I thought it always cost $150 for a tandem jump at chicagoland… So is this $30 off or $100? when did it become so high?

Daniel G.

wow, sweet; once again groupon comes to the rescue to save people from their mundane daily lives with a pretty sweet activity.


If someone is going to buy 1 of these, please let me know. I have one which I need to get rid of… will make sure you know it’s all secure, thanks!

$169 is for a 9,000ft jump. Regular price for 14,000ft on website is $199.

Daniel R.

If you go to the Prices page on the CSC website, you’ll see that $229 is the retail price for a 14,000’ skydive. The other prices being quoted in this thread are either pre-paid or online gift certificate rates. I don’t see how quoting $100 off the retail price is considered “misleading”. I’m definitely taking advantage of the groupon, whether it’s $100, $60 or $40 off! Thanks Groupon!

John S.

I think I agree with those that have posted that this is not that great of a deal. If I understand correctly, this does NOT include a video either. Correct?

John S.

Bob – Are they(can they) including a video of the jump in the price? Then I think it would echo the value of most Groupn offers.

Thomas G.

quick ? is this per jump? or do get 2 or 3 for this price?

I agree $199 is for online booking. Who wouldn’t book online? Maybe my grandparents but I don’t think they wanna skydive:(

Still a great deal that I will be taking advantage of. Thanks Groupon (and Bob)!

Abhinav K.

Anyone knows when this coupon expires? Until which date can you use this Groupon?

Michal G.

Just to clarify everything … for $129 I get to jump from 14,000 feet and video is NOT included? How much extra would I have to pay for video + pictures package?

thanks bob for the link clearing up the confusion. feel good about the value in my purchase and looking forward to my first jump!!!!

Now that i purchased the jump…do I have to make reservations?

Michal G.

I would also like to know when does this coupon expire? Do I have to go and jump right away or can I wait some time?

Bryan C.

As stated in the “Fine Print” section… the groupon expires on 11/01/09.

Bryan C.

The Fine Print:
Expires 11/01/2009
Limit 1 per person.
May buy multiple as gifts.
Reservation required.
Must be 18 or older.
Must sign legal waiver.

I agree that this is not a very good deal. I have jumped a few times before and have always been in this same price range. These places always run special deals and usually include the video or photos. Definitely gunna pass on this one…

Lisa G.

I just purchased the jump- under my name, but it is for my husband. Is that going to be an issue. I didn’t see where I needed to enter “gift”

Digging around on the website. How much are photos and/or video?

Thanks guys! My b-day is next week and I got 2 tickets.

I weigh alot how does that effect the tandum jump?

Claire S.

I bought two Groupons… One for myself and one for a gift (as stated, it’s one per person but can purchase more for gifts). So my question is, can I just hand the groupon to the friend for the gift or is there somewhere I should have entered that information (and if so, is there a way I can rectify that)? Thanks!

Suzy C.

does anyone know if this is a 14,000 feet jump? or one of the smaller ones?

Alright I will answer all the questions.

1. 14,000 foot jump: Yes
2. Weight limit: 240lbs (however you can call them 800 404 JUMP and they might be able to make an accommodation for you depending on how far over you are.
3. Video prices: $89 for photos or video, $109 for photos and video.
4. To reserve call 800 404 JUMP and they will be glad to help you.
5. There aren’t many if any at all that will let you do a tandem for $129. I was planning on bringing a big group and the cheapest I would have gotten it would have been just a little less than 170 and that is if I brought 100 people. Military and College students get the best deal at 179 so even if you are a college or military person you still save an additional $50 bucks. It is a great deal and even at full price it is worth every penny.
Any other questions (related to the skydive, I cannot answer questions about Groupon) you can email me at dougfromniu@gmail.com and I will answer them.


It would be $199 for your 1st tandem jump. So, you are saving $70 going through Groupon. I don’t really understand why anyone is arguing the value of this. If you want to go Sky Diving this is a good deal. You save $70. How is that not a good deal?

