Gayle D.

Great Deal. It’s time for us all to take some responsibility for ourselves as well as others while driving. Drive it or park it…talking on the phone while driving w/out a handsfree device is not an option !

Elizabeth T.

Great idea, but I’m having problems buy more as gifts. Help.

Elizabeth T.

Oops! I finally figured it out.

Eva F.

I’m located in Toronto, and this was displayed in the sidebar of my “Today’s Deal” page. But when I try to order it (I want 2), it won’t let me proceed because my postal code is Canadian.

Lynn P.

This is a great deal,I live in CA
I hope this gives other more awareness of the law.
Thank you Groupon

Lynn P.

Oh I forgot welcome Tulsa
I like this city already

Mark S.

$9.94 Value? If you go to the vendor’s website, they sell it for the same 5 bucks. Who are we trying to kid here?

Jeff M.

Mark, we’re not trying to kid anyone. If you are still on their website, you’ll see when you go to purchase one of these signs that the listed price is $5.99 plus an estimated $3.95 for shipping, which equals a total of $9.94. This Groupon offer includes shipping, so you won’t be asked to pay any more than the listed $5 price.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Groupon Staff

I just wanted to say that my daughter’s high school, Minnetonka, is the one where students DIED and were PARALYZED because of someone texting on a cell phone. Don’t let texting, or talking on a cell-phone become someone’s last words. Hang up and Drive!

EVA F. in Toronto: If you want to email me – avocatecs@aol.com – I live in Minneapolis, MN – I will be happy to buy and mail the signs to you. If you are honest, and wish to, you can then send me an International Money Order, or Post Office Money Order for the amount of the signs, and postage to Canada from the U.S. I’ll take a chance on you. This is an important issue. So many people have died before their time, simply because someone was thoughtlessly talking, texting, or dropped their cell phone—while driving. Elaine S.

Like Maxine, the old lady, says:
Honk if you love Jesus.
Text if you want to meet Him.
So true!! Scares me half to death to be on the road with so many talkers and texters. Hands free devices or Hands off the phone!!

meetal g.

one of the most impacting anti-texting while driving clips ever made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0LCmStIw9E

Robert L.

A sign like this won’t ward off Darwinian epitome. There’s a plentiful supply of idiots out there. We have all evolved differently, and to say that we are all equal in mental (or physical) capacity is ignorance. This sign only serves to show your dislike of people who drive while talking on their cellphone. When you consider the type of person we’re talking about here, I really don’t think they’ll give a shit about what you want. Everyone else who only occasionally talks on their cellphone whilst driving, or only when the call absolutely can’t wait, will most likely ignore your sign as well.

Sob stories don’t make this sign any more powerful, btw… they only remind us of the reckless idiocy that is ever so prevalent in our society. I don’t care who you are… if you are drunk driving, talking on a cellphone, or doing something distracting that ultimately caused an accident and took lives, it is YOUR fault… not the booze, not the cellphone. YOUR poor decisions took someone’s life. Just because your stupidity materialized in a specific behavior doesn’t make that behavior the culprit. I’m sure that as soon as the air-headed girl gets off of her cell-phone, that she’ll distract herself with the knobs of her car, or start putting on makeup, or look for that CD that somewhere under her seat… or something.

I hate how people try to make this out to be like… “shaving with a straight razor while riding a unicycle”. It’s the stupid, irresponsible people that ruin this for everyone, don’t generalize the behavior. I’m not saying that talking on a cell phone is always safe, I’m saying that it takes a certain amount of intelligence for one to realize what one IS and is not capable of handling in a given situation. For instance, I’m not capable of having a heated argument with someone while going 60mph in traffic, it just doesn’t seem like a healthy combination. However I am able to have a basic conversation that involves simple things like relaying information as long as traffic is calm. My decision on whether or not to talk on the phone is highly situational and highly dependent on who is calling, what the conversation will be about, and traffic conditions. The suggestion by some that we must generalize the behavior because of the morons who think they can handle any sort of cell phone activity while driving makes me furious. If you would like to lump yourself into that category of morons, then fine, go ahead.

That being said, enjoy your bumper stickers (they might as well be) and enjoy metaphorically pissing into the wind. This makes me think that I should try to profit from something like this…. hmmm maybe I could sell a “PUT DOWN THE BURGER” sign or something to fight obesity. It’s not like people would ignore my sign and just eat whatever they want… I mean who knows, maybe they’ll learn a valuable lesson from a suction cup sign stuck to someone’s car window.

This is a… comment… by the way. A comment on the existence of this sign and the idea that anyone would find it practical. If anyone bothers to respond to it, keep that in mind. I understand that no one is forcing me to buy this, and I realize that there will be other Groupons in the future.. so no need for mindless replies like that.

M P.

Ditto Robert L.

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