Says based on up to 2 adults and 2 children but then $30 per extra person. So I would need to by a groupon and so would my husband and the children? I’m confused as to how many groupons my family would need. We have 2 adults and two children that are 5.

Joseph R.

Hi Ashley F.,

Thanks for the comment! For this deal, one Groupon will get you a four-night, all-inclusive stay for two adults and two children younger than 12 in a deluxe Lagoon View Room. You will only need to pay the additional $70 per night if you have more people than this. Since it is just you, your husband, and your two children, you will only need one Groupon. Sorry for the confusion!

Have a great day,

Joey R.
Groupon Customer Support

Michael K.

Can you purchase additional nights?

Can you purchase additional nights and how much are they?

Brenda M.

This does not include airfare correct?

Maria l.

does this include airfare?

Adam F.

As with the Trump Plaza Groupon, I just went to the Omni website to price this trip, and the price they are offering is… $713 for four nights. I just don’t understand where the “You save 40%!” line originates.

Joseph R.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for your comments!

@Michael K. @Maggie R.: Absolutely you can! For additional night prices, please contact Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas at 800-THE-OMNI.

@Brenda U. @Maria I.: Unfortunately, this particular Groupon does not include airfare.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any more questions at all! :)


Joey R.
Groupon Customer Support

So to use the Groupon you have to take two kids along or can it just be the two adults?

Adam F:

I just priced it out on the Omni website. When I only put in two adults, the total price was $800. When I put in 2 adults and 2 kids, the price was $1,112. S0 I guess your getting your kids stay for free (if you have them, which I don’t) :)

I see it says the resort is all inclusive and includes food and drinks. I know all inclusive drinks doesn’t always cover alcohol. Does it with this resort and this deal?

wendy s.

I have 2 teenagers (over 12) what would the price be for 2 adults and 2 teenagers? Also, can this be used on weekends, are there any limitations on the weekdays you can book on?

Adam F.

Kasey C:

That’s strange. Maybe we selected two different date ranges and the price differed because of that. In any event, if you are seeing significant savings, then I’m glad to hear that and go for it!


Anyone have any idea how much airfare would cost round trip for 2 adults from Kansas City?

Lauren B.

Can you please clarify the expiration date? Must the whole stay be completed by 12/23 or could our first night be 12/23 (with a check-out date of 12/27)?


it says “all-inclusive package includes waterside sports and organized social activities at AquaWorld Marina” but in the Traveler’s Tips, it says “lessons and motorized water sports as well as massages and treatments are not included with this package.”

can u clarify? and does it cover alcoholic beverages?

Omni C.

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for your interest and question! Joey from Groupon is absolutely right, the deal is good for 2 adults and 2 children for up to 12 years. The extra person charge is only for if you have additional adults for example. We look forward to having you here in paradise soon!

Also – question about additional people – how many people can be in the room? I have grandparents that could stay with us if this room were big enough….so basically 4 adults and 2 kids

Omni C.

Hi Nicole,

You can use it with 2 adults only if you want!

Omni C.

Hi Amy,

It covers all beveraes served by the glass – INCLUDING ALCOHOLIC beverages. :)

@ Kasey – thanks for looking into that and posting the info here.

@ Omni – I’d like to use the deal rate, but only have two adults. Would the hotel give those of us who don’t have kids the option of just getting a couple’s rate? And ditto on the question about alcoholic drinks or just regular drinks.

@ Cory – Expedia/Travelocity/Priceline.com. Ever hear of them?

Oops – didn’t see the post re: alcohol before I sent my last email. Thanks Omni.

Omni C.

Hi Adam F.,

Perhaps you checked a European Plan rate. It’s easy to do since our resort offers both plans and this Groupon is on the all-inclusive plan. There are no dates available on all-inclusive plan that would be available for $713 for four nights. Hope to have you here soon!

Alexandra M.

Does the “all inclusive” include any and all food/beverages you want throughout the day? Or is there a limit?

Omni C.

Hola Cory, Airfares fluctuate very much from day to day. Check airlines like American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Frontier, etc. You can check on their own websites or on popular travel websites. Good Luck!

