Siddharth R.

i dont think … this is a big scam by FTD and groupon fell for it. They should screen these offers better or no one is going to trust groupon.

Mike M.

This Groupon is a RIP-OFF!!! You get a $10 discount on a dozen roses by going directly to the FTD site. If you go through the Groupon link (so that you can redeem the voucher) the price is $10 more!

Shame on you Groupon.

Ember D.

That’s really shady. Thanks for pointing it out!

no good if you’re looking to send flowers out of state—wanted to send something to boston and they don’t deliver on valentines day. The best they can do is two days prior, for an extra $10 on top of the original $20 shipping charge.

steve c.


Yes — groupon, refund my money! The ftd.com/groupon site has higher prices than the regular site.

I started to type, actually did type most of a response, stating that when I compared both sites side by side, most of the prices seemed to be the same. Just wanted to show the other side of things. HOWEVER, I decided, just to be sure, to open ftd.com in another browser (mozilla). THE PRICES ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Many of the items on this page is discounted by $10. I guess internet explorer automatically made the pages the same since they were just 2 tabs in the same browser window. SO SNEAKY.

Anyway. You didn’t need to know all of that, but yes, this deal is really sneaky and wrong. This isn’t the point of Groupon. I know that FTD are the real ones responsible, but Groupon should protect it’s patrons better than that. Tsk tsk tsk.

paige l.

This is the first and last time I buy on the site it was a total scam

Is there anyone from Groupon to answer these concerns? I’d like to buy this but it does NOT sound like a good deal.

William H.

It’s not a good deal…FTD IS NOT A FLORIST!!!! They are a building full of administrators who are miles away from flowers or actual designers. Groupon aside FTD takes about 30% of your money for processing. If you want all of your money to go into the product then you should call an actual real florist!

s m.

Sucky deal. If you got the PROFLOWERS $30 voucher for $15, you may have gotten a marginally better deal.

This bait and switch stuff should have been foreseen by groupon and rejected flat out. Make this worth it, groupon! cmon!

William H.

Groupon gets half of the money you spend on a deal and the business gets the other half. You can’t blame Groupon, they are making a killing on this deal because it’s nation wide…every state, every city.

William H.

Proflowers is a call center as well…why do you people continue to go through a middleman? Call the local florist!

Carmine P.

Thanks for the heads-up on the BS. I was just about to buy this.

David G.

William H – the reason is simple – when I visit a local florist the prices are always a bit insane and almost always more than FTD or similar online. Plus the hassle of calling such that I’m not sure what I’m buying exactly and feeling pressured to buy even at higher prices because I have someone on the line.

Andrea S.

Just to let you know, on top of the higher pries, upon checkout you have to pay a $15 “service charge”…so for flowers that were $29.99 to begin with, you pay $59 (then they take 20 off)….you still pay $40 for $30 worth of the normal price.

Very upsetting!

William H.

David-I hear you but I like to talk to the person designing the piece for my wife…not someone in another country or someone making promises they can’t keep. I’m with you on the phone ordering. My florist has a very professional website.


Damn that sucks. I may have to go locally. Thanks for the heads up.

Jim S.

Jim from Groupon here…

@Johnny T is is a gift card and can be used for product, shipping and service fees.

The Groupon is not valid for sale items…FTD creates partner sites and does not allow you to combine promotional offers like the one we ran today with their sale items. Only a selection of items on FTD’s site are discounted. The Groupon is good for all products, shipping and service.

@Andrea S the service charge is dependent on where you are having the flowers delivered.

FTD has both a direct ship option where the product comes from their warehouse and an option to have flowers delivered from one of the 12,000 boutiques in their network.

Jim S.

Jim from Groupon here…

@Johnny T is is a gift card and can be used for product, shipping and service fees.

The Groupon is not valid for sale items…FTD creates partner sites and does not allow you to combine promotional offers like the one we ran today with their sale items. Only a selection of items on FTD’s site are discounted. The Groupon is good for all products, shipping and service.

@Andrea S the service charge is dependent on where you are having the flowers delivered.

FTD has both a direct ship option where the product comes from their warehouse and an option to have flowers delivered from one of the 12,000 boutiques in their network.


