Dana B.

I said YES!!!

He definitely surprised me! I thought he wanted me to go to Boot Camp with him at first until we went to the right page. I started reading and was really thrown off until he told me to turn around and he was on one knee. Of course I cried! He did such a good job! Groupon definitely made it memorable—it was very Greg to do it this way and I loved it!!! I am so lucky to have the greatest man ever for the rest of my life!! :)

Laurie B.

The cutest thing I have ever seen…and I totally laughed out loud at the mushrooms/bacon part :)

Congrats to my sis and future bro-in-law!!

Congrats from a Grouponer in California!

Congrats from a Cincinnati Grouponer that also enjoys the Bengals.

Julie M.

Congratulations, kids!

Caitlin S.

Team Groupon Richmond says congrats!!!

Caitlin and Amanda

Kelly G.

CONGRATS from a Groupon employee in Brooklyn! (Although I’m a Cincinnati native…so you better have Graeter’s at the wedding.)

Rachel B.

Team Groupon NYC says congratulations!!!!

How incredible!!!

Hailey U.

Congrats from the Groupon Salem, Oregon Team!

Dana B.

Omg you are all so sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words! This has been so amazing!!

Anna B.

Congratulations from the Groupon Kansas City team!

Jason K.

NICE WORK !!!!!!!!! the deal tipped

~~jason from Groupon



Quick question. I have a friend named Dana, can she buy him for $1 as well? Winter is coming, we need Greg to shovel the snow. For a $1, it’s such a steal.

Congratulations, Dana & Greg!!!

~Lainie @ Groupon

Courtney B.

Congratulations, Greg for now making the rest of the female population disappointed on their engagement day….

Especially Groupon employees…

Congrats!!! (for serious)

Former Dayton Flyer
Now Napa Groupon Rep

Rachael G.

CONGRATULATIONS Greg and Dana!!!!!! <3 Greg way to land yourself a BenGal! :)

—Rachael from Groupon Charlotte

Congratulations from Chicago!

from Nashville TN

Ali T.

Congratulations from Taylor, Nicole, Jeremy, Ryan, Bari, Reid, Adriana, Tina, Brittany, Heather, and Ali (aka Groupon Team LA)!

Eric D.


Eric from Customer Support

Adam B.


Amy E.

Congrats from Groupon-Gainesville!!

Jenna W.

Congrats from Groupon – Erie!

Mike M.

Congratumalations from Mike, Andy, Kim, & Mike (Groupon Team St. Louis)! Cheers to you both!!

Kate from Groupon

CONGRATS from Groupon San Diego!!!!!!!!!

Dana B.

You all just made me cry again! All this support is amazing!! I was doing so well not smearing my makeup today!

This is seriously just the best thing ever. I have heard only wonderful things about you guys. Thank you for letting Greg work with you guys to make it happen :)

and Liming—I’ll have to talk to Greg about that one, but I DID just buy him a snow shovel for our new house that needs to be used…..

Dominique B.

Congrats from Columbus, OH!

How sweet!

Congrats from the Groupon Affiliate Team!

Best deal we’ve ever been able to share with our Affiliates!

Julia, Matt, Elizabeth, Derek, Rick, and Carolyn at Groupon.

That’s awesome!

CONGRATZ!!! That is the coolest proposal i have seen in a looong time. Blessing to the two of you.

Congratulations from New York City!

When I click buy it just shows this heart and no place to enter my credit card info???

Lynn W.

I think thats awesome…congrats from Halifax, NS

I don’t know either of you, but definitely envy you Dana for having the most romantic man I"ve heard about in years! How awesome an experience this has been for you! Definitely sounds like a match made on earth! Good luck to you all. Greg – I’m single, 47, average look, not overweight and on facebook ; if you have any single fun guy friends who has taken lesson from you – send em my way! Good luck from Louisiana! Sincerely, Star

Congratulations from a very happily married couple down here in Georgia. We wish you the very best in your life together! —P. and M. Angle

Congrats…so awesome :)

Kelly T.

