Bach H.

1. Is this Groupon valid at Gap Inc. stores like Banana Republic? 2. Does it work online? (I guess the answer is no)
3. Can this be changed to a $25 Gift Card even though it has NOT expired?

Samik M.

In case you don’t want to wait till this tips, this is a nationwide Groupon deal today.

http://www.groupon.com/brooklyn/ – this has already tipped at 25 purchases.

Probably can be used with a gift card. Not valid online (says so in the terms — READ THEM!!!!)

Forum P.

Hey groupon – why isn’t the local rewards working today? didn’t get my +1 for viewing the deal!

Forum P.

In case this can help someone else, here’s a 30% off coupon to the Gap valid next week/end.


Greg G.

Thanks for the coupon. However, there is a lot of debate (elsewhere) whether the coupon will be able to stack with this rewards card. Anyone know someone who works at GAP that can confirm?

Colanne S.

If you read the complete terms, you’d see that “Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, including Reward Cards and the Gap Inc. employee discount.” A coupon is an “other discount”. This is standard with any kind of discount ever offered with any store or restaurant. You can either use the 30% off coupon next weekend (maybe if you’ll be spending less than $50 or more than $85) or you can buy the Groupon if you’ll purchase at least $50 in merchandise in one visit before 11/19/10 and then you’ll get $25 off. Not both. I looked at the coupon and it also benefits Big Brother/Big Sister and can be used at Gap Outlet and other Gap, Inc. stores.

Forum P.

I didn’t post it to be used with this Groupon. Was posting since most people reading the discussion might be interested in Gap Discounts, and might be able to take advantage of the coupon — for example, if they want to make a less than $50 purchase.

Colanne S.

@Forum P. – I know why you posted it … some other people just get greedy! :-)
It’s also a better deal if they spend more than $85 and if they can get to a Gap store during the promotional period. AND it helps BB/BS, which is a great organization. AND they could use the coupon during the promotional period and use the Groupon on another visit!

Is this deal for any item or just jeans? Can you buy multiple items to equal $50 or does it have to be a single item?


Trisha R.

I’ve been having problems with the G system as well – not sure what’s going on.

Is anyone else having trouble getting this as a gift?

I am assuming this can be used at Baby Gap…right?

m m.

Would this be valid at Gap Body?

Andrea W.

Need to know if this coupon applies to Kids Gap. Or does “Gap” only apply to the adult store?

Diana G.

Can you only purchase one? It won’t let me change quantity…

Anna O.

Glad to see a Deal outside of Chicago proper – thanks Groupon!

Doug K.

I’m having trouble getting this to work also. Wonder if their servers are getting overloaded.

Hannah H.

Diana – Yes, it says 1 per person.

Tricia E.

It’s not letting me purchase this. Says I need to log in. I did, 3 different ways! (facebook and my 2 email accounts

Will this work at their 1969 stores? Those are the stores that only sell their 1969 line like on Rush street.

Meicha W.

Can this be used at Gap Kids?

Meicha W.

Can this be used at old navy?

Great deal!!! I read the fine print: It does say that you use it on sale items even though you cannot use with other discounts, which is great!!! (I usually I am in a situation where I find something on sale that I like, and the fine print will sale not good on sale price, so this is awesome!!!) It also states one per person for those who are asking. I love Groupon especially when there are Groupons that I can take advantage of…

Heather C.

i’ve read the terms and FAQ and bought one as a gift, but now it won’t let me buy one for myself. how can i complete an order for me, since this is allowed?

Can we use it with a GAP gift card? Or is that considered “another offer?”

Bernard L.

Can this be used with sales or not? The info say:

“…for $25, you get $50 worth of apparel and accessories, including sale items, purchased in-store at Gap”

but the Terms and Conditions say:

“Offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts”

Marion B.

System has totally crashed. Cannot complete purchase- get 404 message.


I didn’t purchase this as a gift, but can I still give it to someone to use?

Kara T.

I heard on the radio this morning that kids/baby jeans are on promotion—buy one pair at regular price, get one pair for $10. Would this be considered “any other offer or discount” where you would not get the second pair for $10?

I tried to refer a friend for this deal but she tries to click the referral link I shared, it’s giving her an error message. Anyone else having this issue? She wants to buy before the deal is maxed out and closed and I’d like to get the $10 referral bonus!

Jennifer G.

I am assuming the server is overloaded as I cannot purchase this successfully. Try to and it keeps saying error on page. Bummer, hope they get their stuff together soon on this one.

Mary K.

You already have my cc# on file – so why am I being asked to provide that info again with language that says you’ll never store my cc#?

Ms D.

why cant a log in?? i cant buy it!!! i am reading that other people are having this issue – can someone from groupon help????

Anne S.

are you going to honor all of us that are getting the error message by letting us get it once the problem is solved?

Philip W.

Can’t purchase as well. Nice tease!

Mary K.

Seems to me like the groupon server is just getting whacked with too much traffic. Obviously we’re logged in enough to post comments; so hopefully their tech support will figure out that we meant to and tried to buy. FYI – I tried to buy 1 groupon @ 8:10am CDT. Hopefully I’ll hear back from groupon soon. Have a great day folks!

Hannah V.

I couldn’t log in either but when I clicked on “Buy”, it allowed me to sign in and purchase it.

David S.

Something just got unblocked computer-wise… I was shocked to see that only 100 people had bought today’s Groupon. After I clicked “buy,” it processed my purchase immediately and the counter jumped to 6,394 people! So, check your “My Stuff/My Groupons” to see if your purchase went through!

Worked flawlessly, no issues.

I bought today’s deal but it wouldn’t print. It printed blank so I canceled my order and am going to try again.

Keep trying. I got the 404 error a few times and then….magical bliss.

Jodi d.

There has been no answer….can you buy others as gifts?