Thanks Omni, great to know! One more question. Since we are in hurricane season and these things are unpredicatable, if there are hurricane or tropical storm warnings during our schedule visit, are we able to reschedule without being penalized?

Omni C.

Hola Lauren B!

The expiration date is December 23 meaning that is the last date of use. Your last possible check in date would be December 20th, 2011. Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi Helen,

Non-motorized watersports are included while motorized sports and excursions as well as massages are extra.

And, yes, it covers ALL beverages served by the glass – including alcoholic beverages. :)

Hope this clarifies it!

Is there anything stopping me from buying one and my wife buying one and stringing them together?

Sarah F.

@ Wendy: I think 13 and older would be considered adults and thus be charged the extra $70/night. This would run an extra $280/teenager.

@ Cory: I just looked up airfare from KC on Expedia for non-holiday weekdays for our family and it varies by month. Basically found: end of Aug: $327/person, mid Sept: $397/person, mid Oct: $397, mid Nov: $402, and mid Dec:$439

Omni C.

Hi Shwetal!

You can have any combination of 4 people in the room using the existing bedding; 2 adults/2 children, 3 adults/1 child or 4 adults. But with 4 adults and 2 children you will need two rooms.

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi Melissa,

Thrilled to hear you want to come down visit us! The deal is actually the same with or without children. We are just throwing in the kids for free… …and I saw you got the messge on the alcohol. :)

We look forward to having you here in paradise soon!


Just about to pull the trigger on a different package but thought I’d ask here just in case!

My wife and I don’t have any kids. Any chance of converting the “2 kids” into “1 adult” so we can bring a friend? :-)

OK, in the case I want two rooms, I can buy two groupons?

Denise B.

On the Omni website a Lagoon Room is $260 per night, while a Premier Ocean View Room is $275 per night. Can you pay the additional $15 per night fee at booking to change to an Ocean View Room?

Kristi W.

It’s $70 to add a child per NIGHT? Just want to clarify this. It would be my husband and I with our 3 kids. All under 12. That would put our 4 day trip at 1k.

Tony T.

I’ve seen other deals on resort similar to this one, they require a minimum age of an adult to be 25 years old. I haven’t any minimum age on this deal. I’m 23, do you think it’ll be ok if I can buy this deal and go to Cancun?

Omni C.

Hi John P,

The kids are actually free in this offer. The extra adult would be $70usd per night if you wanted to add another adult.

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi Again Amy S,

Yes, if there is an official Hurricane warning issued for our area for the dates of your scheduled visit, we will be happy to re-schedule your trip for another time without penalizing you!


Thanks Omni. I was just hoping to trade out the kids and bring an extra adult instead ;-) Thanks though.

Omni C.

Hi again Shwetal,

In your case were you have a big family and need two rooms for one single family, we will make an exception and allow you to use two groupons at the same time. Hope this helps!

Does the additional $70 per night include all-inclusive food and drink?

Omni C.

Hi Tony T,

You need to be 18 years in order to check in here. At 23 you’re more than old enough! :) Hope this helps!

My husband and I have three kids – all under age 12 – 5 people in our family total. You’re saying we’d have to get two bedrooms and split the family up?

“Omni C. commented 28 minutes ago Hi Shwetal!
You can have any combination of 4 people in the room using the existing bedding; 2 adults/2 children, 3 adults/1 child or 4 adults. But with 4 adults and 2 children you will need two rooms.
Hope this helps!”

Does the additional $70 per night include all-inclusive food and drink?


If my fiance and I each purchase one to use on our honeymoon, can we string them together for an eight night stay?

Maureen W.

Omni C, Just want to clarify your comment:
Omni C. commented 1 hour and 12 minutes ago
Hi Shwetal!

You can have any combination of 4 people in the room using the existing bedding; 2 adults/2 children, 3 adults/1 child or 4 adults. But with 4 adults and 2 children you will need two rooms.

Omni C. commented 43 minutes ago
Hi John P,

The kids are actually free in this offer. The extra adult would be $70usd per night if you wanted to add another adult.

