Inder K.

The deal says valid at all locations but when I choose company it highlights only 3 locations in and around houston. Is this deal valid in all houston locations or not ?

Mona S.

same question as Inder K. Somebody pls answer.

Ann P.

I was going to buy this one, but want to know the answer to the question above as well, before I do.


It states in the fine print that this is for online ordering only, and I have heard from a couple of my friends that not all Domino’s have online ordering. It looks like mine does.

Could this be why not all locations are showing up?

(By the way, while this is a great deal, I wouldn’t call it a $20 value. Who pays $20 for one pizza?)

Nancy T.

I think this is only a good deal if you only purchase 1 pizza with more than three toppings because right now you can get 2 large pizzas at $7.99 each up to 3 toppings. Just my thought.

Anna T.

It says valid for all US locations.. but it’s only showing 3 Domino’s locations. So can we use this at ANY domino’s location or not??

Abhishek D.

Can the coupon be used for more than one order? for eg $10 one time and $ 10 next time.

I bought the Groupons, went to the Domino’s website to sign uo and have multiple locations to choose from, however, NONE OFFER ONLINE ORDERING. How do I get pizza with my Groupon?

Ronda W.

When I went to redeem my groupon it said no more gift cards left… 0_0

Jazmin L.

Where do I go to redeem my Groupon?

How does this work???? I have tried to enter coupon numbers and no luck. Dominos is a joke. It sounded like a good deal, but seeing how much effort is required to redeem this one, it is not so good.

Justin C.

Got it to work without too much trouble, however, the Groupon does not cover the tax… so don’t just show up without checking the total due first, they made me pay the $0.66… just glad I saw it.

Justin C.

@ Marty M. – trying to do this from memory…

First you redeem the groupon (print it), and the groupon will have a code and a website address. Go to the website and enter the code. This should then email you a long code and PIN number. Go to the Dominos website from the link and it should show a coupon on the right side of your order. At the top of the page there will be a link to make your $8 pizza. Add all of your toppings go through the checkout and then your groupon should be applied (you might have to enter the code/PIN again if you couldn’t get the direct link to work). All said, a lot of work for basicallly $4 off… oh well, it was actually pretty good.


I want a refund. Groupon this is a BIGGG RIPP.

How do i get my money back???

Ann G.

This is a big rip off, it seems to expire the offer weeks prior to the actual exparation date. Not to mention there are a lot of locations that do not have the online feature. I would advise anyone thinking of making this a purchase to SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! Also, it is a lot of work for very little reward and mediocre pizza.

Ateya M.

I tried to get it..said code not valid…UGH!

You have to go to the web site on the groupon.
That will give you codes and instructions.

Ratnakar M.

http://gr.pn/hBkGce website is not working

Allie L.

i went to that website and it says i could not be connected to that site! is it down? i only have a few days left to order this pizza.

i called domino’s and they said (of course) that they have nothing to do with the groupon and that website sends over the orders.

HELP, and of course I tried calling groupon’s customer support just 10 minutes after they close…

Dhaval S.

I called just before customer support closed and they said they are aware of the issue with the website and that they are working on fixing it. They also said considering the deal expires on Thursday they are trying to get it up asap…. cant do much then just wait..

Allie L.

yay, it works!

Ateya M.

I agree! Yay finally. You can only do it ONLINE once you get code ect. Today I used my last one. Yummy-Double Pepperoni & Ham YES! Thanks Groupon!

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