JIm S – what about the price difference?

Really disappointed by this deal. Saving $20 at FTD still ended up costing me more than using my usual florist, as FTD neglects to mention their obscene “service charge” ($15) until you’ve already bought your Groupon and are checking out on their site.

Also frustrating is that the pictures FTD displays for each item is for the double-upgraded option, which is $20-40 more than the listed price when you’re browsing bouquets. Six stems is not a bouquet, it’s an insult.

TL;DR: A brief look at FTD’s website made me think this Groupon would be a good deal. In the end, I spent more than I would have at any other flower store. Lesson learned.

This is a SCAM. Shame on you, Groupon.

What a scam! GROUPON I bet you are going to loose a lot of customers due to this! It should say that the groupon may only be used on certain bouquets! I am sooooo disappointed!

Mike G.

Jim – Will you address the price difference on the “special” groupon FTD site. This is ridiculous.

Melissa A.

Is anyone else having trouble using their voucher? Mine won’t work, Groupon doesn’t write back, and when I tried again at the end of the day, FTD’s special groupon site gave Feb. 15 as the first possible date for delivery (without knowing my voucher number, which is for Feb. 14 or earlier).

Tanya V.

Definitely a scam. The price went up than when entering through Groupon. WTH!!??

William H.

I don’t blame groupon…they made a deal with the devil…FTD is made up of marketing geniuses! They were tricked too and they will learn as they go. They were out of their league and that’s why you can’t get an answer about the pricing…hard to admit for them

William H.

Again….some things in life are like getting a tattoo….Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good…stop using middlemen people!!!!

I deliberately looked through the whole groupon listing for any of their usual reference to shipping/service fees and there was none. I then went to the ftd site and saw no reference. The first I learned of the $19 “service fee” that would be added on was when I was almost done checking out. They want you to make up your mind to buy this deal without knowing about the service fee. Obviously I would not have bought a deal where I get $40 for $40 from a place that usually charges $60 for it.

Groupon usually does better. I am requesting a refund.

Jaclyn T.

Geez Groupon — get it together! First, I thought their ads during the Super Bowl were in poor taste and now this terrible ripoff. My husband and I had even discussed how this deal seemed too good to be true, and apparently it was.

Lately I think deals on LivingSocial ($10 for $20 worth of stuff on Amazon, amazing!) have been great so I might switch to just that website.

Robert B.

SCAM. this was my first groupon and i foolishly didnt read the discussion board first. FTD’s ‘processing fee’ is an insult.

i hope groupon does better than this next time. FTD is on my banned list.

Stephen M.

The delivery/service fee is for all FTD orders – regardless of it being a groupon order or not. The only difference is that the service fee seems to be $1.00 higher for Groupon. When I first went to FTD to use my voucher, I didn’t go to the groupon specific site. I went to their regular one and got to the point of paying for the order. There was a $14.99 service fee. When I couldn’t find a place to put in my groupon code, I re-read the groupon voucher and realized I needed to go to www.ftd.com/groupon. After completing the order through that page (with the price being exactly the same), the service fee was $1 more – $15.99.

Having said all of that, there is a lot of snap judgements in this discussion thread. The ONLY difference in price between the Groupon site and the normal FTD site is that no sales prices are valid. So, you should first check to see if the item you want is on sale before deciding whether to use your Groupon. The item I wanted to order wasn’t on sale, so the Groupon deal saved me $20.

The service fee is for all FTD orders. the only difference in the Groupon fee is that it is $1 more. So, in actuality, I only saved $19 on this deal.

I agree that FTD is to blame for the sneaky pricing and slipping the service fee in at the last moment, but that isn’t Groupon’s fault nor is it unique to the FTD Groupon deal.

Here in NY, the FTD prices are the same or cheaper than the price at a local florits. And, I’d rather pay a little extra for the convenience of ordering easily online rather than driving around to a few different local florists looking for what I want, not knowing the price that I will find there.

Stephen M.

One other word to the wise – FTD gives you a 20% discount on subsequent orders. I was duped in to paying for two of these, when in actuality, the second one was worthless because I could have gotten 20% off the order anyway simply with FTD’s normal offerings. If you get this – only get one.