Omg so sweeet!

This is so darn cute! Congrats from AZ! Remember we’re different by design and as you discover the unique differences in yourself and others, value and appreciate those differences, and learn to blend them to become more together than you can be alone. Discovering uniqueness in each other and developing unity!

Roy N.

Wow Dana, your marriage comes with a warranty! "The Groupon Promise: Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.

If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we’ll return your purchase – simple as that."

If Greg doesn’t live up to your expectations you can send him back! LOL

Congratulations!!!!!!! How clever of him :-) Wish you both the best!

Groupon – Chicago!

Congrats from Groupon Toledo!!! Hope you two have a wonderful life together!!!

ps. does Greg have any single brothers? haha

Best to you both,

Groupon Toledo

Dana B.

@Roy N—-HAHAHA! He will be thrilled to hear THAT! I’ll have to keep that in mind….. JUST KIDDING!!
Thanks :)
And seriously, you guys are too kind :) :) :)


Congratulations from a Grouponer in Atlanta!!! Loved reading about it too!!

Sandra A.

Congratulations to you both! Did you ever think that strangers would be part of this momentous occasion? What a way to start the new year! May your lives together be richly blessed ☺

Congrats from GROUPON PALM BEACH!!

Amy and Cecil

Belles on a Budget

CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an incredibly sweet and unique proposal- good job Greg! Best wishes to you two for a happy life together!
~Belles on a Budget

Congrats from Groupon Cinci!!! : )

Congratulations from DC! What an awesome way to propose!

CONGRATS from Minnesota! This gave me the chills it was so sweet. You are one lucky girl!

Michelle F.

Congratulations from Arizona!!!!!!!!

Malinda K.

Greg, I was aahh-struck! What a creative idea! Dana, he is a good catch, keep him close!
To the both of you, a lifetime of HAPPY surprises to come. Congratulations from a Grouponer from Las Vegas! (plenty of places to get married here ;-)

Popcorn C.

Aww..such a delightful proposal. Congrats!

Liz J.

I love this!!! Great job, Greg! Congrats from Austin!

this is like the most awesome thing ever!

Jill R.

Congratulations from Indy! Many blessings to you both!

So incredibly sweet. You’re a lucky girl, we all wait for a man like that. Congratulations to you both, and best wishes!

Congratulations, Greg and Dana! I can only imagine how cute your wedding will be!

Zel Z.

Congrats from Chicago! I love, love, love a good engagment story…so you made my day! Best wishes!!!

Congrats to Dana and Greg!

christina v.

Congrats to you Dana and Greg!

Very creative of you Greg. Nice idea.

May your wedding and marriage be filled with joy.

A Groupon-ista from NJ

Donald P.

Read about this from Mashable.com. Too Cute. Congrats and Best Wishes from Washington, DC.

Dipa V.

This is such a cute, clever and innovative proposal! Wishing Grana a wonderful future together!

Brenda P.

Congrats Grana! So original and memorable!

A Grouponer from ID

Brenda P.

And follow this link for more comments on your proposal :) I promise it’s not spam… Hip2Save a blogger posted about your Groupon deal!

Dana…where do we find a Greg!?! Congrats to you both! Here is to a wonderful, crazy, certainly interesting life together.

Much Love From the North!

Groupon Vancouver

Jenny, Emily, Andrew, Erin and Maddie

Awww, this is sooo sweet! Have a wonderful and happy life together guys! Someone in TEXAS loves this!!! LoL! @ Liming…"Groupon guarantee….Love it…Lol!

Sorry Liming…I meant Roy! LoL

Congratulations, Dana and Greg!

Grouponer from KS

Dana B.

You guys are all too sweet :) Thank you for showing me where other people are commenting. I never thought it would blow up like this, but to see other people, especially ones we have never met, get enjoyment out of it, too, makes it that much more special!! Thank you all!!!

Angela Y.



Morgan Z.

Congratulations from Team Austin!! Much happiness to you!