If we have 3 adults no children, can you still just pay $719 for 4 nights for 3 adults all in one room, or do we need to pay $70 extra per night?


what do you reccomend for people with 3 kids… Is this deal even worth it?

Denise B.

Second Request….On the Omni website a Lagoon Room is $260 per night, while a Premier Ocean View Room is $275 per night. Can you pay the additional $15 per night fee at booking to change to an Ocean View Room?

I wanted to confirm:
Are watersports included? It doesn’t say so on the deal page, but I saw a comment above that said they ARE included.


Bobbi F.

We’ve got 2 adults, 2 kids under 12 and 2 kids that are over 12. What kind of deal can we get? I saw on a comment made earlier that an exception would be made about a family needing 2 rooms. Would our situation apply?

Maureen- The additional adults over 2 adults will need to pay $70/night as this price only includes all inclusive plans for 2 adults.

Denise- Upgrade may be taken at booking.

Shubha- Use of non-motorized water sports at nearby Aquaworld is included.

Brittani @ Groupon

Brittani R, Maureen was pointing out conflicting information that the Hotel provided. Please read the conflicting statements (because it makes a BIG difference), and let us know which time the Hotel misspoke. Or perhaps the Hotel can answer this?


Morgan L.

On top of the groupon price you must pay taxes and gratuity on the full value of the package…doesnt seem like much of a deal.


Regarding the issue about “conflicting information”… I thought it made sense if you had been reading the thread.

The statement quoted regarding a room can have 4 people in any combination is simply saying that you aren’t limited to 2 adults and 2 kids per room. However, the Groupon only pays for that specific combination of people. So if you buy this groupon your possible choices are:

1 adult
2 adults
2 adults, 1 child
2 adults, 2 children

That is what you PAY for. The room can support up to 4 people. So if you wanted to pay the extra $70/night fee, the following choices open up:

3 adults
3 adults, 1 child

If you decide to pay the extra per person fee for TWO people ($140/night) you have:

4 adults

At least that’s how I understand all of the communication in this thread, and I’m pretty sure that’s accurate!


@Morgan – Doubtful. Part of the amenities include:

“All meals, beverages, tips, and taxes included”

On several of the other travel groupon thread’s they’ve clarified that they don’t fall under the general terms of groupon deals. Taking all that into account I think it’s included. That’s not official obviously, but might help somewhat…


To amend my post about the combinations, I guess you could also have:

1 adult, 1 child
1 adult, 2 children

Didn’t really think about that one ;-)

Jeanne g.

Can I buy one and my friend buy another and stay for 8 nights?

Sydney L.

I am with Adam F. on their website.

All Inclusive Getaway Package Includes:
All hotel tax and service charges. One breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack per day in choice of hotel restaurants or room service. A maximum of 2 drinks per person can be ordered at a time (domestic and premium brands). Use of non-motorized watersports at nearby AquaWorld. Non-motorized watersports consists of kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boating. Complimentary daily day-time use of multi-sports courts. Access to the health club. Daily Omni social activities with the Activity Directors.

411 sq ft; flat screen TV, MP3 radio, marble bath, furnished balcony.
Lagoon View Room – 1 King bed

Room Total: $740.00 USD

Stay Information
Arrive: 11/08/2011
Depart: 11/12/2011

so I think the saving is the 2 kids under 12, but if the groupon said children under 12 how come Omni C. said u can have a different combination for example 3 adults and 1 child without having to pay the extra $70.

still lots of confusion on this.

Katie C.

Look at what you’re buying – not always a deal or discount..buy from a travel agent who can get a better value, has the knowlege and can get your air.. Supplier packages are usually less.Omni is a 5 apple rating…there’s a 3 day sale on Apple for 5 or 6 golden apple resorts for $529-699. (transfers included)..we have an exclusive sale with Funjet $150-300 off. Most of the resorts offer children under 12 free. An agent can also get you charter direct airfare and net fares the public can’t. Our rates are many times less than direct or online..suppliers pricematch and yes can do expedia if we must. We know the rules & what applies to these promotions. I’ld be happy to assist anyone.


what months is hurricane session?

Phil R.