My code doesn’t work!!!! What a ripoff!!!

James L.

Scam—FTD charges $20 more if you use this coupon than without, so you don’t get any discount.

I agree this offer was a little shady and not what I am used to receiving from Groupon. I requested a refund from Groupon yesterday and received a response and a refund this morning. If you are unhappy,definitely ask for a refund.

I am not going to be purchasing from FTD ever again, but I will use Groupon, as long as I read the fine print and the comments first!

The FTD deal is not as good as it initially seemed. There are many flowers deals going on from other daily deal sites. Group Deal Guide does a nice compilation of all the nationally available deals from all the best sites groupon, eversave, dealpulp, jasmere etc. (just google it, links are not allowed)

FTD is most definitely a scam as their prices and discounts are based on which sub-site you visit. The site created for Groupon does indeed have higher prices so. I received an email for 30% off from FTD but only if I clicked on a link where the prices were higher than they would have been if I just visited FTD. I encourage everyone who has purchased this groupon to request a refund immediately.

Here’s the Ripoff Report on FTD if anyone is interested.


Melanie J.

I bought this groupon and was outraged to see that you have to redeem your groupon through a specific website with higher prices than the regular ftd site. Shame on FTD and groupon should be issuing an apology for this scam and refunding money to anyone who requests it. Groupon, you can easily lose credibility with a lot if people over this shady deal.

Paul M.

What a scam


I will never use groupon again.

LivingSocial here I come

Leonid S.

Service Fee: $18.99
Taxes Subtotal: $4.71

annie b.

Do not get this groupon this totally ruined my groupon experience as well this was my first groupon and basically theynmade you go through the groupon portal, and accidentally I went to the regular FTD website, the item I was interested in was a special to the general public but when applying the groupon it suddenly became full price then my groupon was discounted, so we got nothing practically that wasn’t open to the public by a few dollars, they over charge on the items themselves and the shipping, They might have tricked me for my business but I surely will never be a repeat customer and will be wary of other groupons, I wish I read these comments before buying it. Don’t get it, you are better off getting something nicer for someone for What you pay for with FTD, I ended up getting something because I felt I had to in the end. That’s not the point. Definitely did not meet my expectations

annie b.

This was a chance for ftd to have Manu repeat customer now I am so offend I will make I will never go back and tell everyone I know not either and to be cautious of groupon deals, the point of groupons is for the business to make money on volume and to introduce their product or service and to make a good impression, groupons aren’t meant to trick ppl to spend, and to turn ppl off doing something so incompetently is a waste of time and money for everyone they might have got us this time ftd but now they will never have me or anyone I speak to, being that I have to usually plan for gift for a team of 20 ppl and numerous clients that mean baby births, birthdays etc, which the company pays for I will make they get none of that, anyone else that orders gifts on expense accounts never to use ftd, so keep my 20 dollars ftd you just lost a lot more. They lost their chance at impressing anyone

annie b.

I’m so irritated I made so many typos but you get what I mean.

Jennifer L.

Thank you to everyone who posted warnings about FTD trying to pull a fast one on its customers.

To any unhappy customers: I encourage you guys to contact Groupon for a refund. I’ve filed for refunds with Groupon in the past and have been very satisfied. They respond quickly with Groupon bucks credits in the amount you paid.

And remember to note your complaints with the “Flag a business” option so that Groupon will think twice before offering another FTD Groupon.

annie b.

I made the mistake of not checking the ftd website first and I assumed that it was of quality coming from groupon, there is a site proplants.com with better prices so a coupon isn’t even necessary, there is a bigger variety and you can custom your order, on proplants.com you can add one balloon for just 3.00 or add a small box of chocolates 10.00 or stuff animal, in the same order, guaranteed valentine’s day delivery is just and additional 9.99 on one shipment, unlike ftd which at minimum charged 19.99 per item, so if you add a Teddy bear which is at least 19.99 you also have to had shipping for that another 19.99, seems ridiculous, I wish I went checked ftd first to see if I really even liked anything, if you really like something from ftd I then more than welcome you to go ahead, but if you are doing it for the discount just know the most you will get is most of your shipping off, but i guess you get the added name brand items.