Congrats to you both from little ol me here in Washington :D

Congrats from San Antonio, TX

Willie M.

Way to go!

Groupon Salem

Philip Q.

Congrats from Canada!!!

Phil @ GROUPON Victoria

What a fun start to the rest of your life together! I wonder how many Groupons you can get to pay for your wedding??!!
Congrats from Cincinnati!

Carly M.

CONGRATS, all our best for a happy long marriage

XOXO Groupon Pensacola
(Carly and Bill)

Laura B.

This is definately THE most creative proposal i"ve seen. It makes proposals on the ball game scoreboard seem cliche. May the rest of your life together be just as fun. Congratulations Greg and Dana!

New Groupon Challenge for the year: Use Groupons to plan your wedding and honeymoon!! ;)

Congrats and best wishes from Austin, Texas!!

So wait… if I can refer friends who agree to marry Greg, can I still get $10 for each friend that clicks on my link?? ;)

Nikki S.

Congratulations from the Salt Lake City team at Groupon! This is the sweetest, most creative proposal ever…ADORABLE!

Nikki & Kayln

Congratulations! This was awesome…I have always loved Groupon but now even more so since they let Greg propose on the site!

Also I love the fine print and the fact that Groupon is entitled to 15% of the marital bliss! :) Too cute!

Ronda O.

Congrats from Florida, and good luck

nicole k.

Congrats to Dana and Greg! It is obvious how much you both love each other, all the best to you.

Grouponer in Columbus, Oh

Such a cute way to propose!! Congratulations and Best Wishes Always!! :)


Congrats from a California Grouponer and wife of 26 years. May your marriage be as long and happy as ours has been!

You guys are starting off on the right foot with that proposal. My husband proposed with a loose diamond in a plastic bag and the statement, ok, we’ll get married…. here’s my credit card go pick out a setting. He definitely regrets that!

Will C.


Way to go Greg! I am pretty sure you got the ultimate deal out of this, Groupon just made its best deal yet! (although I think they grossly underestimated the real value).

I think you found a keeper Dana! :)

Love u Both!


Congrats from Baltimore! Saw this on Groupon’s Facebook page and had to come wish you well. :)

Andrea- Groupon Staff

Woo Hoo! this is one for the books….great idea Greg! Congratulations to the both of you!

-Team Toronto

Jacquelynn G.

Congratulations from Groupon San Jose!!

Nick and Jacquelynn

Congrats! As someone who got married at 22 and been married for over 10 years with 2 great kids, I wish you all the best!!! What an awesome way to start the rest of your lives together!

Congrats from Korea! If you marry a Navy man, you might end up here!

What an awesome, creative proposal! Congrats!

Just awesome!!! Congrat Granas from Atlanta!!!

Tami D.

Congratulations from Groupon Nashville!! Kudos on the awesome proposal!

donna g.

congratulations! get married in San Antonio, or get groupon to trade out for my flight, and I’ll shoot your wedding for free. donna gustin photography HUGE fan of groupon!

faye b.

Congratulations, Louisville, KY. Groupon. Always remember…..It isn’t how much of this worlds goods you own that’s important, but learning to be content with what you have.

Ann S.

Impressive!! Best Wishes to you both!


Awww! Got me all choked up. Congratulations!

Soooo cute and creative! Congrats from Los Angeles! Good job Greg!

Congrats Grana!

so so so so cool!

Congrats Dana and Greg. Jonathan is sad that he can’t marry Dana now ;)

Katy, Scott, and Jonathan

Congrats you guys! Nice job!!!

What a great beginning to a life together!


It’s on CNN’s Thursday’s Intriguing People


Jennifer S.

Congrats from Groupon-Huntsville! Wishing you two a wonderful life together!


Congratulations from Vancouver(BC)/New York(NY)!!

ps. Does Greg have brothers?

Congratulations Greg and Dana! I read your proposal on the Groupon Lincoln Facebook page. It made my day, and renewed my faith in meeting someone as perfect for me as you two obviously are for each other. Wishing you both the deal of a lifetime together!


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