It’s a shame the age cutoff is 12 for kids. I’m a single dad with 3 kids aged 17, 17, and 18. I’d be clicking on the dotted line if I could take my whole family for the one price!! Phil in Denver

Sara G.

@ katie c. when is the apple sale???

@ Groupon

I’ve been waiting for these Groupon Getaways deals for the past few weeks, thinking they would have some great deals coming our way. Now as we see (thanks Adam and Sydney) that these deals are really just fluffed up to make them seem like deals.

I’m like Groupon because you have to come here to get the deal. Why would I continue to use Groupon if I can get the same deal from the Company Website?

I really think you need to reevaluate this service.

A once extremely satisfied Groupon Customer,


Omni C.

Hi Jane, Non motorized watersports are included, but motorized sports and excursions are not. Hope this clears it up!

Omni C.

Hi Adam, Kendel w, Sydney l. and Aaron,

The rate you saw was a rate for our lowest category room in a different view that is extremely limited and not the same category rooms/views as this groupon deal. I hope that clears it up.

Omni C.

Hola Maribeth,

Unfortunatelly, our rooms are for up to 4 guests and so a family of 5 would need to take 2 rooms.

Omni C.

Hi Nikki S,

The $70 add-on for the extra person includes the all-inclusive plan. Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hola Angela H & Jeanne G,

In reality you can buy one groupon per person so we will allow you to purchase one each in a couple and string them together since it really will be two different reservations in two different names at two different dates. :) Look forward to having you here!

Does this price include airfare?

Omni C.

Hi Denise B,

Ocean View upgrades are limited and are based on availability upon check-in. The cost is between $20 and $40 dollars per night depending on inventory.

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hola Bobbi F,

We’d love to have you but with a family of 6 you’d definitely need 2 rooms and as with another family, we will allow for you to purchase two groupons and utilize them together. Look forward to having you here in paradise soon!

Amy S.

Can you tell me what the total price would be for 4 adults instead of 2 adults and 2 children under age 12?

Omni C.

Hi Maureen & Jane,

I’m sorry if you understood my information as conflicting…perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. The groupon includes up to 2 adults and 2 children. Our rooms ALLOW for any combination of 4 guests. But if you have more than 2 adults, the $70 per person extra charge would apply. Hope this clears it up! :)

Thanks John P for understanding and trying to help! :)

Omni C.

Hi Morgan L,

Taxes and gratuities are INCLUDED in our all-inclusive plan! No need to pay any additional taxes.

Again, thanks John P. for being so detail oriented! :)

Omni C.

Hola Synia!

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially runs from Mid May to Beginning of November.

What is total cost for family of 5 with this deal? kids are 10, 12, 13

Omni C.

Hi Michael K,

Yes, you can purchase additional nights when you book your groupon. We look forward to having you here soon!

Omni C.

Hi Amy S!

You would pay for your groupon and then pay the additional $70usd per person per night for the 2 extra adults = $560usd.

Alan E.

Katie C. – how can I contact you?

Is my question being skipped over?

FYI, I checked with the Omni afor additional room rates. For Dec 12 onward, I was quoted an additional $338/night (for 2 adults and 2 children under 12).

K. R.

Be advised that Mexico no longer allows USD as currency. You will have to get pesos to pay for everything from now on.

K. R.

My goodness. Two things are certain here: 1. MANY of you have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort. 2. Reading/reading comprehension is FUNdamental.

That is all.

Omni C.

Hi Jessica W.

As answered to an earlier question, no, airfare is not included in this groupon.

Omni C.

Hi Kathy L,

A family of 5 would have to use two rooms.

James M.

To KR:
My wife & daughter went to Cancun in May for a week and had no problem using USD.

Tommy V.

It says limited quantity available. How many is that? We’re still discussing it, but I don’t want to miss out because we waited.

Omni C.

Hi Tommy V,

We will only sell 500 of these groupons and they are going pretty fast. About 65 have sold only in the first 24 hours so that gives you an idea! Don’t wait too long! We look forward to having you here in paradise soon!

Omni C.