This is my first groupon… I bought it, but now what? Does it get sent to my email? Was there something to print out?

I was able to log in and click on my cc but then i received an error message. I check My Groupon in my file and it said that it’s processing. Is it safe to assume that this went through or should i cancel it and try it again?

Kathy S.

Hi from Gap! You can use with on ‘hard marked’ sale items but can’t combine with promotions such as Give & Get or Buy One, Get one offers. Happy Shopping! Kathy@Gap Customer Relations

Lisa K.

I just kept trying and finally got it. Must be a very popular groupon!

Ugh. It won’t even let me sign in! It keeps saying “page does not exist.” Sigh.

Jennifer H.

Wondering if someone (like my husband with his Groupon acct) can “gift” this to me so that I can use more than one of these…maybe two separate purchases if needed. Just didn’t know if they would actually track me as a customer and only let me use one of these coupons.

Trisha W.

Groupon won’t let me process my payment for today’s deal! Help!

Mark B.

Site is messed up today. Can’t buy the groupon!

Lauren A.

Everything went ok for, but it did say bc of the high volume I probably won’t receive the groupon email until Saturday or Sunday

Randee N.

I have credit on my Groupon account but system won’t access it when I try to purchase – keeps asking for credit card info. What’s up with that?

Randee N.

I have credit on my Groupon account but system won’t access it when I try to purchase – keeps asking for credit card info. What’s up with that?

Jayna C.

Hey Everyone,

You can use this also babyGap, KidsGap, GapBody, etc.

Can be used on sale items.

Cannot be used at Gap affiliates such as Banana Republic or Old Navy.

Tell all your friends!

Jayna Groupon

Gelene B.

I can’t buy this groupon please let me know how

Melissa L.

Success! However, this is the first groupon I purchased. It gave me a confirmation number, etc. But, when I tried to post a comment, it said I had an account but still needed to verify information (e-mail address, password, etc). So, does that mean I didn’t get the groupon? Also, I see that you can buy at other Gap stores (Baby Gap, KidsGap, etc). Can you buy from multiple stores or do you have to spend your money all in one place?

Chris b.

I got an order ID but it is not showing in my account … is it safe to think it went through?

Wow! This is my first experience with Groupon and I’m very surprised by how “confused” people are when the fine print is provided. This kind of behavior makes me embarrassed to carry Groupons around! I checked out other item threads and it looks like few people read the fine print and lots of people want MORE MORE MORE. Businesses only enter into these kinds of deals when they are mutually beneficial. Just FYI.

Gap is clear:

(1) YOU CAN ONLY BUY 1 -- doesn’t matter if you use that one, or you give it as a gift BUT the system will not allow you to buy a 2nd.

(2) ALL GAP STORES (KIDS, BODY, BABY etc.). NOT banana, Old Navy, Piperlime.

(3) You can use it on ANY marked down item but not on “2 for 1 deals” or combined with other coupons (GAP ALWAYS WORKS THIS WAY).

(4) You don’t get the groupon confirmation email until the deal has tipped, and then it takes a couple of hourse.

(5) The email from Gap says “Today ONLY” because the Groupon is available, TODAY ONLY. Gap doesn’t want every Groupon purchaser RUNNING to their stores all on the same day…come on people!


Chris and others: IT WENT THROUGH. They don’t send you anything for several hours.

Ky M.

server crashed :( hopefully it will be up soon. As for the people having trouble with their “G’s” I was told they are experiencing problems with the system and they are working on it

Kathy, i have a gapcard, it is valid with the tuesday’s 10% off?

Trisha W.

I have a credit and it’s not bringing it up when I go to pay. When will it be fixed?

Ky M.

she stated earlier it’s NOT valid with any other promotions… you have to chose a promotion OR using the 50% off groupon

Hope that helps

Ngozi E.

Groupon has seriously crashed this time. At least if I can’t get in I wish I could’ve had a friend purchase for me……

Jackie B.

My boys wear sizes 16 and 18, which you CANNOT buy in the stores, because for some reason GAP thinks that boys this size don’t want to try anything on before they buy it. Therefore I have to buy all of their GAP clothes online. To exclude online purchases is very limiting.

By the way, bought my groupon at 10:03 am CST Thursday and purchase went through right away, though confirmation said I wouldn’t receive my certificate until Saturday or Sunday.

Melissa L.

Sorry! I see it does help to read the “fine print”. Only one time use only and have to surrender Groupon after purchase. Thank you for those who have posted to reassure those of us who are new to Groupon not to worry and it may take a couple of hours for the process to go through. I couldn’t see it on “my stuff” and so I was worried I was going to lose out on the deal.

Ashley F.

Why is it asking for all my credit card information again when I am already signed in? It never usually does that since they have it on file. Why do I have to put it in in a special format for today’s groupon?


Gap doesn’t think your sons don’t want to try anything on. It’s not profitable for them to stock the stores in that size range because many boys in the 16-18 sizing, are buying mens. It’s a cross over size range. That’s why they moved it to online only! It’s the same reason they don’t stock Women’s 18-20 in their stores.

argh !

Kathy S.

Hi all! Yes, Melissa – you have to surrender the Groupon when you redeem so be sure to get your full $50 worth.

Dan-Erin – Ky is right – you can’t combine with the 10% Tuesdays but what a deal! Enjoy!

Kathy@Gap Customer Relations

Lena F.

I still can’t buy it.. keep on getting server error messages. I hope I can get my Groupon. Is there a limit on how many Groupon’s GAP will be selling?

Ky M.

Ashley- it’s because the site is sporadic today with all the users- it’s not pulling any information from the “my account area” so you have to refill in all your info (I had to also). When the site is fully functioning again you’ll see it in your accoungt

Go to a city page with less traffic. I used Minn/St paul and it went smoothly.

Daniel S.

