desert botnaicals 1 yr membership after purchasing you discover it expires in february.. beware it is 6 months not one year… ithought that was kind of lame-o

Geri L.

Several years ago I had a membership to Botanical Gardens. Would this groupon still apply as a new member since I m not a current
member. Thanks.

Rebecca P.

Hi Donald!

Sorry for any confusion. You are purchasing a one year membership, you just need to call the garden to start your year within the next 6 mos! Not lame-o; one of the prettiest places in our backyard. Hope that helps clarify!

Rebecca, Groupon Phoenix

Rebecca P.

Hi Gerl,

Let me check with the good people at the DBG to see how long before you’re considered “new” again.

Thanks, Rebecca
Groupon Staff

Jodie W.

I also feel that was deceptive marketing and I will not be purchasing any more groupons.

I own and publish a magazine and would never stoop to this to sell my product.

@Jodi, what is deceptive? It is a one year membership, you just have to activate your one year within the next 6 months. Once you activate it, the membership is good for one year.

@ Marla, It talks about the butterfly exhibit in the description. It says that it gives you free admission, but the details are a little vague.

Leah K.

It is silly for people to say Groupon is nothing but terrific. This is not only a fantastic way to share great opportunities with people that may not be able to afford it but it is a great way for a business to show off what they have to offer. I think it is great. Thank you for all the great Groupons. We all can use a little help these days.

Rebecca P.

Hi Everyone and thank you. This groupon is for a one year membership but we didn’t want everyone to activate their year tomorrow. We gave 6 months to start the year so it could be a little more flexible with peoples’ calendars. @Vanessa, Let me check on out of state, although I’m sure thats fine and @Maria I’ll check on the butterflies.

Thanks, Rebecca, Groupon Staff

Jessica T.

Does a “household membership” only cover a certain # of adults/kids? Our household has 2 adults, 4 kids and we often exceed family memberships. . .

Courtni D.

@Marla – This membership covers unlimited admissions for two adults and any child under 18, and comes with the following benefits, “AMONG OTHERS” Click on “AMONG OTHERS” in the groupon description or DEAL FAQ and there is your answer.

Courtni D.

I need to make sure that a shared address is all that is required for the household membership. My roommate is obsessed with plants and I am the only one that drives, and would enjoy visiting the DBG as well. Any idea how the DBG defines a household?

Kelly H.

For John G.-

I went to the DBG website and “pretended” I was going to purchase the membership. The screen asks for two adult names or one name and “a guest”, so I think it would work for you.

Sheral J.

I love the garden, but am most interested in the events – concerts, etc. It is not clear what kind of discounts there are for these.

Rebecca P.

@Vanessa, it is fine to purchase a membership if you live out of state.

@Maria, the Senita membership is generally for 2 people and the butterfly exhibits are free for these members.

@Jessica, the household membership would include two adults and any children as long as they are under age 18.

@John, the membership is good for any two adults doesn’t matter if you’re roommates!

@Sheral, the events vary but typically it is a percentage discount given to members over the general public. In most cases its at least 10-15%. The best resource for upcoming events is dbg.org. I have been told that they are working on updating the fall calendar this week.

I am delighted with the ability to delay the “start” of this Groupon/DBG membership – I am buying one for my stepdaughter for Xmas and can “save it” until then for her. Also one for my friend Gail (who likes to visit DBG in hats and gowns) and of course one for US. What a great deal – so much pleasure for so little. Thanks guys!

;) Yippee!

suzanne M.

Can you check to see if this is good if your membership expired last year and you want to use this as a “new” membership – thanks

Rebecca P.

Hi Groupies, I am waiting to hear when you are considered new again if membership has lapsed. Stay tuned…

Rebecca, Groupon Staff

This is a wonderful deal and the garden’s are truly beautiful. Even if you only use this deal one time, it is well WORTH the 35.00. Thanks Groupon for offering deals that can be shared with my children.

Jodie W.

It is really unclear. I says on the confirmation of the purchase that it expires in Feb 2011.

I know this is a beautiful garden and a great deal if it is for 1 year and the stipulation is you need to activate by Feb 2011. From reading the discussion board I was not the only one that misunderstood.

Thank you for the calification.


Lori N.