Hola James M,

You are right, usd are still widely used but K.R. is correct in the way that USD is no longer legally accepted in most establishments and there are now restrictions as to how much you can exchange. You also have to show ID in order to exchange dollars. These are all good measures though and the same is done in the U.S. or Europe and other countries when exchanging currency in order to control currency exchange. Nothing strange about it.

i saw someone ask about the dates this deal is available not sure if i saw an answer as to when exactly this is available?

do you have to book by the expiration date but come a later date? or does your stay have to fall within the expiration date?

Tanisha G.

I just came back from Mexico on Saturday and we used USD but we were given Pesos as change.. we had no problems using USD.

Omni C.

Hola Joseph F,

The Groupon has to be used between August 8th and no later than December 23 inclusive, which means you LAST POSSIBLE check in date is December 20th, 2011. It is subject to availability and inventory control.

what is the cost of extra days with the same accomodations offered in this groupon for the mid august?

How can I contact staff through email regarding this groupon?

Julia A.

Besides my husband and I, we also need to take mom to take care of the kids (4-6)at night time. If I purchase the groupon can I just pay the additional $70.00 for mom?

Julia A.

Since mom will be coming with us and the kids are 4-6 can we still use one room? (It would be 3 adults and 2 kids. 6 year old will share bed with mom and 4 year old will share bed with me and my husband.)

Nina T.

What is the total cost for a family of 3 in this deal- 2 adults and 1 kid just turned 12 on June 11 ? Do I have to pay extra for the kid whom just turned 12?

I saw that if you have a family of 5, you would have to get two rooms. I have a family of 5, with the three kids being age 8,4, and 15 months. Can’t we just qualify for 1 room? Thanks!

Heidi S.

Regarding scuba diving (not “motorized”) – The offer specifically mentions scuba diving. What about diving is included? Does this include equipment rental? Transport to site – or is diving from shore? Tanks? Dive master? (not lessons, we don’t need those) Nothing?


Omni C.

Hi Joseph F.,

It depends on the days and how many people, but the best you can do is call 1-800-THE-OMNI and check your specific days. Make sure you ask for a lagoon view deluxe room on the all-inclusive plan. Hope this helps!

C. P.

Omni C – I’m going to help you out here and say the things I’m sure you’d like to….
Room holds FOUR people – ideally, 2 adults and 2 chilren, which is what the deal is for. No discounts are offered if there are only 2 adults and more than 2 adults pays an up-charge. The deal is basically for 2 adults and free kids. If you have FIVE people, you need another room no matter the combination of FIVE people. I, too, have 3 children and have learned this a every resort we’ve ever been to.
Alcohol IS included.
Airfare IS NOT included.
The deal goes from Aug. 8 to Dec. 23 – travel must be COMPLETE Dec. 23. You cannot check in on Dec. 23 and expect to get this deal.
Scuba is not included and never is unless you’re going on a specifically scuba trip and pay a lot for it.
Have been to Mexico 3 times this year and have not had any problems using USD. Have always been given Pesos as change.
Your welcome Omni C. :)

Omni C.

Hola Anthony L,

If by “bed canopy” you mean the thai beds on the beach, they are available to reserve at a cost of $25usd per day. Reservation can be done through the Food & Beverage Department in advance by sending an email 1 – 2 weeks prior to your arrival to Karla at ayb@omnicancun.com.mx and she will reserve it for you.

Omni C.

Dear Julia A,

No more than 4 to a room please. If you are 5 you will need 2 rooms.

Omni C.

Hola Nina t!

Good news! No extra cost for your child who just turned 12! So the cost is the cost of the groupon. That’s it!

Look forward to having you here soon!

Omni C.

Hi David Y,

Again, sorry but for a family of 5 you will need 2 rooms. Thanks for understanding.

Omni C.

Hola Heidi S,

No SCUBA diving excursions are included at all in this Groupon.

Omni C.

Hola Heidi S,

No SCUBA diving excursions are included at all in this Groupon.

Omni C.




I have a question regarding this offer compared to a competitor offer at a lower price..could I get an email to a staff member regarding this groupon offer?

Omni C.