@Kate F. Welcome to Groupon…You will find “confused” Groupies EVERYDAY on EVERY deal. You either end up getting used to it or lashing out!

Although I will say I am surprised that this influx of new Groupies has not caused as many forum fights as Bistro Margot, Southport Lanes, or even CorePower Yoga. Nice job being civilized today everyone!

Ky M.

Daniel S-
too funny!
I think it’s because people are too busy trying to purchase this groupon that they can’t create trauma/ drama. I’m sure once the site is up and working it will business as usual and there will be more cat fights than an episode of Dallas!

Robert K.

Why is there no link for buying this as a gift?

Jeannette T.

I tried to purchase a groupon and it said my card was declined. I thought maybe I had typed it in incorrectly, so I tried to purchase the groupon once more and was declined again. I checked my bank account and it now says I have 2 groupon purchases pending. What do I call in order to cancel one of them?

Susan W.

Is this deal working? When I click “buy” I get a message “error on page”. My computer or the Groupon site?//

Susan V.

Has anyone been able to purchase this deal? I’ve been trying to purchase for a few hours now and not able to. I see that the system says it is having trouble due to high demand, but was wondering if anyone is actually getting through? Thx.

Raj B.

What is groupon?

Fred W.

Same here, very frustrating.

Raj B.

What is a groupon? What is a Gap? “Mind the gap”?

Jayna C.


Call Customer Service at (877) 788-7858 or email support@groupon.com. They will be able to get you all straightened out.

However, because of the One Per Person limit on the deal, I don’t think you need to worry about an additional purchase being processed.



Jayna C.


If you have a confirmation number, you are all set.

Due to the volume of traffic on the site, the email confirmations are slightly delayed. Sorry for any confusion.



Jayna C.


There is not an additional link to Buy as Gift because this deal has a limit of One Per Person TOTAL. You are only able to buy one whether it be for yourself or as a gift.



Jayna C.


It is valid on all items, including sale items. You may purchase whatever you like – multiple items included. You just have to use the entire Groupon in a single transaction (spend at least $50).



jeff f.

Dear Jayna,

I have a $25 credit but it is not showing up at the purchase screen When I press purchase, the only option is putting in my credit card.

Should I go ahead and purchase it with my credit card, then email for support to refund me and use the credit?

Or, should I call in and try to place an order at the phone number you listed above?

Thanks in advance.

Yikes…I’m going to give up soon….have been trying and trying to purchase this!

Rick B.

Easy way to bypass the BUY button. Paste the link in your browser.

Rick B.

Here’s a way to bypass the “BUY” button. Past this in your browser

Candace D.

WOW, it blew out your system apparently—given I couldn’t sign in on Groupon. Go Groupon.

Jayna C.


It IS valid at the 1969 stores. Shop away!



Susan V.

Groupon staff, please confirm OK to use the link that Rick B sent us (looks like it will work). Thanks, Rick B! :)

jigar d.

I think we should be able to use group on coupon with the 30% off promotion next week. Because we are not buying coupons with groupon we are buying cash for half the price.

jigar d.

can we use 30% off promotion next week and apply groupon certificate together?

Vicki P.

This link worked for me. Good luck and thanks to Rick B for the post!
Copy and paste into your browser:


Jayna C.


You may use this link. It is simply removing one step of the process. You will probably have to enter your information a second time. However, as long as you are logged in, this should work fine.



Jayna C.

Also, to those of you who are having trouble making a purchase via the Chicago site, you may want to try going to another market to make the purchase.

Because the offer is valid in all stores in the US & Canada, the market from which you purchased will not matter.



Jayna C.


It is not valid with other offers. This includes the 30% off coupon.



Lisa T.

Has Gap set a limit on the number of Groupons eligible to be sold? (I can’t buy now but would like to in the evening?)

Jayna C.


No limit = No worries!



Susan H.

Hi Jayna!
Is this groupon valid at Gap Maternity?


Jayna C.


It IS valid at GapMaternity. Shop away!!



Jayna C.


If you have credits in your account, don’t worry, we’ll subtract those from the charge before we settle (even if we don’t mention this as you’re making the purchase).



Susan H.

Thank you for your speedy response!

ps- lets halt the rumors right now…not for me…for my sister ;0)

Hope you are well!

Susan Holmes

Brenda C.

I purchased the Gap groupon and it appears it was deducted from my card, but its not showing up under my stuff.

Alice g.

I have in My Groupons "Your order is currently being processed.” I thought the order didn’t go thru so I purchased again and got the order confirmation # but not shown in the My Groupon, will these be dup order, should I cancel one?

Kristin J.

Can you use this at the Gap outlet?

I am having the same problem as Brenda C. It is showing up on my card as a pending deduction, but I have yet to receive a confirmation email or have it appear under my stuff as an in process groupon.


I purchased the Gap groupon this morning and received a confirmation number that I have written down. However, the groupon does not show up under “my groupons”. Will it eventually show up/ be sent to my e-mail.

Right now all I have is a confirmation number and a charge pending in my bank account!

Jayna C.


No. You do not need to re-purchase. Due to the volume of traffic on the site, your email confirmation may be delayed. No worries! It’s just taking us a little longer to get everything processed. It’s coming.



Jayna C.


If your “Order is Being Processed,” it is. Due to the volume of interest in this deal, the confirmation emails are slightly delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience,


Jayna C.


This deal is not valid at Gap Outlet, Factory, Generation or online.



Jayna C.

Concerning credits:

If you have credits in your account, don’t worry, we’ll subtract those from the charge before we settle (even if we don’t mention this as you’re making the purchase).



Jayna C.


There is no limit on this deal, so don’t worry about it selling out. As long as you get your order processed before midnight, you should be all set.



Hollie S.

I have referred quite a few new people through my personal Groupon referral link to Groupon that have bought this deal today (first time Grouponers) – and yet the credits are not showing up in my account. Is there a delay because the system was completely slammed this morning? Or are the referral links messed up because the site keeps going down?