Pratya T.

Hey If I gonna go on some weekend on September, can I buy this coupon???

Clayton R.

I want to buy 2 as a wedding gift. Can I do this? I wont be going myself.

With so many people purchasing and the coupon expiring in November…will there be time to make reservations to accommodate all, considering other non- Groupon patrons?

Pratya – yes.
Claton – yes.
Traci – Yes

Okay…I’ve done 7 tandems since August of last yr & I can tell you this IS a Great deal. Tandems on the w/e are usually around $200—give or take, during the week you can get them cheaper..student/military run around $150. I’ve been to a few DZ’s & know a few TI (tandem instructors).

Rae, why would you do that many tandems. You should start going solo. Dont waste your money on tandems when you could be getting your license.

Mr. Wise Guy

how do you see any available coupons from previous days? is there a link to see all coupons from last 5 days or so?

Steve B.

Just did this yesterday, and let me tell you, $129 is a GREAT DEAL!!!! In fact, does anyone have 1 or 2 of these that they won’t be using?? I’d be more than happy to buy them from you, maybe even for a couple bucks more than you paid!! E mail me to let me know, Thanks!

I am saving $ for my AFF course..I missed the sky so much I jumped twice on my B-day in June…as I said I have a couple of friends who are TI..2 of my jumps were real cheap..just a jump ticket, my friend was demo’ing a new tandem rig…blue skies :)

Andrew T.

Avanti – get in touch with me – aj.tsai@gmail.com

I might be able to buy the extra groupon from ya.

Steve B.

Avanti, if you have any to get rid of, e mail me at sufc4080@hotmail.com


If anyone purchased this and can’t use it… I’ll buy it from you. zhaodui@hotmail.com


I need 1 more of these groupons – Please contact me at kevhead12345@aol.com if you have an extra or can’t use the one you bought!!!! Thanks!!!!

Aarthi T.

Hi – Anyone got an extra that they need to get rid of? email me – aarthi9@gmail.com

Brenda A.

Hi all – i know there are alot of requests out there bu let me know if anyone has an extra groupon for this. Thanks! email me: ayoungchee@gmail.com

Sean C.

I need one to buy one jump! Email me if you have an extra, please. ASAP

Steve B.

How do we get CSC and Groupon to offer this deal again??? Looks like there would be A LOT of buyers for this!!!!

Yeah, post it again for all that missed it,thanks!!!

I would like to buy 2 jumps, email x99@sbcglobal.net

James G.

For those who are interested, I have two Groupons available on Craigslist Chicago under For Sale\Tickets. Or you can just search “skydiving.” If you’re interested in purchasing only one, Craigslist also lists a single that someone else is selling.

I have one extra for sale email me at hodgie16@hotmail.com if interested.

Brenda W.

I purchased one tandem jump however I cannot use the coupon. If you would like to purchase the coupon, which expires on 11/01/09, please contact me. Thanks.

brenda welch — i am interested in your groupon. what is your contact info?

Brenda W.

Hi Susie, Sorry about that brendajwelch@msn.com – thanks!

Got my 2 so no longer in need, thanks. Good luck to everyone. Fyi, the weather will finally turn a little warmer next week to jump!

Michal G.

I got my groupon and jumped in September… i highly recommend it! It’s soooo much fun.
I’m definitely going to jump again next year

Amanda D.

Hi – Does anyone still have an extra coupon? I want to join some friends who are jumping this Friday! Please email me if you do – mandydowns@fastmail.fm

I would like to make mention I am selling my groupon for 100 dollars

Morgan K.

Hey Don H. I was hoping to purchase this groupon from someone. Please let me know if you still have it available.


Hey, I just jumped last weekend using Groupon tickets. It was amazing. Dont go on weekend as it super super busy and long waits. Go on weekday and you will be thankful!!


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