Hi Anna,

I’m not sure what your question is….you need an email to a Groupon Staff member

Omni C.

Hi Rob k,

Marina Aqua World is only a fwe minutes away and the non-motorized watersports there such as paddleboats, kayaks, and windsurfs are included in your all-inclusive plan. Hope this helps!

All you have to do is a little research people. This IS a good deal. For instance: the date you book your vacation on will greatly influence the cost of the rooms, IF you book them outside this deal. Booking the same room for one person in November for four days, costs more than this deal does. So simply put, if you are booking this vacation for later in the year or for more than one adult, get this Groupon. It is an excellent savings, on a very nice resort hotel. I can’t tell you if you could get a better deal with a travel agent, but I doubt it.

Maria T.

Can 4 adults use one groupon? Or two only with no additonal two childern

Omni C.

Hi Rob,

They are all nice weather…warm, august and september a little more so than november and december.

Omni C.

Hola Maria T,

If there are 4 adults, you would use one groupon and then pay the $70usd per person per night add-on for the two additional adults.

december-april is peak season, i was looking through weather and they say december is like low 80’s and the nights RARELY get under 65

GL to everyone who purchases!

Kelleen B.

Can i buy one and my boyfriend buy one and we stay the first 4 nights on mine and the second 4 nights on his?

Michelle F.

What type of room does this deal come with, please be specific, like it’s a small room, it has an ocean view etc…

Also, is this a timeshare offer. I don’t want to show up and realize it’s a timeshare thing.

If I buy this offer, do I have to pay the $719 immediately? If I buy this offer and decide that I can’t go, when is the last day to cancel in order to get my entire money back.


is the shuttle included from airport to the resort?

Not sure if it’s that people can’t read or can’t count…

Yes, Expedia charges $150/nt which would total $680 (with taxes) for 4 nights – for a Deluxe Lagoon room.

However, this groupon is for an ALL-INCLUSIVE Lagoon room; which on Expedia runs @ $300/nt. For 4 nights that’s $1200+tax.

This deal is for roughly the price of the standard room with a free upgrade to All-Inclusive. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Omni C.

Hi Kelleen B,

Yes, as I mentioned in an earlier post: “In reality you can buy one groupon per person so we will allow you to purchase one each in a couple and string them together since it really will be two different reservations in two different names at two different dates. :) Look forward to having you here!”

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hola Michelle!

As stated in the description, this groupon is for a large, deluxe lagoon view room. :) You will have plenty of space!

And no, it is not for a required timeshare presentation.

Hope to have you here in paradise sometime soon!

Omni C.

Hi Synia,

Rob K is correct, the airport transportation is not included in this groupon.

Omni C.

Thanks Alex! You’re so right!

Maggie L.

just wondering….how good of a representation are those pictures posted on the ad compared to the actual place? it’s looks really breathtakingly beautiful on the pictures….

Omni C.

Hi David Y and Natitia W!

I have gotten special permission in this case to allow a third child (meaning 2 adults and 3 children) ONLY in the case that the 3rd child is an INFANT (under 18 months) but it is IMPORTANT TO POINT OUT that it is using EXISTING BEDDING and a crib is on request only upon check-in. This way you can get one groupon and use it for your families. Just as additional information, rollaway beds are also upon availability upon check-in and are $35usd+tax per night.


Maggie L.

one more question….is the picture of the room posted on the ad the lagoon view room that package includes? are there any spa facilities available at the resort? and how are the general price ranges? Thank you…

Omni C.

Hi Maggie L,

They are a very good representation. Some even say the pictures don’t do it justice! If it helps you understand, I came down here thinking it was going to be a one year assignment – and that was now 18 years ago! And the absolute beauty of this place STILL takes my breath away every day I am blessed to open my eyes!

Come visit! You will not be dissapointed! :)

Omni C.

Hi again Maggie L,

The picture we have is a Run of the House Room which is facing the other side but it is the same size with the same decor, layout, etc.

Yes, we have a complete Spa with fantastic treatments both indoor and outdoor. Treatment prices range from about $60 to about $200usd.

Hope this helps!

