THIS IS A REVOCABLE LICENSE (“License”) SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS ESTABLISHED BY THE VENUE OPERATOR or other authorized entity(ies) (individually, or collectively as the context requires, “Licensor”) for the event identified on the front of this Ticket (the “Event”) to the licensee of the Ticket (“Licensee”) pursuant to certain terms and conditions as may be established by Licensor, including those set forth below. This Ticket grants the bearer thereof only the right to: (a) enter the publicly-accessible areas of Yankee Stadium (the “Stadium”) at times determined by Licensor; (b) attend the Event; and (c) occupy the seat location identified on the front of this Ticket during the Event, unless this Ticket has been designated as a “General Admission” Ticket. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of Licensor. No resale or offer to resell this ticket is permitted to the extent prohibited by any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation including, but not limited to, NY Art & Cult Affr § 25 et seq., which states in part that this ticket may not be resold within one thousand five hundred feet from the physical structure of this place of entertainment under penalty of law (as those terms are defined under New York law).

Any violation of the terms and conditions shall give the Licensor the right to revoke the License immediately without having to refund the established price. The Licensor reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person: (i) who violates the Licensor’s policies; (ii) whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly; or (ii) for the protection of patrons. All persons seeking entry into the Stadium specifically consent to and are subject to metal detector and physical pat-down inspections prior to entry. All bags may be thoroughly inspected. Any person or object that could affect the safety of the Stadium, its occupants or its property shall be denied entry.

The use of cameras, recording devices, cell phones and other recording devices during the Event is prohibited. By using this Ticket, each of Licensee and bearer of this Ticket, agrees that: (i): he/she shall not transmit or aid in transmitting any information about the Event to which this Ticket grants admission, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction, or other information concerning the Event (collectively, “Event Information”); (ii) Licensor is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other proprietary rights in the Event and Event Information; and (iii) Licensor and its agents and licensees shall have the unrestricted right and license to use Licensee’s and/or the bearer’s likeness for any commercial purpose and in any broadcast, telecast or photograph taken in connection with the Event or other transmission or reproduction, in whole or part, of the Event.

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The bearer recognizes that his/her attendance at the Event is voluntary and may result in personal injury or property damage. The bearer assumes all risk and danger incidental to the Event and agrees that neither the Licensor, Ticketmaster, L.L.C., the State and City of New York and each of their various agencies, departments, subdivisions and each of their officials, agents, officers, employees and owners shall be liable for any personal injury or property loss/damage.

GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. No exchanges, no cash value, no refunds, no re-entry. 2. This ticket may not be used for advertising, promotions (including contests and sweepstakes) or other trade or commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Licensor. 3. Licensor reserves the right to change all Stadium policies without prior notice. 4. In no event will the Licensor be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages or for lost profits, revenues or business opportunities even if the Licensor has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 5. The License shall be governed by New York law, without giving effect to conflict of laws principles thereof. The exclusive venue for any disputes arising out of the License shall be the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Bronx.