Jayna C.

@Hollie S
If you have credits in your account, don’t worry, we’ll subtract those from the charge before we settle (even if we don’t mention this as you’re making the purchase).

I purchased my Gap coupon this morning – it’s my first purchase since joining. How long will it take to receive my coupon, and where will this information appear? I checked “My Stuff” and there’s nothing there…..

Hollie S.

Thanks, Jayna, but I meant the referral credits ($10) that I should get for referring new people to the Gap deal. I guess I’m a little confused on how long it takes from the time that a new person buys the deal (through my personal referral link) until the referral credit shows up in “my account”. Will all the “referral credits” not show up for a while since you guys are slammed? I just want to make sure that the referral link that I am given in my account is working to track who is buying from my referral. Make sense? Thanks! Hollie S.

Kirsten I.

I was considering using my rewards points to purchase this deal. However, when I logged into my Groupon account (which took about 12 tries), I saw that my G’s had reduced from something like 2499 to nothing—except for a bubble that said I got 500 for joining the beta Rewards program. It seems like a glitch on the site, but I just want to know if I’ll get those G’s back…I’ve been stockpiling them!

Hollie S –
I actually emailed this same question the other day!
Here is the answer I got -

“Referral credit is applied automatically within 24 hours of a referred purchase being completed and settled (or up to 72 hours for the credit to appear in your account if your friend’s first purchase is for a weekend deal). If your friend purchased the Groupon within 72 hours of clicking on your unique referral link and if this was the first Groupon they purchased, the referral will work.

Currently, credits are issued in batches. This means that most likely your referral worked fine, but we simply have not issued these credits yet. As soon as we issue these, you will receive an email notification. As we continue to develop this feature, we plan to make credits appear in your account sooner"

It was there the next day! So I think you should be fine.

Jacob W.

my printer just conked out on me while printing this deal. Do you think it will let me print it out again. i hope so!

Skip S.

Having purchased one of these, I find it very misleading to find that I won’t be able to use it for things such as the current Jeans sale (buy one, get one for $10). The terms say that it can be used for sale items. A gap employee commented above that it had to be a hard mark down, not for other promotions. To the rest of the world, a sale is a sale, whether its 50% off, $10 off, buy one get one. NOTHING in the original terms clarified this, it just said it could be used on sale items. It could have been clarified by those who understood the distinction, but Groupon and Gap chose not to provide that clarification. Groupon/Gap – Why didn’t you provide that explanation? Why shouldn’t you customers expect you to honor your comment that sale items were included?

Khadijah L.

Skip S. I think they define the “Buy 1 jeans get one for $10” as a promotional offer, not a sale. I think this makes sense because sale refers to a marked down price. Something like “Buy 1 get 1” is like an offer (price conditioned upon x).

holy batman 11600 deals!! ive never seen so many groupons sold.

Is Groupon working today? I couldn’t finish the deal.

Kristen B.

I’ve had the $25 deducted from my bank account but the Groupon doesn’t appear in ‘My Groupons’ and I haven’t received a confirmation email… Is this just because of overwhelming response?

Ilona M.

This might answer many of the technology questions. Appears that the truly first national deal (i.e. not blockbuster or zip car) taxed the servers just a tad. I tried at least 6 times before everything appeared back to normal.


I purchased this but cannot print it!

I have used many groupons before. Is anyone else having this problem?

Jayna C.


Yes – once the server catches up to the volume of purchases, your credits will be reflected.



I just did it and it worked.

Jayna C.

Concerning Confirmation Emails:

As many of you know, typically confirmation emails are received instantly upon purchase.

Due to the volume of traffic on the Groupon website in conjunction with the popularity of this deal, your confirmation email is temporarily delayed. However, please be assured – it IS on its way.

Thank you for your patience!


Jayna C.


Don’t worry! We won’t lose your Gs!



Jayna C.


It will. No worries.



Skip S.

Khadijah L – You may think there is a distinction between them, and maybe Groupon and Gap do, but they did not make any attempt to clarify that in the offer. Most people would take the term “sale items” to include anything not selling for its normal price. That includes items selling for $10 if you buy one at regular price. Again, that could have been clarified, since it seems to be something that those of you who belong to the gap club are familiar with, but to those of us who are not part of the club and are applying a standard and reasonable understanding of the term, we would have expected it to apply to those as well.

That they did not put that explanation in the offer was very misleading. I’d like them to explain why it was not explained and why I shouldn’t be able to use this.

Jayna C.


“Buy One Pair of Jeans, Get One for $10” is a promotion – not a sale.

The Fine Print stipulates: “Not valid for GiftCards, tax or with other offers.” It also states that the offer IS valid for sale items.

Both conditions appeared in the original deal.


Jayna Groupon

Jayna C.


I would encourage you to try purchasing again. Even if you do not have the email right away, you should be able to see “Order is being processed” in your Groupon account.


Jayna Groupon

I purchased this deal 3 hours ago and have no confirmation number or coupon. I have tried to purchase again and it says I have to show the number one, which it won’t let me do. What do I do now?

Pooja  P.

I purchased this morning too, and although I did see a confirmation number, it’s not in “My Groupons” Do I have to purchase again?

Alice g.

Finally it went thru!

Anna N.

I purchased this morning too, and although I did see a confirmation number, it’s not in “My Groupons” Do I have to purchase again?

J.  T.

@ Janya C.

This morning I was able to purchase the groupon, during the commotion, and recieved an on screen confirmation #, but the groupon has not showed up in “my stuff” as “being processed”. How do I find out if the order actually went through? Thanks!

Hi, sorry, I really don’t have the time to scroll through all the questions –
I bought the groupon this morning and my card already has been charged (I can see online) but I do not see it under “my stuff”.
I have no email confirmation of any sort. What to do? Buy another one? What if I get charged again?