Maggie L.

thank you, I totally can see what you mean by how beautiful the place is…..one more question before I buy it…is there wireless internet available in the hotel room?

Omni C.

Hi again Maggie,

Yes, we have wireless internet in the public areas as well as the hotel rooms. The regular cost is $14.95 usd per 24 hrs unless you are an Omni Select Guest in which case it is complimentary.

Look forward to having you here soon! :)

Marisa D.

This has been asked, however I did not see an answer.

Does all inclusive include unlimited alcohol, food, and beverages?

So excited to see an exception made on infants!

Omni C.

Hola Marisa D.,

Yes it includes all your meals and beverages served by the glass (what that means is that it includes all beverages that e serve by the glass in the resort – alcoholic or non alcoholic, domestic or imported, and a variety of wine, but for example if you want a specific bottle or year of a wine, or a bottle of Dom Perrignon, we don’t serve that by the glass and you would purchase that separatley). I hope that make it clear. :)

Look forward to welcoming you here!

Michelle F.-

You do pay the $719 right away, but if you decide you are not able to use it, Groupon will refund you any time before the expiration date.

However, if you book with the hotel, and you decide to cancel and it falls within the cancellation window, there might be a fee up to the Groupon price you need to pay as a cancellation penalty. Your Groupon will still be refunded by Groupon though.

Brittani @ Groupon

Rahul G.

Are there blackout dates during Thanksgiving ?

Marisa D.

Thanks Omni,

Still curious if this is Unlimited meals and beverages served by the glass ??


Is there a dress code for the restaurants?

Rahul- There are no listed blackout dates, but it is based on availability, so in theory, if there are room left, you will be able to stay.

Marisa- As I understand, it is 3 meals per day, then snacks throughout the day and unlimited beverages by the glass.

Brittani @ Groupon

Eddie S.


Please clarify if there is a QUANTITY limit on meals and alcoholic beverages.

I ask for details because when staying at the Palace Resorts, there was NO limit on when or how often we decided to snack or have cocktails. FYI – they, (Palace resorts) leave the bottle of Don Julio on the table after dinner :)

If there is a limit, I will be better off in Playa!


Eddie S.


I appreciate your comments, but I need to hear from the people who we are staying with to be confident of my purchase.


Omni C.

Hola Rahul,

I just want to make sure that this is clear…this is based on availability and inventory controlled so not all dates will be available at all times and certain dates will be restricted depending on occupancy.

Omni C.

Hola Eddie,

There is no limit to the amount that you can eat or drink. You can enjoy to heart’s content! :)

Omni C.

Hi Ashley D,

Most of our resort is very casual and you can even go to some of our food & beverage outlets in your bathing suite, however there ae a couple of exceptions: Restaurant La Paloma you need at least to be fully dressed and have shoes, and particularly Restaurant Da Vinci – our gourmet Italian/Mediteranean eatery which requires appropriate attire (no jeans, no shorts, no t-shirts, no sandals. Da Vinci also requires reservation which can be made with the concierge.

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi again Marisa D,

Sorry I skipped you duplicate post…there has been such a large number of comments!!! :) Yes, you can eat and drink as much as you want.

Look forward to having yu here soon!

Georgia W.

Which groupons do include airfare???

Georgia W.


Alcohol “by the glass” – does this mean bottle beer is not included?

If I want to book an extra night, will you be able to give me a discounted rate? :)

Omni C.

Good Morning Amanda M. from sunny Cancun!

We do not serve beer by the bottle, only draft and in can so no problem, all your beer is included too! :)

Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon in beautiful paradise!

Omni C.

Hi Christina!

There ARE “Minivac” companies who offer specials like that that are subsidized by the vacation club and are specifically designed for people who are interested in a time share presentation.

This Groupon Getaway is NOT one of those.

Hope to have you as our guest soon!

Omni C.

Good Morning Shubha P. and greetings from the sunny shores of Cancun!

If you want to purchase extra nights, you can do so at the time you make your reservation at 1-800-THE-OMNI at the best available rate for the dates you are requesting.

Hope to see you soon!

Nicholas k.

