased the Zoom teeth whitening about a month ago which I have yet to use, that is why I did not purchase teeth whitening with this offering.

Is this typical of groupon???? I feel duped at this point.

Hee-young S.

hi, i purchased 2 of the “$185 for one of nine treatment package” (1 for myself and 1 as a gift).. i see under my stuff that the gift has been registered/approved, but not the one i purchased for myself.. both transactions went thru in my credit card.. what happened? what should i do?

Rachel S.

Bought the groupon, booked the appointment yesterday. Noticed their website was doing wacky things so took a walk by the Soho location, and the offices were closed, even though the sign on the door said they were open on Sundays until 4pm. I tried calling all of the manhattan offices, and no one picked up, and was told by the automated machine in each case that the answering machine was full and disconnected. Has anyone else had this problem?!??

Dana N.

If you have dark hair or thick hair or both, laser hair removal will absolutely not work for you. Trust me, it took spending almost $1,000 to find this out. I have several friends, all with varying hair types but all either thick or dark, who also had no success.

Yi C.

Is anyone else still waiting for their groupon to be processed? As of this morning, this groupon is still pending on my account…

i am still waiting for my groupon to be processed and would like to schedule an appt soon, pls. contact me. thank you.

Jill F.

Has this company gone out of business? I bought the Groupon but have had difficulty scheduling my appointment. I noticed that their Madison Avenue shop has closed. I do not get an answer when I call their West 57th Street location. What is the refund policy?

Leslie G.

I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment for over a month and it appears their NYC locations have closed. What is the refund policy??

Lisa Y.

oh boy, i just realized the same thing….they are no longer opened in NYC. Groupon had emailed me a few days ago telling me that others have had problems with scheduling an appointment. All I could do was reply to the email confirming this. Crap, I bought two of these….one for my boyfriend and one for me. Ugh, I want my money back!

I just tried telephone calling both their SoHo and Midtown locations (as listed on their website http://www.britesmile.com/about/locations.php ), and the phone numbers are both disconnected. I think they are out of business here in NYC.

Also, for some odd reason, this Groupon never showed up in “My Stuff” so I could have totally forgotten about it had it not been for me checking through my credit card statement for the $185 charge!

Call up Groupon’s customer service and inquire about it. They were very friendly and quick to find a solution.


Oh boy just saw on the local news (NYC), the business is bust. They’ve run with you people’s money! I wonder if Groupon has already handed over all the money to BriteSmile.


I have no specific comment on BriteSmile or this deal – although I feel terrible for those of you affected by this company’s dishonest practices. (though I imagine Groupon will have your back on all this)

But I do want to make sweet, sweet love to Samantha K, whoever and wherever she is, for all the Erin Brockovich style sleuthing provided here. She warned us, and looks like she was right after all.

Jeffrey L.

has anyone had any updates on this deal? I was about to make some appointments..


Any updates on this?

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