Christine C.

Anna-the same thing happened to me! I was concerned and did it again figuring it wouldn’t let me buy it again if I had already bought one. And it let me buy another one. So I’m assuming this mornings just didn’t work? If I get charged twice I will be very upset!

Skip S.

Jayna C – The fact that you now say its a promotion not a sale is after the fact and only in this discussion thread. It is not defined that way at all in the actual offer. Normal consumers, which means your customers, don’t walk around asking themselves if something is on sale, on discount, fixed markdown, percentage markdown, backorder, end-of-season markdown, buy one get one, or whatever. We simply say “its on sale”. If we’re driving down the street, we don’t say “Oh look, the gap is having a promotion”, we say “They’re having a sale”.

These types of sales aren’t “other offers”, they’re sales, and Groupon/Gap should abide by dictionary definition: a special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices (per dictionary.com).

Anna N.

I just looked on my bank activity online – and I have a $25 pending transaction from Groupon – so I am hoping it went through. So if anyone is having the same problem – I would check your bank activity…

David J.

Can this be used at ANY Gap in the country?


I hae the same thing – I have a $25 charge on my account, but nothing has been emailed to me and its not in my stuff. Jaynca C – what is your recommendation?

Anna G.

Skip- sounds pretty serious, you might have to sue.

P.S. I am a normal consumer as well as a Groupon customer, and I know the difference between sales and promotions

Shelby J.

I had the same problem as many people. I bought a Groupon this morning, got a confirmation number, but it never showed up in my groupons. I entered my email and password when buying.

Since Jayna said it should say “order is processing” in your account, I ordered another one and got charged twice.

I now have one Groupon in my groupons and another one who knows where.

So if you had the same problem, don’t order another one or your bank account will be charged twice!

Helena H.

I attempted to purchase today’s Gap detail but it kept saying my card was denied. So I tried to enter it in 3 times and it has charged my card 3 times (never saying I had successfully bought the Groupon) when I look at my bank statement but I only wanted 1 groupon. How can I cancel 2 of them when they dont show in my groupons? this happened early this morning!

Lucas B.


Hot off the presses. Why dont all you guys just relax. Groupon will figure this out and get you your gap. They aren’t in the business of denying Groupons.

I bought the Gap Groupon earlier today… however my account does not show the charge yet and I haven’t received the confirmation. How do I know that this was processed?

My card was charged twice as well. I figure that since the first one was “declined” it will just show as pending and end up dropping off. I am waiting till everything posts to my account tomorrow. If I have two charges Ill just call and have them refund. We are supposed to only buy 1 Gap Groupon anyway, so no matter, I figure we should all be fine and only have to pay for the 1 groupon we originally wanted to purchase.

Ky M.

Skip S… you must not be a shopper. People understand the difference between a promotion, promotional saving, limited time sale and a clearnace mark down. Bottom line- if the merchandise has a lower priced sticker on the original price tag it’s on SAle/ Marked down or on permanent clearance and is included in the offer… any other “Promotion” that is for a limited time is NOT included.

This is a great deal at 50% off… if you don’t thinki so you have the right not to purchase it
Jayna has done an excellent job on such a difficult day

thanks for thinking of others and posting the 30% off coupon EVEN IF we can’t stack them. it was thoughtful.

Skip S.

Anna G – Maybe you don’t. Search the web for “sales promotion”, read the results, and you’ll see that the terms are used interchangeably. If Groupon/Gap choose to apply a special meaning based on their corporate definition, they should have been more clear.


It’s a pretty clear-cut description to me. Think of it as mark-downs = sale item, and temporary offers = promotions.

I can’t even say temporary mark-down because stores don’t make any alterations to a price-tag for promotional offers.

Haven’t you ever heard “price will be adjusted at register”? That’s a promotion, not a sale-price.

If you’re so upset about it, return the Groupon. They have a very open return policy.

Also, don’t say “most people”. Less than 200 posts here (not going to count how many asked about promotional offers/coupon combos) and well over 10,000 purchasers not asking your question. I’d say that’s far from “most people” that seem confused by a permanently marked-down price versus temporary promotional offer.

Thanks for the answer!

Skip S.

Ky M – I understand the difference between the types of sales, however, they are all examples of different types of sales. People don’t walk around sorting them in their heads into “sales” vs. “promotions”. They are all sales (which frankly is just short for sales promotion).

Skip – GET A LIFE!

Anna N.

Amanda H – I agree with you – good idea. That is what I did. Since we can technically only purchase one – Groupon will have to refund us the other one.

Victoria S.

Is there way to check on my groupon status? I placed my order at 10:30 this morning, and still have not recieved it. I would like to get it soon since I will not be able to get to a gap store after 5 or 6.

How do the refunds works, in case I do not recieve it in time?

Ky M.

Skip obviously you don’t understand and that’s fine. Return the groupon and leave it alone… the other 11, 996 people are very happy that Sales are included and don’t really mind that promotions aren’t

I bought the groupon but have not received the email with my certificate? anyoen else experience this? shoudl i wait longer?

ok, in between all this bickering, I just wanted to chime in and say that I bought another groupon and it went through and it’s already processing. If I have 2 charges, I’ll just call groupon and tell them (there’s a phone # right?)

Jayna C.

Concerning Confirmation Emails:

As many of you know, typically confirmation emails are received instantly upon purchase.

Due to the volume of traffic on the Groupon website in conjunction with the popularity of this deal, your confirmation email is temporarily delayed. However, please be assured – it IS on its way.

Thank you for your patience!



I just bought mine 15 minutes ago and said will be available at 2am.

Jayna C.


You are correct.

Customer Service: (877) 788-7858 or email support@groupon.com.

If its not a problem, I would encourage you to wait til tomorrow (due to the volume of requests being processed today) as I think you will be able to get a much faster response.


