Amy P.

I’m new to Groupon and love it! Can this Groupon be used towards shipping costs? It says that it doesn’t include shipping, but can some of the $15 groupon be used towards shipping?

I would like to know that also!


Hi Amy,

It’s Shannon here from Fortune Cookie Soap. Welcome to Groupon, you’re going to love it! The $15 is for product only. Shipping cost is automatically calculated based on weight. It might be a good idea to put what you want in your shopping cart to see what your shipping cost would be before you decide to buy. Have fun!

there are sample ‘sayings’ on their website. Shipping for me was $9 for 7 soaps. Debating.


Hi Suzanne B! Yes, that is perfectly fine. What a nice friend you are!

Hi Arlene B! Here is a link to the page that gives a sampling of our fortunes. http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com/pages/fortune-cookie-sayings

Hi Wendy! Keep in mind, if you decide to use this for Christmas shopping, it is FREE (domestic) shipping on orders over $74!

I would also like to know if I can use the ‘gift’ groupons purchased to buy the gifts, and not just give the groupon.

nvm, question answered while I was typing. :)

Can I use all three groupons at once in one big order?


@Rhomanji No, you will get a different coupon code for each Groupon purchased. When you get to the checkout page on our website there is a coupon code box where you will put the coupon code that you get from Groupon, where it will take $15 off of your order, no matter the size.

Kimberly R.

I’ve been using FCS for quite a while now. The quality of their products, and fantastic customer service make shipping more than worth while. I bought a few fortune cookie soaps to try and give to my friends, loved them and have branched out into almost all of their products. I just got an order yesterday, and can’t wait to buy more!


Hi Kenton H. What exactly did you put in your shopping cart? Our shipping cost is calculated by weight, certain products that weigh more will cost more to ship.

Jason B.

Do you have any local pickup options to save on the hassle and cost of shipping? I’m in Tulsa, OK

@Jason B – Me too! That would be great if it could be arranged. I’m sure Shannon will respond soon. Crossing my fingers until then.


Hi Jason and Rhomanji , I wish I could offer pickup, unfortunately our location doesn’t permit it. Since you’re in Tulsa the upside is super fast delivery!

Is this Groupon still valid to those of us who live in Canada?


Hi Stacey G. Because we are a web based company, it is open to international as well, however, I would recommend you check shipping rates first before you decide.

laurie m.

Hi Shannon! If am using the gift groupon to order the actual products as gifts can it still be shipped to myself? or does it have to be shipped to a different address?


Hi Laurie! Once you get the coupon codes you buy it is up to you how you use them, and where you get the product shipped.

Natalie S.

Hi totally new to this groupon thing. So is the groupon shipped to me? or emailed? and then how do I use it on my order?

Seraiah F.

Can it be used to purchase the paypal gift certificates?


Hi Natalie, after you purchase the Groupon, you will get an email with your coupon code, which you will use on the checkout page in the discount code box on our website to get $15 off your order.

Hi Seraiah, the Groupon cannot be used toward our gift certificates through paypal (there is no discount code box on that checkout page), however, the groupon itself can be emailed directly to the recipient.

Hello all, I am so excited to see this deal performing so well!

To answer a frequent question, everyone will get their Groupons emailed to them on Monday. Sorry for any confusion. Its because this deal is running until Sunday. So tell all your friends!

connie c.

This is my first time using groupon and i’m unsure of how to use the “gifting” option? Do i have to do 3 seperate transactions? or is there a way to actually do all 3 (one for myself) and 2 as gifts in one transaction?
I just purchase myself one but was thinking of buying one for my mom and brother :)

thanks all


Hi Connie!

Welcome to Groupon! You can purchase all of them in one transaction. Simply click on the “give this Groupon as a gift” option, and fill in the appropriate information, and then go from there. How sweet of you to get one for your mom and brother!

Shannon, you said:
Keep in mind, if you decide to use this for Christmas shopping, it is FREE (domestic) shipping on orders over $74!

However, when I add $74.97 worth of product to my cart, I go from free shipping to $10.05 shipping with FedEx ground. My total is then $70.02.

Why am I not eligible for the free shipping?

Debby S.

First time web buyer with Groupon. The fortune cookie soap is cute and great for gifts. Be sure and get the gift boxes for $.25. I bought 3 – $15 coupons and the S&H was about $14 for all three orders. I thought that was pretty steep considering I only paid $15 for all three coupons. I probably won’t purchase a web deal again. Love the soap though and the shipping was quick.

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