I am a current member and have been off and on for years. My membership expires in October. If I buy this Groupon, how long would I have to wait before I am considered a ‘new’ member to use it, or would I not be able to use this at all?

Kelly L.

Does anyone know how conducive the trails are for running? Particularly later in the evening or early AM. Do they even allow it? With the various loops, it seems like it could be a good running spot.

Mary L.

With all the trails available in the area, running thru the gardens, around all the wheelchairs, babystrollers and the elderly doesn’t seem like the smartest idea. I’m going there for peace and quite, not “Passing thru , look out on the left.” by runners. Sorry, rethink that one.

Rebecca P.

Hello, if your current membership is expired then you are eligible for the deal. Thanks, Rebecca, Groupon Phoenix

Elizabeth D.

This is one of the best deals Groupon has had in a while-the gardens is a wonderfull place, even just to take a friend for lunch al-fresco to the cafe there! You can take a different “guest” with you anytime, I have been a member before. I love that you have till Febuary to activate it-very thoughtfull-perfect for gifting! The outdoor concerts and other events are great, and so is the gift shop. A wonderfull place to take out-of-towners!

sophia r.

I have 3 kids, are the 2 guest passes that are included with this membership a one time thing or do I have 2 free guest passes every time I go?

Donna L.

Like Donald I also purchased (then cancelled) after seeing it expired in February. I’ll repurchase now that Rebecca says it’s good for one year but activation must start by February. Perhaps a word or two about this on the main page before others also follow suit. Doesn’t leave a good “taste in one’s mouth.”

Rebecca P.

Hi Donna,

We certainly weren’t trying to confuse anyone we just didn’t want people to have to start their year all at once or immediately if it didn’t work for them. Its a standard part of each groupon to have an expiration date but if you read the fine print you will see the six months just refers to an activation window.

Maryl S.

Just want to clarify. Does it cover unlimited admissions that are FREE or unlimited admissions at 20% of regular admission price?

Rebecca P.

Hi Carol, If you log in, then go to “refer friends” cut and paste the link from that page and sure put that in your facebook. but make sure its the path that says referfriends/users/your name

Good luck!

This is an awesome deal. Especially for families that have children who would like an outing together but rarely happens in today’s economy. Thanks Groupon and DBG for giving those of us with limited funds to enjoy a year of fun.

Rebecca P.

Hi Maryl,

Members have unlimited free access to the garden as well as the two butterfly exhibits.

Charles M.

Hi Rebecca I have a question for you. Are the Guest Passes for for 2 ppl outside of me and my fiancee to goto the DBG or are the guest passes my tickets in?

Desert B.

Hi Everyone,

We are thrilled that so many people are seeing the value of this Groupon and joining the Garden family! We have a great fall season coming up and once you activate your new membership you will be on our mailing list to receive our calendar of events and other materials about Garden events. Our new website is launching this week so soon you will see the complete schedule. See you on the trails!

John from the Garden

Charles M.

are the guest passes one time use only

amy l.

Do you have to share an address with someone? I live alone but want to purchase this for me and my boyfriend.

Rebecca P.

Hi Amy

I think that’s fine. Just know that all the mail will go to your address.

Rebecca, Groupon Phoenix

Desert B.

Hi Amy – it’s a household membership – so the address will be your household, but you can define who the second member is. Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, parent. We’re just glad you’re joining!

John at the Garden

Cheryl P.

Thanks, Rebecca P. for your time answering questions.

thanks for all the great deals on Groupon and especially this one, my husband and I have wanted to go to the garden for a while now so this is perfect timing! We’ve experienced some great restaurants, dentist, spa’s and rooms in Sedona….everything so far has been wonderful thank you again for the good deals!

Yvonne H.

Wow, this was forwarded by a friend and it’s wonderful!!! I haven’t been to DBG in a long time and this will ensure I go there. Thanks for such a fantastic deal and to such a beautiful place.

Rebecca P.

Cheryl, You’re welcome! Glad everyone is enjoying the deal; the garden reminds you how beautiful the desert really is.

Carol K.

Hi Rebecca, This is a great deal for people who don’t already have a membership and as a way for the garden to attract new members. However, I’ve been a member for 5 years now and feel as though the Botanical Garden could have at least offered this price for current members who will be up for renewal. A kind of ‘Thank you’ for being a loyal member.