Jayna Groupon

Jayna C.


You have until November 19 to redeem your Groupon. No worries!


Jayna Groupon

J.  T.

@ Jayna

I think that the greater confusion is regarding the on screen confirmation numbers that many have experienced, but then not finding the “pending” order in “my stuff”. Eventhough we got on screen confirmation numbers, without seeing it in “my stuff” as “pending” how do we know if the order went through, regardless of the confirmation email.


Jayna, I can totally wait until tomorrow to call!
Also, the 2nd purchase went through super super fast (yay) but when I try to print it I get an error “Illegal Operation inside a path” by Adobe Acrobat and only 1/2 the groupon appears on the screen. I’ll try another computer, but what if this problem persists?

Courtney T.

My card was charged but my groupon is not showing up in my account when I log in. I want to ensure I receive my groupon. What should I do?

Jayna C.


I understand the confusion, but unfortunately, there is no cut/dry way for me to say YES – It Worked or NO – It Didn’t due to the volume of orders being processed on the site.

I know that if you accidentally double purchase or are double charged, we will be more than happy to refund those additional charges. However, if the deal ends prior to your purchase being made, there is nothing we can do to get you one because the LIVE codes will no longer be able to be activated.

So, basically, I am trying to help you error on the side of caution – we can refund multiple charges, but, if you miss it, we cannot create a new voucher for you.

Does that make sense?

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you received an on screen confirmation number, your order is being processed. If you jot this number down, you can use it later on if you need to verify the purchase.


Jayna Groupon

I got mine but I can’t order the ones I wanted to as gifts. It says that the quantity has to be exactly 1 and the quantity is pre popu.lated so I couldn’t change it if I wanted to. Any fixes for this. I apologize if I missed it but there are a zillion comments on here.

J.  T.

@ Jayna


Anna N.

Jayna – this makes sense. Thanks for explaining!

Jessica B.

I just bought it — but how do i get it? Screen said it’ll be ready on 8/19 at 3 a.m…. that is today and a time that already passed. I didn’t get it emailed to me. Someone from Groupon – please assist!

Tiffany F -

Per Jayna earlier -

There is not an additional link to Buy as Gift because this deal has a limit of One Per Person TOTAL. You are only able to buy one whether it be for yourself or as a gift.

Slow day at work:)

Jennifer a.

Can we vote Skip off the board?

Justin P.

i have been trying to buy the two deals today and keep getting a “broken” message….what is going on??? can i get a rain check or something…i would really like to have both of the deal of the days

Leon G.

I cannot believe the inane questions that are simply answered by reading the fine print for this Gap Groupon.

I guess I’ll jump on board:

Jayna, can I use the gap groupon at Starbucks? For child support payments?

Daniel S.

@Skip – Ooh! The comment board got good after I left. Thanks for the entertainment!

@Ky M – Good on you for sticking it out a slow day.

@Leon – Grab a seat and enjoy the show!

Jayna C.


Concerning Confirmation Emails:

As many of you know, typically confirmation emails are received instantly upon purchase.

Due to the volume of traffic on the Groupon website in conjunction with the popularity of this deal, your confirmation email is temporarily delayed. However, please be assured – it IS on its way.

Thank you for your patience!


Jayna C.


You have until midnight to make your purchase. Don’t worry!


Jayna Groupon

Alissa L.

This is the first time I’ve used Groupon. I signed up for my mom as I was paying for it (she doesn’t use a computer). I do have a confirmation number but when I try to sign in with that email address to look at “My Stuff” it tells me that the email isn’t valid. As long as I have a confirmation number am I okay or is the email not in the system a bigger deal? Please advise!

what are local rewards?

Katherine P.

This is the first time I have used Groupon. Do you receive a confirmation email with a code to take in to Gap?!!? Thanks!

Ky M.

Katherine- you will receive an e-mail that your Groupon is ready to print with a link. You can also go into your account and look at my groupons and there will be a link to print it from there too

<code>Alissa- Try opening up another browser and re-signing in. Please contact customer support if you continue to have problems: support</code>groupon.com or 877-788-7858

@Katherine P- you will receive an email that your Groupon is ready to print. Sign into your account and go to the My Groupon tab!

Rachel K.

Hello Groupon Staff!

I purchased the deal this morning via android app. i had to send it through twice. so now while my bank account is pending, my groupon account doesnt even say i’ve bought one. what’s up?


I purchased today’s Groupon for the Gap. However, I have not received an email confirmation. How do I know that I got the groupon?

Tiffany J.

Telling me that I have entered and invalid amount, even though it say 1!!! I have tried several times….this is my first try and I give up.

richard d.

I can’t seem to get the GAP coupon purchased today to pint. It is in my stuff. Why are all items listed as “marked as used”. I never notice that before. Only a couple items were ever used as of this time.

Jayna C.

@dina r- Check the My Groupons tab. It should be in there.

@Tiffany J
@ Richard D- Your order went through! Check the my Groupons tab.

I am having trouble purchasing the gap groupon. I am logged in and it says when I hit purchase that I have to sign in

My friend and I are having the same login problem…it’s very frustrating.

I bought one coupon for Gap in the morning, which was charged to my CC account. I bought another one in the afternoon, also charged to my CC account. Only the latter appears as BOUGHT at MY Stuff and I only received one confirmation email. What should I do?

@Tara & Dawn: I can’t believe no one has answered this question still, but the Groupon thing is being odd today, I think because of the site overload, and it’s making everyone do that. I did it and I think mine went through fine. I’m guessing it’s something they did to keep the server from being overrun.

I bought the Gap Groupon this morning (it has been charged to my account), but it is not in “My Groupons.” Does it only show in some people’s accounts so far? I also had referral credit in my account that didn’t apply to the order. I just don’t want to miss out on this great deal! Thanks! :-)

My credit card has been charged, but the Groupon isn’t showing up in My Stuff and I haven’t received a confirmation email :(

Jessica Z.

