Is the boat and road transfer for 2 people each?

Boat and road transfer-does it cover both ways?

Cotton T.

The package includes for 2 people
Round-Trip Transportation
Punta Gorda to Cotton Tree Lodge by boat
Cotton Tree Lodge to Punta Gorda by Van

mike s.

does this include air fare from vancouver too?

Seth H.

@ Mike S.

No this does not include air fare.


Seth – Groupon

crystal f.

Packages on Cotton Tree website look great! #1..Does the Groupon pacakage include the guided tours and activities in the regular all-inclusive packages?
#2..Can I book a Groupon and a friend book his/her Groupon back-to-back if we are staying together?

Cotton T.

Hi Crystal.
Here are answers to your questions:
1. The Groupon package includes 1 guided off-site ground tour for 2 people. Our All Inclusive package includes an off-site ground tour every day for 2 ppl.
2. The Groupon package is valid for 2 people, 4 nights, sharing 1 Cabana. If you are interested in staying for 8 nights, then you could use 2 packages back to back – 4 nights then 4 nights.

Are the Lubaantun Ruins available as the 1 guided off-site ground tour?

Cotton T.

Hi Kelly,
Yes we can offer the Lubaantun Ruins as your 1 guided-off site tour. Usually we offer 1-3 activities per day for our guests to choose from, to best utilize our guides and vehicles. This tour is popular and will be a choice for 1 day during your 4 night stay.
Kristin-Cotton Tree Lodge

maureen l.

What airlines? I looked on expedia for airfare prices. I found air to Belize City, but then couldn’t find air to Punta Gorda. I am thinking about this for my 15 year old daughter, 12 year old daughter, and myself. Do I just pay for the 12 year extra? Thanks.

Sarah M.

I noticed the deal is for two people. My husband and I would like to bring our 4-year old son with us, as well. Would that be possible with this Groupon? How much extra would it be? We would likely purchase two Groupons and book them back-to-back for an 8-night stay for the three of us.

Jami B.

For clarification, are all meals included or just breakfast for this Groupon deal? If they are not, are there restaurants in walking distance? What is the price range for meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at the resort, if they are not included.
Thank you!

Diana L.

1. I am a vegetarian. Will there be a vegetarian option(s) for every meal?
2. I want to book this with a friend. Is it possible to book one of the deluxe cabanas with the two queen size beds when I make my reservation or will we just have to take what is given to me?


If I book this for my husband and I (and our two younger kids at the additional rates for children) can I buy an additional groupon for my older son and his fiance and stay all 6 of us at the same time in two cabanas? Also, what would the boat and road transfer cost for our two kids?

Cotton T.

Hi Maureen,
Cotton Tree Lodge can reserve your local flight from BZE to Punta Gorda. The cost is $245.75 round trip per person. We will reserve the flight and send confirmation. You can pay the airline directly at check-in.
To add your 12 year old daughter, you will add $75 US per night = $300 USD.

Cotton T.

Hi Sarah,
You can add your 4 year old daughter for $300 USD.
Yes, you can stay 8 nights. Please check www.cottontreelodge.com for available dates in the Deluxe Cabana.
Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Hi Jami,
This groupon deal includes breakfast only.
If you would like to make the 4 night/ 5 day package ALL-INCLUSIVE, including 3 meals daily and 1 off-site guided ground tour per day for 2 people, add $469. 16 Total for 2 ppl. Then the only thing to pay on-site is alcoholic beverages ($3.50 per drink) and gratuities.
To Add nights to this package, add $487.29 US per night ALL-INCLUSIVE for 2 people.

Cotton T.

Hi Diana,
YES, we can do vegetarian meals. Cotton Tree Lodge has a large Organic Garden created by Sustainable Harvest Int’l. All our produce is fresh and tasty each meal!
Our Deluxe Cabanas can have 1 or 2 queen beds. Or 1 Queen bed and a Bunk bed. Just request what you want when you reserve with us.
Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Hi Charla,
You can purchase 2 Groupon deals if you use 2 cabanas.
If you go into our online book it form at www.cottontreelodge.com and put in the room you want, dates and # of adults/ # of children for 1 cabana. Choose All Inclusive package so all is included.
The system will give you a total.
Then Subtract the retail value of Groupon – $1480 US
The difference is what you will owe Cotton Tree Lodge.
Hope that helps. Call with questions. 1-866-480-4534

Cotton T.

Here are common questions I am getting regarding pricing:
-To Upgrade THIS groupon to an All-Inclusive package for 4 Nights/ 5 Days at Cotton Tree Lodge, add $469.16 total for 2 people. All will be included except alcohol and gratuities.
-Also add your Round-trip local flight cost from BZE to Punta Gorda = $245.75 per person. Reserved by Cotton Tree and paid at check-in at the airline counter.
To add an All – Inclusive Night to this package in the Deluxe Cabana, add $487.29 US per night ALL-INCLUSIVE for 2 people.
Cotton Tree Lodge

Paul F.

are there restaurants anywhere nearby? or should we take all the meals in the resort? would like to know before booking.

dagostino Z.