Desert B.

Hi Carol – We would like to thank all of our current members for their loyal and continued support. Being a private institution every dollar that we receive from our members is vital for our daily operations. With Groupon, we are engaging a new audience (Groupon’s subscribers) and introducing them to the Garden and its mission through this offer. Even though we have offered a deep discount for new memberships through Groupon, it is part of an effort to increase our support and gain new loyal members.

John from the Garden

Virginia C.

Do I print up the membership and then place the phone call to activate it? Can I print the membership now and call in a few weeks and how long after I place the phone call can I actually go visit?

I am new to Groupon and this was my first “purchase”, but I did not receive any confirmation that the transaction was completed. How do I know if it was completed? I received no instructions on how to activate the membership…

Rebecca P.

Hi Virginia and Megan, you just need to call to set up the membership. Reference your groupon number and your name and they can redeem it for you. You have 6 months to make the call. Virginia, I am sure they can advise you to that but I think they send out your membership cards immediately and probably have you on file after the call is made.

Thanks, Virginia. I just checked my email again and the confirmation was in my inbox.


Rebecca, Please let me know about the “new” members only. I purchased this but was a prior member. I didn’t renew early last spring. Hopefully I can still use the groupon. If not, can I give it to a friend?
Thank you for the great deal!

cecilia r.

Hi, I just bought 2 family memberships. I wanted one for me and one for a gift for a friend for Xmas. I didn’t get an opportunity to put any names in. Does that come when I am ready to print the coupon? Can I print the coupon now and save it for later to activate, like in a couple months? I thought it was confusing since when I indicated I wanted 2 purchases, I didn’t sse where I could indicate one as a gift, looked like I had to give both as a gift…first time using this and I think it is confusing. Appreciate any help, as I want to be specific with the names on the membership. Thank you.

Rebecca P.

Hi Julie, no problem. As long as this isn’t used as a renewal by current members that may expire over the next 6 months its valid.

Rebecca P.

Hi Cecilla,
My best advice to get you squared away would be to call customer service. They’re really great and can make sure the right names are associated with the right voucher #. The number is 877.788.7858. I would give a call in the morning…they’re in Chicago and its already 8 pm there.

“Not lame-o!” This is classic…you go Rebecca!

Rebecca P.

Ha thanks Darius…im a true DBG fan!

Erica Y.

Just want to make sure….

If I get this groupon, this gets me admission and/or discounts to 200 other gardens at no extra cost correct?

I opened the pdf file of the participating gardens and it looks like as long as they have that ticket stub symbol admission is free with this membership? Is there a limit to how many times I can use this? I travel to a lot of states during the year and love gardens, I just don’t want to be surprised with extra costs down the road. Thanks!

Rebecca P.

Hi Erica that’s correct! Enjoy

Desert B.

Hi Erica,

Simply show your DBG membership card at any of the participating gardens to receive their benefit. There is not limit. I travel a lot as well and have used it in Atlanta, Santa Barbara and Hawaii.

John from the Garden

First time purchased something on Groupon and I’m a bit disappointed. I didn’t realize it expired in Feb 2011 when the title of the Groupon said $35 for a One-Year Household membership to the Desert Botanical Garden. Isn’t that false advertising?

Rebecca P.

Hi Ruth,
It seems like this has been a common confusion. The one year membership must be activated by feb, its still a year from any date you choose to start…

Bit amazed the whole activation thing has been so confusing. I think its awesome that we can delay membership. I am going to wait until it cools down to activate mine. And then next summer I will work on convincing myself to go even when its 100+!

rachel d.

What a great deal! I agree, I’m waiting for it to cool down to activate mine. So glad I checked my inbox today!

Tony S.

I missed out on this deal! :(

If someone purchased this groupon and couldn’t use because they were a current member or was unhappy with their purchase (before activating the membership) could they “sell” their groupon to someone who could or wanted to use it?


Is it possible to still take advantage of this? I have been having trouble navigating the site since I joined. I joined to take advantage of this offer but kept getting kicked back to the opening screen when I would choose Scottsdale as my city. I didn’t realize I need to choose Phoenix.

Alice C.

I also missed out. If you purchased it and do not want it, I would sooo appreciate if you might consider selling it to me. Thanks!!

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