Did anyone else get charged twice trying to buy this? I had problems logging in beforehand too, and i had to re-enter my payment info, which seemed odd…

Vivek G.

I paid $25 as well and have not received my GAP coupon…1 hour to store close time…

Betsy T.

I just tried to purchase 1 Groupon and it gave me an error message saying that I must buy exactly 1 Groupon. Not helpful.

Megan B.

Does anyone else have a hard time getting a quantity entered? I know it is one per person, however I keep getting an error saying I didn’t select a quantity and transaction will not go through…

fuerza m.

i paid for my groupon and i have not received any type of confirmation. help!

marmarlene k.

I cannot print the coupon. I keep getting the message “illegal operation inside a path.” I need help to get this coupon printed as I got it for my daughter-in-law’s birthday which is tomorrow. Crystal Laker

Rachel K.

@groupon- have not received nor do i see any confirmation of purchase other than my bank account pending. please advise thanks!

Rachel K.

@groupon- sorry to clarify- i have TWO purchases pending for THIS deal in my bank account. i understand that i will not receive my groupon as you are back logged. however, if i can only purchase ONE why am i being charged TWICE? thanks!! :)

Jeffrey D.

When my window saying I got the groupon came up, it also said it would be ready at 2AM. I think they might be a tad overloaded on this one.

Emma K.

This discussion board is ridonkulous! Anyway, I bought my Gap Groupon this AM and it is not appearing on the “my groupons” tab. Any news on that front?

@Emma I think it doesn’t come up until the next day.

Jayna C.

@ Carla- This is limit 1 per person. You cannot purchase 2.

@Dawn and Tara: Try opening another browser on your computer. The site seems to be back to normal so I would suggest trying again.

@Stephanie G
@Fuerza M
@Rachel K
@Emma K – You were most likely directed to our overload site this morning. Our development team is loading all of those purchases onto the site tonight. When you purchased, you should have received a confirmation number from Groupon (please save this number for reference until you get a “ready to print email”. If your account has been charged then the order went through.

@Jessica Z- If you were charged twice, Groupon will refund you for the extra purchase. Please contact Customer Support.

@Megan B- Your Groupon order has already processed, check your My Groupons Tab :)

@Marmarlene K- This is possibly a problem with your home computer. If your Groupon order processed then there isn’t much we can say about printing. Keep trying and let us know if it doesn’t work!

Thanks everyone for your patience!


Leon G. = win.

p.s. yes, you can use it at starbucks but only for half of your child support payment.

Hi Jayna,
thanks for yr response.
Groupon charged 2 x $25 to my VISA. Will I be refunded?

Tracie J.

I purchased this groupon earlier this afternoon and my debit card has been charged. However the groupon is not in “my groupons” tab. Do I need to cancel? I do not want to be charged for something I do not receive????

Ami S.

I refered a friend to groupon. When will i see my $10.00 GROUPON CASH?

im getting an error and not able to purchase?

jerri m.

can my daughter buy a coupon and can i buy a coupon and gift it to her?

This is my first time using Groupon. Can someone please explain how this $25 off at the Gap will work? If I purchased this Groupon for $25 an spend $50 at Gap to get a $25 off coupon how does this save me money. Sorry just not understanding how this works.

I purchased this Grouping around 8:30am. I received a message that because of popularity it would not be ready until possibly the weekend. I did not write down any confirmation number and haven’t received a confirmation email. No Gap Groupon in "my stuff ". How can I get a confirmation that it went through?


@ Marianne:

-buy groupon for $@5

- go to Gap, find $50 worth of merchandise you want (or more)

- go to register, present groupon – they take the $50 off. Think of it like a gift certificate for $50 that you are buying for half off.

If you go over $50, you just pay the difference. You will most likely be paying tax and that’s it if you stay at $50.

Lourdes C.

I purchased this groupon as well earlier this morning and it did not show up in my stuff or email. The first transaction did not go through for some reason and it said my card was declined. I re-typed it a second time and the charge went through. I checked my bank account and I noticed that I was charged twice when I only received one confirmation number.

I tried to purchase this deal earlier in the day from my iphone app. After hitting confirm it said loading for about 5 minutes and the screen went blank. I got no confirmation email and i’s not listed under my grouponsbut I noticed I was charged for it? Does anyone know what’s going on with that?

Amelia C.

@Lourdes— a similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago (non-Groupon-related). Don’t worry, you were not charged multiple times. The pending charges are authorization holds from your previous attempts to purchase the Groupon that did not complete. That money will not go through and the listings will disappear in time according to your bank’s policies. You should contact them if you need to know how long it takes for holds to fall off. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authorization_hold

Fear not! Groupon!

Elisa S.

ok, it keeps on rejecting my credit card, then it accepts it, but complains telling me “you have to buy exactly one”, when there is no other option. I can’t find a way to get it right.

Katie Z.

I bought one of the Gap deals this morning, got a confirmation number, but tonight it didn’t show up in my groupons. It let me buy another one and didn’t give me a number for that one, but this 2nd one is in my groupons. Both charges went through. However, it’s not letting my print the one that is coming up. Also, my husband bought one, and it charged him the $25 and $1. Is this normal?

Eva L.

Rejecting my order too just like ELISA S. I can’t figure out how to get past this and I wanted to buy more.

Brittany S.

I purchased one earlier today but it didn’t go through and it never showed up in my groupons, and I never got a number. So later tonight I tried to purchase it again. This time it went through, however now all of a sudden there are two charges on my credit card and only one groupon available. What?!

Benjamin M.

Is anyone from groupon website going to do anything about all of this?

Lori B.