Maybe ftd has private jets flying each of our item around since other businesses charge much less for what seems like the same thing.

annie b.

Can also check proflowers.com, which owns proplants but has even more choices.

Actually, proflowers is guilty of the same thing… they raise the price when you use a discount link or coupon code effectively making it a wash but trying to make the customer feel as if they saved money.

Chris R.

everyone that bought should file a complaint with the better business bureau against FTD. Groupon can’t control FTD’s prices. This was a total bait and switch.

Consider me duped as well. I was already irked by the fact that they do not show the correct product with the correct price in the initial product description, but then i get to check out and i still have to pay an additional 20 dollars. I bought a groupon from a local florist two weeks ago, and the deal was incredibly better. What a Rip Off . I should have been suspicious on the fact that they want u to choose if you want to use it on valentines day or after. Because after realizing their description, its more tempting to just buy from someone else and hold off on this crap.

nayoung j.

Not only is the service fee obscenely high ($15-$30), the product offering is totally limited if you want to send on vday. To suck further, the voucher that I purchased can only be used before or on vday.

rob g.

I will never use Groupon again.. Great work guys.

Sylvia B.

No where on the FTD site is there a place for the code to be put in. When I called a representative at FTD he said he would transfer me to a department in FTD that is handling Groupon orders. WHY did he transfer me to Groupon and not to the special FTD Groupon department.

The representative at Groupon had to give me the proper number to call at FTD. There is an automated message that tell you to vist www.ftd.com/groupon. SO you have to go to this separate site to use your Groupon. The thing is when you go on this “Special Groupon Site” the service fee increases by $10. Rather than the $20 service fee on the regular FTD site the FTD Groupon site has their service fee is $30 total … so you are only saving $10 in the end.

This was a hassle and what a HUGE rip off! I enjoy Groupon but this left a bad taste in my mouth.

To follow up on my previous complaint (and to corroborate the obvious overall sentiment that the sleaze factor here comes from ftd and not from Groupon), let me report that in response to my complaint, Groupon promptly cancelled my transaction.

Thanks again, Groupon.

Dennis U.

FTD is a ripoff .. this was the first and the last time I used them. However I got email from GROUPON saying that ftd will be refunding something because of the confusion .. I wonder how much its going to be.

Dennis U.

Use you local flower shop and never visit ftd ever again. Thankfully to google now we have maps which is letting you to see anything online.

I came across this deal and ALMOST considered getting it. I will say that in Groupon’s defense that I could say that 8 out of 10 deals are usually worth while on Groupon but there are always that 1-2 that aren’t. I’ve come across 2 great deals recently and 1 that really blew. Groupon was amazing and refunded me for the shotty deal. After that I’ve been addicted to this site. Its a great site, don’t give up on it just because of the occasional crappy deal. The sad thing is that some companies get the groupon because their business isn’t doing well and they need the PR to boost business. Sadly though some businesses need to boost business not just to boost business but because they suck.

BUT thats just the few. Most stuff on here is good.

Lynn L.

we already ordered thge flowers for delivery today, since it is now 10:00 pm, no flowers were delivered. i want a refund, since the voucher was for use before valentine’s day

Bella P.

I should’ve read the discussion first :( I wouldn’t have bought it. Total rip off. First of all, the arrangements that I liked and that I saw on the FTD site before buying the Groupon (e.g., Vera Wang’s pieces) are not there anymore – for whatever the reason is. Second, $18.99 service fee?!?!? Are you KIDDING me?! that basically negates the savings. Unbelievable… I think there should be a disclaimer for all the deals, indicating what shipping and handling/service charges are.
Extremely disappointed. Groupon should never do business with FTD again.

Kevin G.

I read the fine print several times before I placed the order, and it appeared at the time when I purchased the coupon that I could either purchase a $20 or $40 coupon and use it on a single order.

Did they alter the details in the last few days ?

I bought $40 worth of coupons for a single order of flowers for my wife, the second coupon is now worthless because it has to be used my Monday 2/14

I will cancel my account to both Groupon and FTD because the “alleged” savings is actually now costing me money.