How much would it be to upgrade to the honeymoon cabanna? Is that possible with this deal? Is their air conditioning in rooms?

Chris R.


I see that you permit upgrades to an all-inclusive package. Is it also possible to upgrade the level of accommodation and deduct the retail value of the Groupon?

Separately, for two people to stay 8 nights, each person would purchase their own Groupon and apply it to a 4 night stay? The only difference is that you would obviously not need one set of transfers.



Hi i wanted to know what if you want to take the other options of transportation to the resort instead by plain that you say cost 245.75. Is it cheaper to take the fallowing ways of tranportaion?

•By transit: Ferries and buses from Belize City and San Pedro Sula, Honduras

•By car:

Tatiana G.

So just to clarify, the flight is NOT included in this price for 4 days, right? So i would need to cover my own fare to get to Belize City, is that correct?

Also, if i want to do a tour every day, do i have to pay for everything above the one tour or do you provide 1 tour a day for free for both poeple?


Catherine C.

Hi – what a great deal! Is Belize ideal to travel to in early September? If so, do you have availability for 4 nights starting September 1st with this Groupon deal? Thanks!!!

Cotton T.

Hi Paul.
There are not restaurants nearby. The closest town with restaurants is Punta Gorda located 45 minutes drive.
You can upgrade this Groupon package with Cotton Tree Lodge at the time of booking by adding $469 total for 2 people to make it All Inclusive. All meals and 1 off-site ground tour per person each day will be included.
Or you can add lunch $12 and dinner $24 on -site and tours on site for $100 per person.
But it is a better deal to just upgrade to all inclusive for $469.
Cotton Tree Lodge

Amy S.

How easy is the booking availability? My fiance’ and I are getting married in Costa Rica in March 2012 and were looking to honeymoon in Belize from March 31-April 3 or 4th and this almost seems too good to be true!

Cotton T.

Hi Dagostino,
Yes, you can upgrade to the Honeymoon Cabana based on availability. To upgrade to the Honeymoon Cabana, add $134 US.
To make the package All Inclusive in the Honeymoon Cabana, add $469 plus $134 = $603 US total

Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Hi Chris R
The answer to both of your questions is YES.

Cotton T.

Hi Maira,
You can rent a car, but it will cost at least $100 per day and you don’t need it at the lodge as transportation is included to/from Punta Gorda and for all tours.

You can take a bus from Belize City to Belmopan express.
Just google Belize Bus transportation for more info.
It will take 5-6 hours by bus and may be hard to get to the lodge in the same arrival day.
When you book the flight, you can get to Cotton Tree Lodge in the same day from the US.

Cotton T.

Hi Tatiana,
Yes, you need to pay for the International flight from the US to Belize Int’l BZE. And then we can arrange a local flight from BZE to Punta Gorda for $245.75 round trip per person. Last flight to PG is at 5pm. It’s a 1 hour flight.

The groupon deal includes 1 off-site tour for 2 people.
To add tours when you are there is $100 per person.
It is more cost effective to upgrade to the All-Inclusive package up front by adding $469 total. Then all meals and 1 off-site tour per day will be included.

Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Dear Catherine,
Yes, this IS a great deal!
Cotton Tree Lodge closes every year for the rainy season.
We will re-open on Nov 1.
So September and October are NOT available.

Cotton Tree Lodge

jennifer d.

Hi – are the amenities listed below included in this groupn deal? or are they an extra cost?

Guided tours of local villages and parks
Restaurant and full bar
Cave and ancient-ruins exploration
Horseback riding
Hiking, biking, swimming, and kayaking
Pottery studio

Cotton T.

Hi Amy S.
Call me at 1-866-480-4534

Cotton Tree Lodge

crystal f.

Thanks, Cotton T.!
After reading (amazing) reviews on “a certain travel site”, please clarify: Of the daily guided tours available, can we go on any of them; or majority rules and all guests go on the same tour? Also, any details on the pottery studio would be helpful (fees?hours?) Sorry, I don’t see this on the website — and I really want to push “BUY!”

Cotton T.

HI Jennifer,
Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Kayaking ARE free on property.
The groupon deal includes 1 off-site ground tour for 2 ppl.

How much does it cost to add…?

-Lunches are US $12 per adult, US $6 per child (12 and under), plus 12.5% tax
- Dinners are US $24 per adult, US $12 per child, plus 12.5% tax
- Add additional tours for US $89 per adult, US $59 per child, plus 12.5% tax
- Upgrade your package to All-Inclusive (3 tours ground tours and all meals included) for $469.16
-Our fully stocked bar offers a selection of local beers, local rum, and imported wines and liquors. Drinks range from US $3.50 to US $10. You can run a tab.

Cotton T.

Hi Crystal F,
We offer 1-3 guided tours each day for our guests to choose from.
That way, we can best utilize our guides/ vehicles.
If there are tours you definitely want to do, just let us know and we’ll plan to offer during your 4 days there.
There are not set hours for the pottery studio. Again, just let us know your interest and we’ll accommodate you!!