@Elisa – Did you purchase one as a gift and then tried to purchase one for yourself or vice versa? If so, that is why you got that error message. You can only purchase one regardless of it is for you or if you are purchasing it for someone else.

Lia S.

I bought mine at the last minute, and never received a confirmation number. It is in my groupons and says my order is being processed… I know everyone has been saying that orders are taking a long time to process, but I was under the impression that the site seemed to be running back to normal, and even if I didn’t get a confirmation email telling me it was ready to print— I still should have gotten an order confirmation number at the time of purchase. The charge is not showing up, pending or otherwise, on my credit card… so am I just out of luck if it never goes through? It basically seems like I have no proof that I ordered it…

Pamela N.

My coupon won’t print! It’s blank! Any suggestions?

Pamela N.

My coupon won’t print! It’s blank! Any suggestions?

Catherine S.

Totally dissapointed! I purchased this deal and got a confirmation # and everything. However I don’t see it in “my stuff”! What’s going on?

Purchased, the confirmation page came up at the time, charged my card, but NOT in my purchase history and haven’t received an email.

Yvonne D.

I can’t get mine to print either!! Please help!

Patricia G.

Mine won’t print either.

Lucretia M.

I bought this deal but didn’t get it. Disappointing! It showed only 100 sold which was odd, too.


Some of you really need to relax. If it’s showing as “processing”, or you got an email but don’t see it in your My stuff, or if you have a pending charge on your bank account – just try to be a bit more patient. You most likely got it – this deal was in EVERY GROUPON CITY yesterday and the site was waaay overloaded. They should’ve prepared better for that. There will most likely be longer than usual delays on getting emails and such. Everything has to catch up.
Also, the best way to try to get some help is through their support email address, not here. I’m sure they are still very busy dealing with everyone.

Printing problems may have to do with your adobe being out of date, check that. Try saving the file too before printing. Good luck!

marmarlene k.

Still can’t get this wonderful coupon to print.

Yvonne D.

it keeps saying illegal operation to path when i open the file to print. the groupon shows up but then prints blank. my other adobe reader documents are printing just fine, but this one wont. please advise me of what to do.

Wendy R.

I get the same illegal operation path when I try to print the Gap groupon, and the page prints blank.


i get the illegal operation path, too, and i’m not having any adobe issues—completely up to date.

Meredith L.

I am getting the same thing!!!

SOME ORDERS ARE STILL PROCESSING- PLEASE BE PATIENT. We sold over 400,000 Groupons yesterday so the system is working through everything. If your order is processing then you will get your Groupon. All Groupons will be processed in a few days at most! Many people have started to redeem, so it won’t be too long! :)

If you received an quantity error message yesterday that means that you already purchased one. PLEASE Check your ‘My Groupons’ tab. It might be processing but you definitely got it.

Remember this is 1 PER PERSON. If you bought 1, you cannot buy any more. Please ready the fine print for clarification.

This is valid on sale and clearance items but it is NOT valid on Gap promotions (example: 2 for 1).

PLEASE NOTE: Some people were directed to our overload site yesterday. Our development team is currently working to add those to the site.

If you are trying to print and are receiving an error code when trying to print:

We are starting to use some of the PDF features introduced in Acrobat Reader 8, and you could be using an older version. You can update your reader here for free: http://get.adobe.com/reader

Check out the GAP FAQ for more answers :)

Alissa N.

I took advantage of the Gap groupon deal and received an order ID, but the groupon hasn’t showed up in my account nor has the groupon been charged to my credit card. Could you let me know what is going on and when I can expect to recieve my groupon?

I was hoping to use my Groupon on Sunday. Any chance this gets resolved soon?

And now I have a new charge every day for the same Groupon. We’re going on 4. That’s $100 for a frigging $25 Groupon that’s been processed through my bank. Epic Fail.

Christina N.

Did anyone else buy one Groupon for this deal but get charged twice? Me and about 4 other folks in my office all got charged twice, even though we all bought one a piece.

Yes, I also got charged twice but only bought one……


i got charged twice for mine too…this was my first time to use groupon…wont be doing it again..

Erin K.

I also got charged twice! Are they refunding us?!

I have 3 pending transactions for the $25 Gap groupon. I only bought one. Please give me my $50 back.

Sheila C.

I got charged TWICE! what a headache!!!

I have also 2 charges in my account. They do not show as pending in my visa account anymore=they show as they have both been charged! I’ve written to support, but no reply yet!

Joanna N.

I have also been charged twice. They are still pending- but after reading all of these complaints- I am nervous.

Janet A.

I, too, got charged twice! Refund my money as soon as possible, or your phone is gonna be ringing off the hook with one angry FORMER Groupon customer.

shannon w.

Add me to the list of people who got charged more than one time…not nice at all!!! I hope this gets resolved soon!! They owe us customers a HUGE apology

Janet A.

Has anyone heard back from them about the duplicate charges?

Virginia S.

I have 2 charges pending for 1 purchase as well. I can only hope that only 1 goes through or I will be another “FORMER” groupon customer!

Sean F.

Did Groupon delete the original discussion topic for this deal?

Here is the link, but it no longer comes up in the discussion board. What happened to all these people’s questions and concerns?

Sean F.
Komal P.

My credit card has been charged for this Groupon but I have not received any confirmation email. Nor does the Groupon show up in my stuff. It’s been a week already. Anybody know what’s up with that!!

I referred my brother to this groupon with the referral link. We both bought it. How do I claim the ten dollar referral reward?

rajeev b.

I want to share my experience while using this Groupon yesterday. We bought a clohting for $60 and paid the balance on our credit card. We went back to change sizes but couldn’t find the right size. We requested for a refund/store credit and were told thaty we will get only $10 back. There is no way to return $50 or $25. There is no mention of the merchandise return policy by GAP/Groupon website.

hey everyone! don’t forget that the groupon expires tomorrow (Friday)

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