Couple questions:

1. Does this include unlimited alcoholic beverages? Premium liquors or just well drinks?

2. What kind of crowd is typically in that area around August? Families or more young party goers?

Omni C.

Hi Nick k,

As answered earlier, yes this includes unlimited beverages served by the glass, domestic and premium.

We have a good mix of families and couples – earlier in August are more families before schools are back in session.

Hope this helps!

Nicholas k.

Thanks you!

When is a good time to go where there are LESS families and more younger folks?

Omni C.

Hi again Nick K,

Anytime after schools are back…so September and October a usually great!

Hope to have you here soon!

are items in the in room mini bar included in the all-inclusive price? i thought i saw somewhere on the omni website that mini bar items were not included….




Omni C.

Hi Michelle!

Let me adress your concerns one at at time:

First and foremost, I AM WITH THE OMNI CANCUN directly at the property here in Cancun and I will definitely call our reservation center on Monday Morning to make sure no incorrect information is given out. Thanks for letting me know.

For your second concern, out of the entire period, from August 8 to December 23, only about 13 days in TOTAL are currently not available. It’s Sunday and I’m writing this from my home beacuse I wanted to get back to you as soon as possible, but I think they are 3 days in Aug, 3 days in Oct, 4 days in November and 3 days in December. These are when we have groups in house.

Thanks again for your posts and I hope you get to host you soon here in Paradise!

Omni C.

Hi again Michelle!

I"m sorry, I forgot to answer you on your first question: mini bar is not included in the all-inclusive plan but you can go to any bar and bring with you and if you have the munchies late at night we have 24 hr room service and that"s included!

Thanks again!

Omni C,

So if I want to use it sometime around Aug 10, there shouldn’t be any problem?

Laura O.

Hello Omni C,

Thank you for throughly answering all of these questions. Reading through this discussion has just about answered all of mine except one.

Trip adviser (I may be wrong about the site, I’ve looked at so many now.) listed that Omni offered a complimentary champagne bottle/fruit basket upon arriving if it was your honeymoon. Is it possible to receive this with the groupon deal?

Either was I’ve already purchased mine. So excited! Thanks again.

Jess S.

I just wanted to verify: how many nights are we able to eat at Da Vinici? Also, is there availablity for Oct 29 to Nov 1 (including the night of Nov 1). Thank you!

Jess S.

Also, what activities ARE available at Aqua world? And is it handicapp acessible!? Thank you!

Omni C.

Hola Roger!

Sorry for the tardy reply, I’ve been trying to get in all morning and haveb een having trouble posting!

Arrival on Aug 10, departure on August 14 is available.

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi Laura M!

We do have a special honeymoon package, but unfortunatelly that does not aply for this groupon getaway. So glad to hear you are coming to visit! :)

Omni C.

Hi Jess S!

You can go to Da Vinci twice with a 4 night stay. Yes, at this time, Oct 29 – Nov 2 is available, and with regard to the non-motorized watersports at Aqua World, as I mentioned in an earlier post: " Marina Aqua World is only a few minutes away and the non-motorized watersports there such as paddleboats, kayaks, and windsurfs are included in your all-inclusive plan".

Hope this helps!

Omni C.

Hi Riley M,

Onyl at Restaurant Da Vinci wich is our gourmet, intimate Italian/Mediteranean restaurant with set seatings. So many people want to get in there, so to be fair and allow for everyone a fair chance, there is a limit depending on if you are staying 3 nights, 4-6 nights, or 7 nights and higher.

I just tried to make a reservation with the hotel from Nov 29 – Dec 7 (2 groupons), and I was told the groupon isn’t offered for those dates (i.e. there are rooms available but not with the groupon).
But the groupon says it is valid for any date from 8/8 – 12/23.
Help?! :(


I’d expect any exclusion dates to be mentioned on the groupon. This is misleading.
I was told the only dates valid with the groupon in December are 12/8- 12/20, and 12/24- 12/31 (although the Groupon is valid only until 12/23, which also seemed strange to me).

Can someone from Omni please help?

Patrick S.

Hi Shubha P.

Please e-mail support@groupon.com and we’ll be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have.


Patrick S.
Forum Moderator

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