Cotton Tree Lodge

Chelsea M.

This may be a silly question, but I’m wondering if the cabana has air conditioning.

Heather K.

What’s the additional price for an infant…child under 2?

Joanna Y.

I’m wondering if there are any activities for preschool age children? Thanks!

janet t.

which airlines fly to belize from No California?

S. M.

Just for clarity: The transfers included in the package will transport 2 people by boat to the lodge and 2 people by van from the lodge?

Angela R.

how much is it to travel alone?

kristin s.

is this 739 for 4 nite stay for two?since all the other things that come with it are for two…. thanks


Is the upgrade price of $469.16 per person? Or do we just tack the charge on one time to the groupon price? How do we upgrade?

Also, if we order the groupon now, can we then come in the spring – like in May?

Thank you so much!


Hi CT,

What is the difference between an all-inclusive and a full board package? If I buy this groupon, can I apply the same cost difference as with the all-inclusive package (meaning, go to the reservation system, build my package, then Subtract the retail value of Groupon – $1480 US, and the difference is what I will owe Cotton Tree Lodge)?


aneta d.

I have 3 kids (4, 2 and 1) – what would additional cost be for this deal to include all of us? Thanks

Erika O.


I definitely want to buy this groupon, but we want to come January 11-15 and want to upgrade to the all inclusive in the honeymoon sweet for the extra cost. I understand how to reserve a room on your website, and have no problem putting down the deposit, but how do we use the groupon towards the payment? Thanks!!

Erika Omer


The $469 added to the package to make it all-inclusive, is that per person or $469 for both people?

Is there scuba diving near by? What about cave tubing?

Seth H.

@ Chelsea M.
The Deluxe Cabana’s do have ceiling fans but do not have A/C.

@ Heather K.
Additional adults are $40 per person per night; additional children younger than 13 are $20 per person each night. Maximum four people per room.

@ S.M.
Yes this covers transfers to and from Punta Gorda for two.

@ Kristin S.
Yes this offer is for two people.

@ Melissa & Gina
The $469 is total for two people for the all-inclusive upgrade. You can absolutely come in the spring Melissa!

@ Erika,
You can definitely upgrade to the all inclusive honeymoon sweet for extra cost which is $603 total and you would just pay this directly to Cotton Tree Lodge when making the reservation.

@ Aneta D.
Additional adults are $40 per person per night; additional children younger than 13 are $20 per person each night. Maximum four people per room. If you have more than four then you would need to upgrade to a family or a deluxe two bedroom cabana.


Seth – Groupon

Cotton T.

S.M.- Yes, the transfers are for 2 people

Kristin S. – Yes the $739 is for 2 people

Melissa- the upgrade to All Inclusive of $469.16 is for 2 people included- adds all meals and daily off-site ground tour. Any additions to the existing groupon package of $739 is done direct with Cotton Tree Lodge at the time of booking. I’ll send you a reservation form to request payment for this.
The groupon voucher is valid for stays through June 30, 2012

Wendy, you are correct. Go to the reservation system, build you package, then Subtract the retail value of Groupon – $1480 US, and the difference is what I will owe Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

YES, the Honeymoon Cabana is available Jan 11-15 and you can upgrade! And I suggest the All-Inclusive package, which will include 3 meals daily and an off-site ground tour each day for 2 ppl.
Add’l cost AFTER you buy Groupon is: $602.36 US
email me at info@cottontreelodge.com

Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Hi Cari,
YES, we do offer scuba diving for $150 pp.
It departs from Punta Gorda and is 1 hour boat ride to the dive site.

Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton T.

Cotton Tree Lodge does close each year for the rainy season from now until Oct 31. We re-open Nov 1.
You can stay with us between Nov 1, 2011-June 30, 2012.

Cotton Tree Lodge

Angela R.

what if you are traveling alone?

Emmett C.

This looks wonderful and I was just talking with my wife about Belize. But we have three children. Is the Cotton Tree kid friendly – all teenagers? And could i buy one for myself, one as a gift for my wife and add the 3rd kid as an extra to one of our stays?

This sounds like a trip of a life time! However, I am in a wheelchair and could need an emergency room for IV fluids as my body tends to get dehydrated. So, are medical facilities availible nearby? Is the trip fairly handicapped accessible? I would love to see the ruins- what do you think about wheelchair access? What is the temperature like in March-June?
Thanks for this opportunity. Angela

Tanya M.

My husband and I just got back from Belieze and just love the country! We are looking at a trip sometime during January or February. What is the weather and temp. like during that time of the year? Also how are the bugs? is it necessary to bring bug spray with us?

Regarding the scuba diving – $150 per person – is that for a 2 tank/dive excursion, or just 1 tank/dive?

Darren M.

What is different about the honeymoon cabana? It overlooks the water and has a jacuzzi? Is there a welcome basket included to toast your new marriage? I’ve looked online and can distinguish.

Scott H.

Is there Fishing on the Moho River? If I come and bring my fishing rods, can I take a kayak downriver and go fishing? If I can, would the kitchen prepare the fish I catch?

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