I’m go back to getting my deals from Slick Deals, Deal Mac, my other credit card/employee discounts.

Haytham Z.

Groupon dropped the ball on this one, but per their promise “Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well. If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that.”

So, don’t cancel your account, but do get your money back…

I will never use Groupon or FTD again. Horrible, horrible service. Not only were the prices jacked up when I wen to place my order, I didn’t get what I ordered! My order came to 58.00 and I got 3 roses and 3 carnations! WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?

I called FTD and explained to them that the item I ordered showed 6 roses and about a dozen carnations. They will not do anything about it.

Living Social here I come.

I originally ordered my flowers to be sent on V-Day, but anticipated that my flowers might not get to me that day. So I called FTD to ask for the date to be changed to Sunday – oh boy. The first time, I was on speakerphone and the lady was very far away because I couldn’t hear her, and when I mentioned it, she hung up on me. The second lady said she did it, but I got the flowers a day early. I had asked the second CSR to make sure that the florist would confirm with me before delivering because I live at a dorm, but I had no idea they were delivered and my girlfriend almost saw them because they were just sitting in the resource center. What great service.
Even the flowers themselves – on the picture on FTD they were purple roses, but what I got was THREE (I made the mistake of getting the “better” version and the picture showed around 8-12 stems or something) small pink roses and some purple fauna.

Overall, my experience was absolutely disgusting.

karen l.

I am with everyone that had a horrible experience with this. This was the first time I ever use GROUPON and FTD, because the deal did seem to be a great value, but WAS I WRONG! You can only use the Groupon Promo code from the groupon link where all the prices were more expenisve. The flowers that I ordered was nothing like the picture on the site. They were so small. I paid more for nothing.


Christina L.

FTD emailed me at midnight on 2/13 saying that my order on 2/10 was going to be switched b/c it was unavailable, now I just got an email saying they aren’t going to deliver and will refund my money tomorrow….so do I get my money back from groupon???? And what about the person I was sending them to….smh this was a bad deal!

Christina L.

just going to get my money back….I love groupon otherwise…it’s FTD that f—ked up!

Franco R.

Along with what everyone said about the price being gouged, when the flowers were delivered, they literally looked nothing like how they were pictured on the site, but rather sticking out in all directions, not even slightly arranged, it was completely unacceptable. On the phone with FTD now to take advantage of their “customer service” and have the cost discounted. I wish I read this forum before purchasing. Scam. Seems like most deals on Groupon, other than restaurants, are becoming scams.

Tickets to King Tut exhibit marketed what you thought was the famous death mask of King Tut, but no, the mask wasn’t even at the exhibit. Massage parlors close down after I buy the deal. Places gouge the price for the groupon sale, and then the regular price is just near what you paid for what you think is a deal. Groupon should pay better attention to sales they offer, and realize what they’re doing to their consumer. I will never buy from FTD again, and I highly doubt I will buy from Groupon again.

Franco R.

Just finished a 33 minute call with FTD, and they said they will be issuing a full refund. They would not provide me with the name of the local florist who delivered the flowers, and as they spoke with the florist, the florist would not come to see the shoddy work.

Completely disappointed with this offer. Point isn’t that I wanted my money back. I was happy to spend the money for a proper arrangement. I have now embarrassed myself by having a hideous bouquet sent, embarrassed the recipient with the ugly ordeal, this is terrible.

Deborah  P.

I guess I’m the only one happy with this Groupon. Logged on to FTD two different times, processed the same order one with the groupon and one without with promotion codes I had. Groupon was still the better deal. Flowers were delivered on time and what I ordered. Florist even followed up. Nice Valentine’s Day.

rael d.

Delivered wrong item – got my money back – now have a useless groupon. NEVER order from FTD.com

Chandra S.

My order was supposed to be delivered on 2/14/2011 – Valentine’s day. It was not. After following up with the Customer Service reps everyday, it finally got delivered on 2/22/2011.

I am yet to see a response from FTD.

Total embarrassment – on all sides.


Man… what a disappointment. I ordered 12 pink roses and had to pay $19 AFTER the $40 groupon. Sixty bucks for 12 roses with no vase? Insanity.

Never again.

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